1. There's no doubting that KampfZone are a mighty Band indeed, but I don't think too many people outside of Germany know much about you. Please give a brief account of your story so far?

KampfZone was already founded in 1994. Then under different changing names and members. In the beginning it was a Trash-Punk-Band. First advances were made under the name Erstschlag. At this time we made one gig and also our first EP "Made in Germany". In 1996 we changed our name to Kampfzone. About this time we also changed our singer. Denny from the Oi! Band Hasslich. We knew each other for a few years when we were Punks. Then we became acquainted with Holm, at that time he was the singer of the Oi!/Punk Band Restrisko and he wanted to play drums with KampfZone because he knew there was no advancement for Restrisiko and he liked our Music. With this line up we recorded some songs for the compilation "Kraft Durch Oi!".

2. How do you think the Current line-up compares to whats been before?

The Current line-up is a steady state and more prolific than the others.

3. In your own words describe your Sound?

When we played in Belgium we were announced as "Brutal - German -Oi!", and I guess that's a good description. Although we don't sound so `Brutal' in my opinion.

4. Do you consider yourselves an Oi! Band, a Skinhead Band, a Hardcore Band or a fusion of all three?

In no case we are a Hardcore Band! Of Course we play very fast, but that's our imagination of Oi! Music. I guess our music isn't effected by Hardcore in anyway. Maybe some old 80's Hardcore Punk but most influences are for example Last Resort, Condemned.84, Blitz and so on, but that was just in the beginning. Now we're developing our own ideas with a reference to the old Oi! Bands. I guess we're just an Oi! And Skinhead Band.

5. The `Powers that be' in Germany always seem to be passing various legislations which outlaws Skinheads and aspects of Skinhead Culture. How hard is it to keep things together with that sort of `social engineering' going on all around you?

It's not as hard as you think it would be. We have good friends for many years and no legislation can split friendships, Only the concerts becomes less than ever. Most of them are forbidden for the most absurd reasons. An example: Last year at a concert the police came to us and said "You got 2 forbidden songs, 1- "Kurze Haare" and 2- "Schwere Boots"" That was funny because we don't have these songs, our first Album was called "Kurze Haare Schwere Boots" but it makes no sense to talk about it. For them you'll always be wrong anyway what you say.

6. Do you get to play many Gigs and how easy is it to advertise them, do you have to keep them secret to avoid Police Raids and Anti- Skinhead Protests?

No, We don't have many gigs, maybe 3 - 5 in a year. This was different in the beginning. But now the Police is watching us, because to them we are a Nazi Band and we're dangerous, a threat to the society and so on. So they prohibit our concerts with the strangest arguments so we have to play concerts under some other names and not KampfZone. it's a very hard time here in Germany and it goes to a spiral downward. Last Weekend for example was a concert with some Oi! Bands (Barking Dogs, Last Riot, and Spy Kids) and us. The organiser was a Punk Rocker and there were many Punks at the location but before the concert started the police intervened and stopped it. For the reason that we look like Nazis they suppose that we play Nazi Music, that's all, without a real cause - Bastards!!! They restrained us for a few hours and confiscated our instruments. A.C.A.B. !!!

7. What Bands have you played with, any from good ol' Blighty?

We've played with different Oi! & RAC Bands like, Rabauken, Trabireiter, Chaoskrieger, Nordwind, Brassknucles, Kroizfoier, No Alibi, Crop No.1, Ultima Thule, Boots & Braces, Test.A, The Jinx, Headcase, Steelcapped Strength, Eisenacher Jungs, Les Vilains, The Casuals, Get Out, Last Riot, Backstreet Firm and many more. Recently there's been a British Band, Bakers Dozen, interested in making a gig with us, but we have played with some British Bands some time ago, one gig in 98 with Celtic Warrior and another was in 99 with Condemned.84. Maybe noone knows us in England!.

8. You've never played a gig in Britain?

Til now we haven't played in England, but if anyone wants to see us - no problem, organise a concert and we'll be there.

9. If someone wanted to contact you with the offer of a gig or two or if they just wanted some info from you how can they get in touch?

We've Still got our Post-Address :-

PF 3133, 06398 Bernburg, Germany.

And we also have a Homepage (welcome in the new Century) www.kampfzone.net or email kontakt@kampfzone.net we play almost everywhere, just get in contact with us.

10. And those who want to hear any of your Records, what's available and where can they get them?

OK, We have 3 Albums, one Split CD and some EP's. Look at our discography on our homepage. You can get most at www.dimrecords.de or at other scene Mail-Orders or at edonkey of course. No, no, no it was a joke ;-)

11. Anything new coming out anytime soon?

We've just finished the recording of our next EP "Cops", there are 3 new songs and a cover version. Watch out for it! We also plan to make a full album in the fall. and some other not fixed plans are made but I wont tell about them yet its too soon.

12. And finally a message to supporters of Kampfzone around the World?

We'd like to greet all the Skinheads & BootBoys around the World who are into our Music.