The Riot

1.Cheers, so can you introduce band, members and how you know each other? I know, that Dan played in some punk bands, what about the rest of the band? Do you play in any other bands before The Riot?

Cheers, so the band is now: Dan – vocals, Pavouk – bass, Švejk – guitar, Čapajev – guitar and Lešek on drums. We had some personal changes on bass post. Ondy left the band, and Pavouk took the bass instead of guitar and Jirjka alias Čapajev come to play guitar. I know Pavouk since kindergarten and the rest know each other from gigs etc. Our previous bands are not relevant, because nobody knows them.

2.When and why came decission to start The Riot?

In the year 2000 we were sitting in pub with Pavouk and Lešek and we talked bullshit and somebody came with idea to found Oi! band. We spoke with friend of us, he joined the band and that is how it started. We changed line up in many times, but the idea is still the same.


3. Your music is hard, it sounds like new breed German bands for me. What are your music idols and what inspire you in writing music?

I am listening to Oi!, HC, SKA, Pscho, American Punk and all music around the movement. Pavouk listens to his girlfriend, Švejk and Čapajev mostly Oi!, Oldskoll Punk and SKA and Lesek listens metal. I have to admit that in past Loikaemie influence us very strong. In present time, Švejk writes the music, so we stand musically otherwheres.

4. You have one CD and some songs on Streetkids compilations. How was the cooperation with studio and label?

We have bveen in two studios yet. First in Brno, it wasn´t so good and the second here in Vyskov is better. We will make aur new CD in November there. I think we had no cooperation with labels

5. Did you play gigs often? Is here some band which you want to play with? What should we do to invite you for a gig?

So it is getting worse now with the gigs. We all have girlfriends, wifes and some of us children, so when we play 10 gigs in year it is good. Everyone has his own top band, which he want to plays with, for me it is Discipline. If you want to invite us, just write an email on and we will speak about details.

6. What about your hobbys instead of playing in band?

So, Svejk has family, Pavouk has exacting girlfriend, Lešek grows his beard, Čapajev do something with eletronics and I am going to beting office and then I sit near computer and watchin livescore ?. Sometimes I go to see some football match, but since the time when Drnovice aren´t playing, all football teams are far from our city. Švejk watches footbal on TV, he is couch hooligan ?.


7. On your CD you have cover from Peter and Test Tube Babies Banned from the Pubs with czech lyrics „Mrca je král“(Mrca is king). Who is Mrca??

Who don´t know Mrca knows nothing. Mrca is unbeliveble punk figure from Vyškov with unbeliveble life experiences. About one his story will be new song on new CD.

8. What do you thing about political extrems in scene? Nazis or political correct brigade from the left side? Have you got problems with them?

With the political correct brigade you mean RASH? We fuck alll lunatics from right and left. We are nonpolitical band and we will always be. There were no problems, but I have feeling that they will come soon.

9. You have a videoclip Warbrothers, it looks good, how long takes the shooting and have you got any funny stories from the shooting?

So the clip is older. We did in one day and it was really in hurry. Our original idea was a little bit different but I think that the clip is good. Next clip will be made by us, so we will have more time on it. I can´t imagine any story from shooting, so it seems that it was very boring ?.


10. Plans for future?

So as I said before, we want to make a new CD in November. We have 10 new songs and now it is time to record it. I hope people will enjoy them. But we haven´t speak with any label, so I hope that someone release it.

11.Words on the end?
If you gor congestion drink Vyškov beer. This is Švejk words, but he have all time congestion and he never drink it. Keep the Faith.