Battalion 86

1.Can you introduce,the band,members and how you met each other

Battalion 86 is me (Brad) on vocals, Chris on guitars, Greg on rhythm, Andrew on bass and Dave on drums. Of everyone playing now, Chris and I are the founding members and Andrew and Greg have played in the band in the past. Only Dave is new to the band. That was one of my biggest things that I wanted when we decided to get back together and play, that we were actually Battalion. Not just one guy and an all new lineup. That's just not how we do it.

Chris (guitars) and I got together in late 98 and started the band. We had a few lineup changes with drummers and a freaking revolving door in regards to bass players. How Chris and I came to be friends is a really weird story. His ex girlfriend was my wife (we are divorced now though). We got along just fine and decided to go ahead and play some music. The rest, as they say, is history. Or would that be histOi!ry???


2.How you came to the decision to make a band?

We figured that we had too much free time and wanted to spend a lot of money to do something we enjoyed, while knowing we would end up losing an assload of cash and have a great time in the process. Hey, it's an honest answer. No, we're not doing this for money, but anyone who has ever been in a band knows exactly what I am talking about.

3.Have you got any releases??

Self released EP back in 99 Numerous comps ranging from Scene Killer 2 to a Pure Impact sampler Our full length release, And the Spirit Survives, on Reality Clash Records
4. What about the gigs in your country? Is it difficult for oi or "apolitical" bands to have a gig?

Not really. Most bands here fall under that category. If anything, it's more difficult for political bands to pull off a decent show.


5. No alcohol at Oi! gigs, that's what I've heard aswell, does it happen ever? How do people manage??

I have been going to shows for about 20 years and I have yet to come across an oi show with no alcohol. I'm sure they are out there, but you won't catch any of us at that show.

6. Can you introduce the local oi scene?

I'll be honest with you, there's not a really big one here now. A few years ago, there where Heads everywhere. Now there are a few but there appears to be a resurgence with a lot of younger kids claiming and the local punk scene is getting bigger every day as well.


7.What is your opinion on political extrems in the scene (left wing right wing)? or more like problems with them...

They make me laugh. Actually, most things scene related make me laugh.

8. What are the laws in general like? No drinkin in the streets, no smoking in the pubs - are there problems caused by this or is it basically ignored?

Yes, there are a few places where you can drink out in the streets. The no smoking thing is really big in communist strongholds of the US, like California or New Jersey, but here in the real America, we can smoke and have a good time inside.


9. We go to football matches every sunday, what do you guys do? Are there many hooligans, fights with the cops related to some sport events and stuff like this?

Soccer, as we call it here in the States, is no where near as big as it is over in Europe. Most of us do stereotypical American things, watch tv, go to shows, hang out with our families or work on cars. I also hunt alot so I am out in the woods alot on the weekends stalking innocent animals to shoot and eat.

The hooligan scene here is really small and nothing like you guys have over there. There are some "firms" that follow the MLS teams but the police really crack down hard on them, so typical "hooliganism" really doesn't happen very often.

10. Do you know anything about the czech scene :-)?

Not really, no. Just one of those places that I always wanted to visit but will most likely never get a chance to. Chris (guitars) would like me to add that he thinks you Czech ladies are quite attractive and would like to meet some of you.


11. Plans for the future?

A few shows here and there. Our main focus is writing new material for another full length release. We've already starting writing the new stuff and I think our fans will like the new tunes.

12.Words on the end

First of all, thanks for the interest in the band. When we decided to get back together we weren't sure of the reception we would get. We were wrong and people have come out of the woodwork voicing their support of us. That makes us very happy to know that even though we haven't played in a few years, people still want to hear us.