1. So at first can you introduce your band, members, hobbies and how you know each other?

Guitar, vocals : Bisson, Guitar : Kniven, Bass : Puncc, Drums : Jocke Well we have different kind of hobbies, but we all like beer and byrds a lot. Well Bisson and Kniven are old bastards who spent a lot of time drinking together in the early days. So they meet already there, and as the scene is small here, we have been playing with each other here and there so if would say we have starting to know each other at gigs and while drinking.

2.Some of your members had experience with other bands like Steelcapped Strenght, Battle Scarred, Forbidden Rage etc.. Did they play nowadays in any bands except Enharjarna?

Beside those bands a couple of members from Sniffing Glue (The Swedish ofcourse) and a bunch of more hobbieprojects on the side.


3.You have got 4 regular albums and 2 EP..s I think..how are you satisfied with your carrier and cooperations with the labels? Are you planning to release any new album?

The cooperation is working out pretty fine and a new album is going to be released. But when we don’t know yet.

4.How it is with gigs in Sweden? It is difficult for viking rock band find a place for playing because of PC people? And do you playing live now?

The scene in Sweden sucks, so for us to get gigs here are very hard, it is only a few that have the guts to organize them here because of the pc crap. And about playing live, we didn’t do that much before but that is about to change, so for the moment we are looking for gigs both in Sweden and other Europe.


5.Who is making lyrics and music? What are your musical influences?

Bisson are making the most of it, the influences I would say are mostly the early brittish Oi!.

6.Sweden has great Oi!,streetpunk and viking rock scene so can you tell us something more about it, clubs, new bands, crews, problems etc..?

Allways lot of new bands here, but most of them only last a short while because of pc. The clubs are almost not any left of that dare to do anything that stands out. So when doing a gig here the cops and the pc people try to shut the gig down.


7.What do you think about politics in scene and do you have any problems because your patriotic attitude?

Of course we have problems, the attitude we have is not popular by the media people, so when anything is written or said it is negative to us.

8.When can we get your stuff like CD..s, T-shirts etc..and what should we do to make your gig?

Cd.s and t-shirts we are probably going to have on the myspace page or at least people are going to be able to contact us through that to get it. What to do to make our gig? If you mean how to get us to play I would say just ask and we work something out.


9. Do you know anything about Czech scene?

Not much, almost nothing. Have you any tips about good Czech bands?

10.Plans for the future?
For a start a lot of gigs, at the moment we are out with an other Swedish band in sort of a package called “The Vikings are cuming 2009” , and the release of the new album a.s.a.p.

11. Words on the end, cheers, regards, wishes...

Thanx to everyone who have supported and helped us during the years, cheers to you all, and of course a special cheers to al the byrds out there.