1. Can you introduce the band, members and how you know each other? I know some of you played in Roials and Dolly D. Are the bands still playing?

The band consists of four people who are Thilo (dr.),Hubi (bass), Timo(g) and myself Thorsten(voc). Except of Thilo who is still studying we are all working in different jobs like teacher, in the zoo and with computers.

The band was started by Timo and Thorsten in 1998 and Hubi and Thilo were found through friends after the old drummer and the first bass player left us. Timo used to play for the Roials and I wrote lyrics for them but the band has stopped since their singer was killed in an accident. We know the guys of Dolly D. well and they are going to release a new album soon.

2. When and why come decision to start Crusaders? The name sound very "middle age" are you interested in old legends or stuff like that?

During my time with the Roials I started writing English songs which nobody wanted to sing so Timo and I decided to create a new band called Crusaders. However, the name was just chosen because it sounded great with no connection to the middle ages or the myth around the Templar Kinghts. Nevertheless, most of us are quite interested in history.

3.I know you have got 2 releases, In search of a holy grail on DIM Records and Crusade to nowhere on Psycho T Records. How was the cooperation with the label?

The cooperation with the first two labels was ok but in the end not satisfying for us since both labels, from my point of view, didn't do enough promotion for the records. Meanwhile, we released our third album 'The Anger Inside' on Randale Records and we are quite happy with the cooperation with this label.

4. What about the gigs in Germany or exactly in Sachsen? Is it difficult for oi band to find a place for gig? Are there some problems with police? What about gigs in Europe?

In Saxony it is not that difficult to play since the are some long going venues like the Conne Island in Leipzig or the Chemiefabrik in Dresden. Furthermore, there are some younger guys from the Dresden area who are regularly organizing gigs there. Ususally the police is not that a big problem, it rather the 'politically correct' people from the Antifa who do everything to prevent bands from playing which might disagree with their positionsm - and I'm not talking of RAC bands here.

We've already played in Belgium and the Czech Republic and hope to to Sweden one day ... so we are always interest in playing Europe especially since we're singing in English, so everyone can understand us.

5.What about the scene in Sachsen or in whole Germany? I know many good bands which are playing nowadays so can you recomend us some new breed bands in your country?

Difficult to say since we are all not that much in the scene as we used to be when we were younger but I would say that there is a quite healthy scene in Dresden or even in Germany but too many guys who are more interested in being politicians than skinheads, and many have no sense of style, either.

Talking about bands I can only recommend Eastside Boys, Stomper 98, The Roughnecks 44, The Ruckers, The Uppercuts and Arthur & The Spooners from Berlin or Lion Shield.

6.What bands do you like to play with and what bands inspired you in writing music?

Cock Sparrer will always be my first choice of bands to play with. Inspiration?? I can't really name any particular band but Sparrer, Condemned, Vanilla Muffins are just some of the bands I like. However, in our band there are so many influences combined that it is impossible to name them all.

7.Do you like football and all the thigs around? Are you interested in fans/hools/ultra things??

I'm the only one who would consider himself as a football fan. I support Dynamo Dresden and West Ham United and have a certain understanding for hooligans although the whole designer violence is something which I don't appreciate. If there is a ruck after the game - ok, but phoning up people for a fight or using tools in a fight is not my cup of tea. Neveretheless, I think that violence/aggression and football belong together somehow. Ultras are a great idea and I like to watch all the pyro and choreos in the football grounds.

8. What about the politics in scene, leftwing and rightwing scum? Do you have any problems with those wankers?I know that Sachsen is known as right wing country because of NPD etc.

We have no contact to either side so that we haven't got problems with commies or Nazis. Nevertheless, as a band and individuals we hate every political system which is totalitarian and oppressive and forbids people to think for themselves. However, as a band we had problems because or first record was released on Dim Records which was a reason for the Antifa to start a campaign against us because we were 'right wing supporters' or 'open minded towards the right wing' as the Antifa puts it.

Nevertheless, it's a shame that the NPD is in the Saxon parliament and hopefully it was their last time when the next elections come. Sadly, it shows what can happen when people have no trust in democracy and the politicans.

9.Do you know anything about Czech scene??

I used to be in close contact with Vlada fom the Buldog fanzine and we have already played 3 times in Brno so we have a little insight into the Czech scene. We played Operace Artaban, PlsnerOiQuell, ZK and other bands and we'll be in Plsen on November 17th. All in all it was always great when we were over to the Czech Republic - nice people, great concert and great beer ;-). Hopefully we have the chance to go and play in Prague as well. Greetings to the Rabiat Crew from Brno.

10. Plans for the future?

Well, of course to keep on playing and recording some more albums and of course seeing more countries and stages in Germany, Europe and the world.

11.Words on the end?

Thank you very much for your interest in us and hopefully you will like the new CD as much as the two first. Greetings to the people we know and who are coming to our concerts. See you in Plsen.