Ani Krok Späť!

1. Hi so can you introduce your band, members and told us how do you met each other?

Hi so Ani Krok Späť! is: Liso – vocals, Bujón – vocals, guitar, Hori – vocals, bass, Zdeno – drums. We were founded in September 2007. We were just sitting in the pub with Bujon and we were talking about Slovakia scene and we found out that many bands just broke up so we just founded our band. Bass took Šumi, who doesn´t play with us anymore. He was replaced by Hori and Zdeno, metal veteran took drums and we should start playing.

2. I know that some member of your band used to play in band Antivirus – are they still playing? And does someone play in other band?

Yes Antivirus are still playing. Hori used to play with them and now only I play in both bands. But I want to finish it and consider myself only on Ani Krok Späť! Zdeno plays in punk rock band Black Sheep, he has also his metal project ans sometimes he is playing drums in other bands.


3. Your demo CD „Pravda je dnes iná“(The Truth is Different Today) is out how are you satisfied with the sound quality? Your future plan is split CD with Beerstreet Bois can you tell something more about it?

So we are quite satisfied with demo was our first studio recording ever so we were proud of it. But when you listen it again and again you will see how many mistakes are there and we should practice more and more. Sound is good and our sound engineer Peťo is king. Yes we want to do split CD with Beerstreet BOi!s circa 13 songs, 6 from each band + one bonus will be recorded together. We wanted to record it nowadays but we couldn´t do it so we have to put it away. But we hope that till September it will be done.

4. You are playing gigs quite often and some also here in Czech republic so can you tell us some stories from your gigs? Is any difference between playing here in Czech or in Slovakia? You have planned gig also in Germany how was it with it?

Yes we are giging a lot now, almost every weekend. At first we visited Bohemia in the end of January when we played with Disdainful, Normals and Košutka Hills in Prague and for second time we wre playing in karviná with The Riot, H.T.O. and Novým Světem. Interesting story happened in Prague, where was big fight(20 people) after our gig. The worst story was maybe from Humenné where we show Slovak flag and somebody wants burn it with lighter. And after the gig somebody came to us and asked us about our flag.. But we don´t want to speak about this kind of people, not everyone have to be the patriot..but enough is enough. Gig in Germany was canceled because of some troubles with owner of the bar…but he told us that it will be in we are looking foraward to it.

5. You have patriotic lyrics and also lyrics with refusing both political extrems..who writes the music and the lyrics and have you got any problems with that?

So most of our lyrics were written by me except „Kto z Vás Mi Uverí?“(Who will Belive Me?) and Outro which was made by Bujon. Music is work of whole band, lyrics only me and Bujon. Yeah people critisize our lyrics for someone are too „strong“, „nationalist“, „political“ etc.. People don´t understand that we don´t like nazis and commies and we just love our land. We don´t want to sing about weed and geting pissed every day. Sorry.


6. Which bands do you like? You are playing some covers from Začiatok Konca and Zona A? Are there any other cover songs?

So musicaly we like bands like Orlík, Incident, Stanaz, Začiatok Konca, Operace Artaban, Rozpor, Cenzúra, Right Rest or HNF from abroad bands Perkele, Last Resort, Combat 84, Cock Sparrer, Discipline and many more. I like lyrics made by Čino from Right Rest also lyrics made by Toudy from Incident. We want to make up our style and don´t copy other bands. We are playing two songs from Začiatok Konca and one from Incident/Zóny A because we love them. But we will have to stop it playing because both bands are bakc on scene again. We are playing also Antifascist Skin from The Protest/Pöblers United and Skinheadgirl Warrior from Discipline.

7. Slovakia isn´t far from our country but tell us something more about the scene, bands, pubs, gigs..etc..

I can´t speak for whole Slovakia but in Pressburg we have two „bars“. Oblduda for fans of Rozpor and radical antifascists and Randal for apolitic skins. There are some troubles between theese two „crewsů about T-shirts, photos and other is neverending story. we have best relationship with Cenzúra and their guitarist Roman who helped us a lot when we began to play. Gigs are disapearing, when owner of Randal heared „news“ about Operace Artaban he canceled the gig and he don´t want to make any other more.


8. What should we do to make your gig?

So we just want money for petrol, some beers and it is ok. When it is too far(more than 450km) we want also place to sleep.

9. I know that you are planning some T-shirts with your logo…how we can order it? Have you got any official website where we can sware on you or ask you for marriage?

The T-shirts are almost done we are looking for some print works where they make it. You will be surprised I think and Bujon is good graphic designer. If you want to write to us just use or The same for T-shirt order or across email

10. Plans for the future?

We are planning to play more and more and record some regular CD. And get on top place in Hugo Chávez Poppunk!

11. Words on the end for our leaders..

Thanks peddy for your interest in our band, good luck with your band and to all of our leaders just: Ani Krok Späť!(No Turning Back)