1.Can you introduce your band? Members and how you met each other?

I'm Rudy Keefer I sing in the band Smash Points, Jeremiah Johnson plays guitar and sings as well, Chris plays bass when he isn't too busy watching sports or drinking in a dive. John Fulton Plays drums and can outdrink anyone. you came to the decision to make a band

Well the band started two ways that came together Jeremiah and Chris were playing with a drummer named Ramone I had been playing guitar in a shortlived atlanta band called the fragments and we had a few songs I brought those songs with me and me and Ramone tried to start a band with me singing and ramone playing guitar. That fell through and he invited me to come sing with Jeremiah and Chris and thats how Smash Points started. Then Ramone quit and we thought the band was gonna be over but John Stepped up and made the band even better.


We have a Album out on Step 1 records, we are going to be a on a few compilations soon but nothing set in stone

4. what about gigs in your country? is it difficult for oi bands to have a gig?

I could be wrong but I belive Oi! gigs are probably the easyiest to book in the united states than anywhere else in the world you can get away with more here because in inheriantly american to respect the views of other people and free speach is a value that is cherished and defended in our country. Fights are rare and most people respect other peoples views around here.

5. can you introduce the local oi/punk scene?

We play with Vanguard, The Pillage, Murderhouse, The Deflicted, The Antagonizers, The Vaticans there all important bands in the Georgia/Carolinas Oi! scene they all have myspace pages and if you get a chance check em out none of em will leave you disapointed.

6. what are your lyrics about?

We'll I write about things I've expierienced and my personal views on things. I think thats what most streetrock/ or Oi! bands write about.

7.what is your opinion on politicall extrems in the scene (left wing right wing)? did you have any problems with them?

I hate them both Politics on either side are bullshit and don't belong in the scene if it aint on the ballot don't preach it.

8. do you know anything about the czech scene :-)?

The women are lovely, and I like the band Pilsner Oiquell would love to hear more music from the czech scene.

9. plans for the future?

We are playing Condemed 84s atlanta gig, we are going to do an east coast tour some time next year.We are also recording a new EP as well.

10.words on the end

Never give up always fight til the end, wiether its work, play, music, sports, or whatever always chase your passions with the tenacity of a pitbull and you'll achieve your goals in life.