Mummy’s Darlings

1.Hi so at first can you introduce the band, members and how do you meet each other? Why did you choose the name Mummys Darlings?

MD (Emi): Hello Peddy - We are Mummy’s Darlings. We are Wastl – Voice, Bene – Guitar, - Emi – BassGuitar and Korbe – Drums. How did we meet each other? Korbe is Wastls brother – they allready had a band when I met them. Wastl and I met in 2002 when he moved to Munich – and now he is my husband ;). Bene and me have been friends for some years and as we knew he was playing guitar we asked him to join us when we needed a good guitarist. The name Mummy’s Darlings was chosen because we all have been sick of a name which is forced to sound fucking hard. So we thought about different names and decision fell for Mummy’s Darlings. I think it is a good name and goes well with our music. Anywhere there are a few people who say this name is bullshit - I don’t care.

2. When and why came the first idea to start Mummy’s Darlings? Did any of you members have experience with playing in another band? And did any of you play in other band beside Mummy’s Darlings?

MD (Emi): The idea came when Bene and Mike (our Ex-Saxophone) joined the band. Before this date our name has been Destroi!ing and we played simple oi music with a lot of german lyrics. Playing music with a brilliant guitar player like Bene and a saxophone changed our sound to classic Oi! and we tried to write more English lyrics. Because of this conditions we decided to change the name. In addition there have been only two origin members of Destroi!ing - Korbe and I. So Korbe, Wastl and I all played in this former Band and Bene was playing in a Punkrock band which was called “The Paparazzi”. Now noone has any band-projects beside.


3.You have CD Stormtroopers of Rock´n´Roll released on Sunny Bastards records, how was the cooperation with th label.

MD (Emi): The Cooperation was good and still is, as we are doing the second Album „FOR THE BOOTBOYS SOUL!“ on SB again, we were very thankfull that Christian and Sunny gave us the chance to do our first full album and even keep us for the second one.

4. On CD you have recorded also saxophone which isn´t on your live shows, do you think about adding the saxophone to live shows?

MD (Emi): When we recorded that album we had a saxophon-player in our band and even played some gigs with him. But while recording the album we found out that we could not work together any longer in that constellation, so we had to split. Weh had different oppinions of what it meant to play in an Oi! Band. We kept the saxophon on the recordings cos he had done the work and we didn’t want to be unfair. But all in all it was a fucking mistake as we now hate the sound of some parts of our debut-album.

5.How about the gig in Germany? I saw you with Condemned 84 in Hildesheim, what about in munich? There were some problems with The Corps show weren’t there? What about the scene in your local are? Can you recomend to us any new breed bands?

MD (emi): The last gigs we played were mostly in the northern part of Germany – don’t ask me why, perhaps the people have a better taste of music there or whatever ... we don’t play in Munich much. There are a few punkrock gigs but almost no Oi! gigs. If you do one only very few people apear. When The Corps were supposed to play in Munich they allready had all that trouble with gigs being canceled because they played at the wrong clubs and with the wrong bands and to make the shit perfect for them the guy who organised the gig in Munich had to go to hospital – so we told them still to come to Munich and had a little party with them. So it was not because of that political bullshit but it was one gig more to be canceled. All in all the scene in Bavaria is pretty small, so you know most of the people and most of them are great guys, of course you have some mental-ill-ones too but they are not hard enough to really stand up against something. The only thing they are able to do, is to have gigs of young bands who can’t really fight against it being canceled. New breed bands from southern Germany? I’d say Lammkotze is ok but if you look at Germany in total it’s definately LionShield i’d recomend and the Ruckers and most of all the Urban Rejects.


6.You played in Czech republic for first time, how did you like it? Do you play anywehere abroad beside the Czech Republic?

MD (emi): We loved the gig – actually it was one of the best gigs we ever had. Everyone was so friendly right from the start, we got the best beer ever served to us at a gig and the crowd was just fantastic. It was a perfect night from the first second on when the baarkeeper told us we were allowed to drink Urquell from tab – till Disdainful made the people in the crowd going mad, when we played the intro of our album and then up to the gig itself where people didn’t want to let us leave the stage and even destroyed the lights in front of the stage and the aftershow party at last made us feel like home. We have played gigs in Austria and the German part of Belgium before but never in a country with a different language, currency etc. so it was something new for us.

7.You play the mixture of streetpunk and ska, what are your musical influences and who is responsible for the lyrics and music?

MD (Emi): We all try to bring in our influences, but besides of lyrics Korbe really does the main work about the songs. We try to feed him some input and he generates the melodies and finishes the lyrics so all fits together perfectly. Our influences vary from classical english Oi! bands like Condemned 84, Indecent Exposure, and all those great bands from the first huge wave of Oi! who are alltime favourites to bands like The Roughkutz, Evil Conduct etc. so i guess that’s where the mixture comes from.

8.You have song about football, are you interested in fans/ultra/hools thing? What team you support?

MD (Emi): We all support Bayern Munich but not as Hools/Ultras. We are normal skinheads who like football.


9.What do you think about politics in scene? Did you have some problems with politics wankers?

MD (Emi): Many people think politics are the most important thing in the scene but they totaly forget what is really important about being skinhead – the music, the fun, the parties - all that stuff that makes you stand that 5 days during the week, all that stuff that makes you live for the weekends. We are all political human beings but the band has nothing to do with that – the whole thing has nothing to do with that. We didn’t have bigger problems so far. Some people thought they had to inform our label-bosses of what we do and who we play with but as we work together on a trustful basis they had allready known it and did not really act like these people wanted them to. Besides that and some people that allways try to change you we haven’t really had any problems yet – and if we wouldn’t care.

10.What we should do to organise your gig and where we can get your stuff like CD..s or T-shirts?

MD (Emi): There is not much to do to make us play – inform us about the date – give us beer (After the gig in Prague we now make higher demands – we will never play again without being served good beer! ;) ), give us some money to pay the petrol and a bed with blankets and a shower for the next morning. That’s it. By the way – at the moment we still have a lot of free dates for this year ;). You can get our CD, Shirts and all that stuff via our myspace-profile ( – just write us a message there and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

11.Plans for the future?

MD (Emi): At the moment we just have finished the recordings for our new Album „For the Bootboy’s Soul!“ which will be out on CD and LP soon. We now have to finish the Artwork and then we finally want to get back on stage and play a few gigs to promote the Album (around August) – playing gigs is the best thing about having an Oi! Band and that’s our main aim. But we have not started the organisation for that yet.

12. Words at the end?

MD (Emi): Thank you – and all the other people we met in Prague – for your support! We had a great night with you and hope to come back in the near future. Watch out for our new album!