Battle Scarred

1.Battle Scarred are a Band that seem to have been around for a long time, but you seem to have a tendency to occasionally disappear, so whats the story with that?

Hehehe... Its just us being lazy! No. Seriously. We all play in other Bands aswell, and therefor we´ve had quite much to do through the Years... And also the trouble with members in the band as well. But as i can See it right now. Battle scarred is quite busy releasing all kind of Shit and also halfway to finish writing a brand new album (even though We just recorded a new one not long ago) ...i mean we have an 4 song ep Called "our unity is our strength" coming out on barracuda records, a Split single with unit lost called "lost in battle" coming out on camden Town records and a brand new album called "oi! Oi! Music, football & Beer" coming out any day soon on pure impact records.


2.So you never actually split up, you all have other projects As well? Any we might know about?

No. We´ve never split up once since we first started in 1995. But we Might have been less active sometimes. Me personaly (that is puncc)have Played with such bands as; enhärjarna, steelcapped strength, brokk, Bovver brigade... Hmm... I cant remember any others at this time. And now Im active in forbidden rage and sniffing glue aside of battle scarred. I Have just recorded new albums with all of my 3 bands :)

3.It Must be hard keeping a steady line-up together with that ort of work commitment, whats your current Line-up and are any of you involved with any other Bands at the moment?

Yes. Line-up problems have always been in issue. But thats what you get For being me. Hehehe... The current line up are: puncc-lead vocals and Guitar. Pontan - guitar & vocals, svulf - bass and vocals and jocke - Drums & vocals... Jocke are the lead singer of the band pitbullfarm, and I have my other bands as mentioned.

4.Bands who have a high turnover of Members usually complain That 'Good Drummers' are the hardest to find, what position Have you found hardest to fill?

Definaetly drummers... But we´ve been lucky. Jocke is just our second Drummer in 10 whole years. Bass players have been our largest Import/export... But they are easy to find. Anyone who ever have seen a bass can Play classic, simple songs like the ones we do. Hehehe... I have Recorded stuff all by my self sometimes. Drums, bass, guitars and vocals... Things always work out for the best in the end!


5.But your current line-up is reasonably secure by comparisons To those in the past?

Yes... Svulf have played in the band for 5 years now. And nowdays we Never rehears or anything. Before we go into the studio we usually gather At my place and i give them the lyrics and some chords written over It... So who can complain? Its not like the band is steeling anyones time, So it seems to just float on you know.

6.So what Next? Gigs? Do you have any Gigs lined up, not just In Sweden but what about the Rest of Europe?

No... No one dare to take us outside sweden. No one in sweden wants us Either... We´re too good looking i suppose.

7.Ever thought about playing in the UK, go on, just in case a Promoter with Balls is reading this take this oppertunity to Prostitute yourself to them?

Hmm... Yeah sure! But no one got balls like that, so theres no need to Get undressed.

8.Do you have any new releases coming out anytime soon? I Heard there's a new Album on the cards isn't there?

As i said... One album, one ep and one split single...


9.When will that be out? What Label?

The 14songs of "oi! Oi! Music, football and beer" will be out on pure Impact records... I have to drop them a line to see how its going with The record. They´ve send it away to a designer to finnish the covers and Stuff... But i hope it will be out in april/may... And just to warn you All... Its solid fucking gold! (not the cd, the songs. Hehehe)

10.Whatever happened to that Split EP you were going to do With Unit Lost, that hasn't appeared yet has it?

No. The deal between the two labels who was going to release it never Sorted out. So we told them to fuck off. We have been waiting with our Already recorded material for over a year now, so we got fed up. And When it came around unit lost and us wasnt satisfied with the songs Either. So maby it was a good thing after all... We decided to do a split Single instead on camden town records. Using two songs each from the Original split-sessions... One new song each and a cover on eachother...

Just wait and see...


11.What else you got planned, I did hear you might be doing Something with another Swedish Street Punk Band Bovver Brigade, Is that right?

Yes. We´ve been talking about doing a split ep with my old bandmates in Bovver brigade on blackout music. Nothing is settled yet. But atleast Battle scarred are interested. I will dig up some unreleased songs.

12.So, describe your sound so people who haven't yet been Lucky enough to hear Battle Scarred have got an idea?

Like an orgasm.. No, like being drunk and have an orgasm at the same Time hehehe... I dunno. Simple, catchy but yet aggressive maby??

Waaaaa... Buy the fucking cd and have a listen yourself instead. Or check out Some mp3´s on our website.


13.And if someone wanted to get in touch with you they can do This how? or check out:

14.Anything else you want to add just to finish this off?

No. I have a cold, so i have to drink lots and lots of whisky now... See you all at the pub.