1.Can you introduce your band? Members and how you know each other?

The band nowadays consists of the following members: Me, Ottar "the fat animal Stangeland on vocals, H?kon "Antabus" Hogganvik on bass and backing vocals, Kjetil "The Nigger" Gjermunr?d on drums and Andy "Kneecap" Johnsen on Guitar and backing vocals. The three new members are Haggis members number 23,24 and25 so we've had a few line-up cahnges to say the least. This line-up started with H?kon getting in touch when we aplied for a new bass-player thru our web-page (www.haggisofnorway.com) and he fitted right in. Then our drummer quit and as it happens, H?kon knew a drummer too and we invited him to audition for us. He turned out to be a fucki'n genious on the drums and we hired him on the spot. We played a s a trio for a while with me both singing and playing guitar, but as a i'm a shitty guitar player thou a tremendous singer, we soon found out that we had to hire a guitar player so i could focus on being a drunken fat slag, shouting profanities from stage hehe. Kjetil knew a good guitarist and we kinda hired him without even looking at him. So thats how we became who we are today. Our lates album was recorded by me, H?kon and Kjetil because Kjetil hadn't enlightened us about his guitar playing friend yet.

2.When and why came the decision to start Haggis?

The decision to start Haggis came in early 1993 but wasn't a reality before mid 1994. Stavanger (our hometown) had never had an Oi! band, and we just thought it was about time. We have regretted it ever since hehe

3.How many cd/lp/ep you release and how was the cooperation with Label?

We have released 2 full lengt albums, 4 ep's and been on thousands of compilations. The releationships with the record companies have been very good, allthou we are hoping to get on a major label and sell out for real! We want money, fuck this unity shit and keeping it underground, give us money now! We've been keeping it real for 12 years now, it's time to get paid!

4. what about the gigs in your country? is it difficult for oi band to have a gig in some towns?Do you play often in Norway and abroad?

It's no problem getting gigs in Norway. Norway is the world's best country in any way you see it, and getting gigs aint the least bit problematic for a bunch of lovable hunks like us. We play a s much as we can both here and abroad. We play the dumbest countries, no country is too stupid. You say you live in a greek island populated by you, a mongoloid goat and your wife/mother, and you want to book us for a 29 date tour thru your island, and the bandbuss is a limp donkey with one eye and a drinking problem? Sure man, just pay the flights,the fee and give us huge amounts of beer n' whiskey and we're there mate!

5. can you introduce the Norvegian oi/punk scene?I know a band called Case of Pride and other only the names like Oi Division, Bitches and bastards, Coackroach Clan, The Whalers?

Norway has a very small scene, Oi!Division is dead because we stole their bass-player (haha), The Whalers have been very silent the last 3 years and i don't know if they're playing anymore, Cockroach Clan are still going and they are fucki'n brilliant! On the down side: Bitches and Bastards, what a fucking mongo-band. They come from a fucki'n hole in the ground called Bergen and i wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire. Just listen to their pathetic we-wanna-be-last-resort-and-live-in-1982-crap-o-ramma-lyric's, they're crap and they should be treated with absolute ignorance and silence. I'll tell you how sad they are, some month's ago i got an e-mail from their guitar player saying they could fire their drummer if they got to go on tour with us! Real loyal mate, know i really respect you, hahaha what a bunch of fuckin self stabbing cunts!

6. What about the vikin rock style? Do you like it? Are some viking rock bands in Norway, I know only Swedish viking rock bands.

Hm...I'm not to wildly interested in Viking Rock, allthou some bands are worth a mentioning: Ultima Thule off course and maybe Norwegian Glittertind. But as said, it's a genre that don't give me much and i don't really pay any atention to it. I know i hate swedish Hel hahaha, it's easier to ask me what i hate than what i like:)

7. What´s are your lyrics about?

Mostly about how much we hate different minorities like Midgets, people with glasses, left handed people, people with flatfoots and so on. Some songs are about how cool we are and how crap the rest of this scene is, and some are off course about drinking,pillaging and raping (which is our hobby). Our lyric's are usually just made to insult and irritate the so-called politically correct mongo's who feel they have to force their beliefs on everyone thinking differntly than them.

8.what is your opinion on politicall extrems in scene (left wing right wing)? did you have any problems with them?

We are definitly the whore in the middle. We play for anyone: black's, nazi's,homo's,leftwings,yellow people, white's, hispanic and even blind people. We draw the line playing for midgets, trolls are ok. Fuck politic's, its fucki'n boring and you wont get laid talking about it.

9. Are you intereted in foottball scene like fan/hools/ultra? Doy you support Viking Stavanger?

I myself and me alone supports Viking, the rest of the band is from various smalll caves around the world and have no teams to follow. As for hooliganism, i enjoy fighting but i don't need a reason nor a some colours to cling too. As long as you start it, that's what's important.

10. do you know anything about czech scene :-)?

I know that many pornomovies are made over there, i know that the whole scene is gay and that we have never played there even thou we'd love too. Thats about it.

11. I saw the video clip of song Vikings are coming, it´s look nice, how was the shooting of the video?

It's just made out of many clips from various tours and shit. it was pretty easy. just mix 50% alcohol with 50% mongoloid behaviour and you've got the vikings are cuming video. We've just recorded a new video for the song "Four black eyes" and it will be out soon, it's fucking brilliant! Complete with buttfucking,fighting,fireworks and fisting!

12.Plans for the future?

We are going to China for a 14date tour in November, next year we have two scandinavian tours lined up, one with Cockney Rejects and one with GBH (If you want us to stop by the czech, just e-mail), we are also going on a tour thru Norwa together with Purified in Blood and maybe a european tour with Harley's War (ex-Cro-Mags), we plan to land a huge record deal and we're gonna re-release the Flashing Tits single for a fifth time on a german label whose name i can't remember, the vinyl version of our lates album (The Impeccable Glory Of Eternal War) will be relased in Descember by United Kids Records and we will be enterinmg the studio's to record 4 new songs for italian Brutus Records + we're gonna finnish mixing 5 new tracks for a split with Rabauken. So there's plenty of shite going on with us nowadays. ...Oh and take over the world off course and drink and fuck alot!

13. Words on the end?

Only death is certain! Check out our web-page unless you are gay czech guy with spermsoaked glasses and a limp! Book us now and shut your mouth! www.haggisofnorway.com