Hovorkovi Chuligáni

1.Cheers, so can you introduce the band, members and how you got to know each other?

So Hovorkovi Chuligani are:
We wanted to play music and have a laugh with our friends.

2.When did you come to the decision to start Hovorkovi Chuligani? Did you play in any other bands before? Why the name Hovokovi Chuligani?

The band was founded in 2002. In this time we had a different drummer Venca, at whose house we used to have rehersals (thanks mate). Jindra was playing in a metal band Born Live Dead. The name Hovorkovi Chuliagani originated in the name of our friend Mikulas Hovorka, we were all drunk as fuck and we liked the name very much.

3.Your band is well known as a pub legend, when you will make a regular cd?

When we have more new songs and after we've practised them enough, we will go to studio and record it. We are working on it as much as is possible.

4.What about your music, who write lyrics and music? Can you introduce your songs?

Lyrics are made by Jindra and Thlustoch, music is made by all members. You know, our songs are about drinking, friends, about our glorious city and my favourite song Cesta (The Way) is about skins.

5.What about the gigs, you play regulary now, so who have you played with and who you want to play with? What about the best and the worst gig? Who are your music idols, I know you have cover from The Last Resort "Violence in our minds" and from Orlik "Dokolecka"?

Mostly we play with skins bands like Operace Artban (cheers mates), Proiekt, where Jindra plays the bass at the moment. We played also some gigs with hard core bands like Jedna Krev a Everyday H8. I can´t remember the best or the worst gig, people always have a great time on our shows so it can´t be so bad. Maybe our first gig on Chelsea Fest was strange. We have almost the same music idols, but I am a big fan of Hard Core, Jindra likes viking rock bands like Enharjarna, Thlustoch likes Böhze Onkelz and Pavel likes all kinds of music which is fast and loud. I want to play with Madball and Condemned 84.

6.What about football? Do you going to support any team?

I used to go 2 years ago. Jindra is big fan of Hradec ice hockey team HC Lev.

7.Can you describe the scene in Hradec? Where we can drink some beers etc.?

There are many of us in Hradec now, but it is spread all over the place. Our "base" is pub U Dvora, there are always great parties there, you know. Other places for drinking are Hrad and Labská and my favourite pub Casino Havana. Our drummer Pavel will open his pub soon, so I am curious and I am looking forward to it. It will be great.

8.What do you thing about politics in scene? Does it belong to it or not?

I thing that everyone should have his political opinion and view, even if politics is crap. But puting politics into scene is bullshit. We are not on the left or on the right, we are above all. Oi!

9.Have you got any web pages? How can we contact the band and what you want for a gig? I saw Splodge in T-Shirt Hovorkovi Chuligani, when we can get it?

We are working on web now. You can contact us on email hovorkovi.chuligani@seznam.cz. T-shirts are made by our friend Ladinek and they are for 200 crowns.

10.Plans for the future?

Plant a tree, build a house, breed the kids, get drunk as fuck and die in peace. And make n CD and shoot some great videoclip.

11.Words on an end?

Greetings to all our friends Punx, Skins and Hard Core Kids.