Picko (Real Enemy zin)

1.Hi Picko, so tell us something about you, like age, work, hobbie etc..

Cheers Peddy!! So I am 29 and I work in hospital as a X-ray asistent. So I make photos of those who was kicked by you last night and I am lloking how many percent of their brain they still have. Hobbies? So fittness and visiting medieval castles, sometimes football and gigs and work on fanzine Real Enemy!

2.How do you get into Oi! scene and to skinhead style? What people influence you?

So i don´t if this will be OK but I was starting in Martin as a nazi skinhead. I was 15 and there were nothing like Oi! or SHARP Skins. Some years gone by and I heard some records of Incident and Protes and it really caught me. I met some punks from Martin city and I liked to hang out with them. So mates from band Odpad brought me on one gig where I met Skalo and Albert from Púchov and it became to friendship for life. I think theese bands and people influented me very much at the beginning and they helped me to change my view. I can write couple of pages it about it but simply..everyone his own way of skinhead life…

3.You are doing zine Real Enemy? How long and do you have some experiences before? Doing paper zine is not so easy..so what is your oppinion on internet zines?

At the beginning I have to say that Real Enemy is made by two people, I work on it with Miro from Poprad. We had no experiences at the beginning, we just wanted to support the scene and make our city and our Howada Poprad Crew more known. We started to work on it at the end of year 2003. It was very difficult for us because I lived in Zlín(CZE) and Miro in Poprad. We divided our work in the way that I am doing content and Miro is doing graphic. Internet zines..well I support them, becasue they have great advantage, you know new information directly and you shoudn´t wait for the printed zine.

4.What zines and what people influence you at the beginning?

You mean at the beginning of my zine? So Žena a život“(magazine for females) because it is very inspirational reading. I can´t forgot Vlad´s Bulldog, it was, is and will be the greeatest zine for me. Also zines from Brno like Our Cult and Clockwork Legion and from Pilsen like Ulice influented me.


5.How are you choosing the bands, articles and reports to your zine?

My choice depends on the subscriptions whic people wrote to us. I am teasing somebody for so long when he doesn´t send the article to us. Bands, well I don´t know I am asking bands which I like and which I am listening to. Everyone who can write to our zine has open door. I am glad when I read reports about gigs from whole part of republic and when I read articles from different people. We don´t want to present only our oppinion but we want present the whole scene.

6.What is your oopinion about situation on current CZ/ Oi!/streetpunk scene and her evolution?(you can write about concrete cities if you want..)

I am not the one who can talk about the evolution of CZ/SK scene, because there are people who are into it for longer time then me. But from my oppinion I think, that couple of years ago there were less people but they were more united. Now? Look at the scene, many local crews and this band doesn´t like that band and doesn´t want to play gig with them. People who fight nazis couple of years ago aren´t so cool for someone now. They don´t want to fight senseless and in some eyes they become those who were they fighting before. Concrete cities? I can tell you something about cities where I lived. So in Martin you can meet the same punks as in the beginning of 90´s. In Karviná there is no scene except Prasák and this is very bad period for me. In Zlín there is cool wolfpack and many stories to tell. You can read about it in my zine. Now I am living in Poprad and there is very strong Oi! scene, but the life is harder, because people have to work abroad and in differrent cities so our creww becoming weeker. And comparing to Zlín, where we rule the streets, here it is ruled by far right as usual in Slovakia.

7.Do yo like more new bands of the old ones? Can you tell me your current top ten?

I like more the new breed bands, but I also like the old ones like Business, 4 Skins or old SKA bands like Symarip, Laurel Aitken etc..

World scene:
1. Soultamer - The Remedy Comes in Disguise
2. Ignite - A Place Called Home
3. H2O -Nothing To Prove
4. Ziggie Piggie - Skinhead Reggae revolution
5. Samchung - Way Of Men
6. Dropkick Murphys- all.
8.Blood for blood-Livin in exile
9. 4 Skins - Clockwork Skinhead
10. Analogs - Street Punk Rulez!

CZ+SK scene:
2.Streetkids vol.3
3. Protest - From Protest To Resistance
4. Degradace-..my love my grave
5. Operace Artaban - Spolocenstvi Dobraku
6. Beerstreet Boi!s-Rock ´n´roll rebels crew
7. Pilsner Oi!quell-Na západni fronte klid
8. Disdainful-Hated Proud a Disdainful
9. Everyday hate-Hardcore family
10.Konflikt –Separe Aude

8.Plans with zine to the future?

So my plans are like repairing water pipes in my kitchen hehe. But, seriously I will be glad when the 7th issue of Real Enemy will see the light of day. It won´t be something revolutionary but it will contains actual information about the scene. And I want to teach myself from Miro some graphic becasue he hasn´t got too much time because of work.

9.Words on the end, messages, greetings etc..?

Thanks for interview Peddy, good luck with Disdainful, looking forward to new album and to your zine Backstreet Battalion..I like it because it is directly what this skins scene nedds. Cheers to my family, Miro from Real Enemy and Howada Crew poprad, also guys from Zlín and from Brno area and also our friends.