The Incited

1. So at first can you briefly introduce your band, members and how dou you know each other?

The two founding members of the band who still play are Jed Johnson on bass and Shaun Rieley on guirar and lead vocals. Currently, we are in the stages of re forming the band, with drummer Nick Reisett and a second guitarist who is yet to be named. Jed and I grew up together and have known each other for about 20 years.

2. Why did you choose the name The Incited? Do you consider yourself as a patriotic band?

The name "The Incited" means that we are riled up and ready for action. We are a patriotic band, and in fact two of our members (Jed and Shaun) have served in the military, including tours of duty in Iraq.


3. Have some of your membres any other experiences with other bands and do you play in any other?

Shaun played with a band called All Due Respect, with members of other Delaware Oi! and hardcore bands for a little while. Jed and Shaun have a side band called the Shillailey Brigade, which played traditional Irish folk music.

4. What are your musical influences and do you play any cover songs? Who is responsible for writing the music and lyrics?

We are influenced by American and Brittish Oi! and street punk, American Rock n' Roll and some American hardcore. Bands such as Anti-Heros, The Boils, Forced Reality, Discipline, the Bruisers, Cockney Rejects, Last Resort, Blood for Blood, Cock Sparrer ect. would be our main influences. Jed and Shaun write the majority of the music and lyrics. Former member Joey (guitar/vocals) wrote alot of the songs we still play.


5. I think you have played for 8 years...have you some more releases then A call to Arms LP?How was your cooperation with Dim recods and why do you choose only vinyl edition?

The Call to Arms LP is a compilation of all of our recordings dating back to 2000. Dim Records has been great and we hope to do more with them in the future. Uhl decided to release a vinyl, though I would like to get it out on CD as well, and I have recently asked him if he would be willing to do it.

6. What about the gigs in USA? It is difficult for Oi! band to find the place for playing?

We have not giged much lately, as we are in the process of re-forming the band. It can be dfficult, though there are several venues in Delaware who allow Oi! and hardcore music to be played.


7. What about the new breed of US skinhead movement? Are there any young bands in your area? What about crews and venues? Can you recomend us any of them?

There are no many young skinheads or skinhead bands in our area. Kids these days seem to be more interested in emo/screamo crap, and there doesn't seem to be a large audiance for skinhead associated bands. Many of the skinheads in our area are older, however Stormwatch still plays in our area occationally, along with a few other bands such as the Barons. Crews are not really a thing around here, and as far as venues, Mojo 13, Bankshots and the East End Cafe are the major venues for punk, Oi! and hardcore music in Delaware.

8. People in Europe often visiting football matches(soccer as you say haha). Are you fans of any sport and is there anything like hooligans/ultras scene in other sport?

We are a fans of soccer, both US and international. There are not really what you would call hooligans, although skinheads to attend soccer matches and occationally start fights with rival fans. But it is nothing like Europe in that regard.


9. Do you know anything about Czech scene?

I honestly dont know anything about the Czech scene. I actually couldn't name a single Czech band, but we are always intersted in hearing new music!

10. What about your stuff like LP, T-shirts etc..where should we get it? And do you thing about playing abroad?

The LP is available through Dim Records. T-shirts are completely sold out at this time, although I do have stickers and buttons which I could send out through our Myspace if anyone is interested. I think Dim records also carries some of our buttons. We would be interested in playing abroad, but we all work for a living, so these things are difficult.

11. Plans for the future...

Plans for the future are unsure, though we would like to record some new material and hopefully play more.

12. Words on the end....

Thank you so much for your interest in the Incited, and we hope to hear fom you soon!