Pilsner Oiquell

1. Cheers, so can you introduce the band, members and how you know each other?

So the members are: Peugeot (24) - vocals, he's been in the band since the beginning, Pudil (20) - guitar, he's been with us 2005, Míša (26) - bass, since 2002 and Pepan (27) - drums, since 2000. Míša and Peugot have known each other from the primary school. Pepan's membership in the band was announced to him, nobody ask him about anything and Pudil was invited because he is an excellent stripper. Except for these 4 members, around other 10 people have been in the band since the beginning.

2. When came the decision to start Pilsner Oiquell?

The idea to do Czech 4skins came from Peugot in 1998. It was indeed a band consisting of skinheads, unfortunatelly none of them could play any instrument. At that time the band was called Orgoi Chorchoi.

3. Do you play in any other bands and does any of you except Pepan have some experience with other band? Question for Pepan, why did Fistbois split up?

Pudil played in band Fredy Kruger, but they split up after the first gig. Peugot also played in pilsen undeground band Méďa Buzík, luckily they haven't had any gig yet. Míša played in girl punkrock band Chicken Run. Fistbois split up after Pepan's decision to move to Pilsen. Without him the band wasn't able to exist.

4.You have two cds out and the third one is on your web for download. Did you release both of your cds yourselves? How was the recording?

All the recording is done by us because we are not very good musicians and recording in a studio would be rather expensive for us. Therefore the recording is really chilled but on the other hand it always takes ages as we aren't pressured by time.

5. You have also 4 videos I think, how was the recording? Have you got any special stories from shooting?:

The shooting of "Svatá Pravda" was very funny. When shooting the "home" parts of the clip, the beer from bottles spilt into the bed, so the room smelled very strange the next few days. The part in the bath was also quite interesting, try to spilt beer 30 times on your head. In the scene with eating the soup the singer almost threw up, the soup was made from beer and 6 months old rum, and the scene wasn´t made on first shot either. The funniest scene was the one in the pub. We thought only a couple of friends would come, but the information about shooting the clip spread widely, so in the end it was quite big bunch of friends. It was just a bit hard to coordinate all the drunks and it ended up in a fight, fuckin funny. Video Skins was made during one afternoon in the rehearshal room and the Pilsenbois video was made by cutting snapshots from our gigs together. I'd like to point out that the video Děvka from 2001 was very revolutionary in its sense. It was one of the first czech oi videos and it is an example of making a videoclip without a camera.

6.How often do you play gigs, every weekend? Can you describe the best and the worst gig ever? What about the gigs abroad?

We play circa 1-2 shows per month, depends on who invites us. The best gigs are in Pilsen in Božkov pub. The worst gig was in 2000, when the band went to Prague in Peugot's brand new Trabant. We bought fuel (1:1 oil-petrol, who knows how Trabants work understands..). The car first broke at Letná (Sparta was playing there that day), so cops had to come and help us to get the car away. The gig took place in some metal club and people were supporting us with stuff like "Fuck off you faschist wankers." The tipsy singer answered the guitarist's question whether they should stop playing "No, people like it a lot" and luckily poured beer into his effect box so the gig had to end. Concerning the gigs played abroad, once we played in Torgau, where we had 200 liters of boule (wine with fruits). Pepan drunk it a lot, he fell asleep and threw up in the backstage. We had to get him on stage and seat him behind the drums.

7.What about football or hockey? Do you support Viktoria Plzeň or Senco?

We used to support Viktoria and Keramika Plzeň 6 years ago. Nowadays Pilsen skins support Senco Douubravka. Fans of Doubravka have a friendship with Bohemians Praha.

8.I was in Pilsen for the gig and I really like the people around. Can you describe the scene in your town?

We can't. If you want to know something about it, come to our town and have a look.

9.Who makes the music and writes the lyrics? What about influences from other bands? Who you want to play with?

Music and lyrics on cd "Život je Boj" is mostly Peugot´s work. Stuff on "Svatá Pravda" a "Zapal si vlasy" is mostly by Pepan. Last cd "Zapal si vlasy" is inspired by bands which we like. We haven´t got any super idol. Sometimes it's better to play with an unknown band than with some big pseudo star.

10.Plány do budoucna??

Playing, playing, playing. In summer 2007 we want to make another cd.

11. Words on the end?
Come to see our gig.