Battle Scarred

Once upon a time... June ´95, three lads decided to start a band. It was Puncc (vocals/guitar), Pitch (drums) and Puncc´s cousin; Joe.L (bass). The name was at first RIOT (in July ´96 the name changed to CLOCKWORK RIOT). The first gig was held at a local youth club, in June ´96. And a month before, the first song ever was recorded; "No brain".

In march ´97 a new bass-player joined.A lad called Lirar´n. And Joe.L changed to rythm guitar. But it didn´t last that long. In august the same year Joe.L left to play heavy metal. So a close friend to the band joined instead in September ´97; Ford (rythm guitar). With this line up they recorded a 6 song demo-tape in November ´97 called "Accused". In April ´98 the band got a record deal with german Dim records. A bass player was called in, a bloke called Bootan (who also was the singer of Joe.L´s new band) but short before the bands studiotime, he left to concentrate on the metal band. So in September ´98, the selftitled album was recorded (Puncc had to play the bass on the record).

And in October ´98 Dalle (bass) joined. He had played for another band before -Simnel cake, a pop punk band wich Pitch sang for. In August ´99 the band was suposed to do a gig at a major Oi! festival in Sweden, but the media had given the festival alot of shit and Ford couldn´t handel it allright and quit. The rest of the band couldn´t find another guitarist, and couldn´t play. And also in November ´99 Battle Scarred were suposed to do a gig with Condemned 84 amongst a few other bands in Germany, but something (Nevermind what) came up and that gig too was impossible to do....

But the bands misfortunes didn´t stop there... No, in April ´00 Dalle quit the band. And just about the same time the band got kicked out of the rehearsal place. So there they stood. No bassplayer and no place to rehearse. Pitch and Puncc tried to keep the band together by keep writing new songs. And finally a new bassplayer was found in June ´00. Svulf, the brother of a close friend to the band. He had been playing around with local metal/punk bands.And in the spring of ´01 the band found a new place to rehearse, Combat studios. And recorded 4 new songs (That 4 years later became "Our unity is our strength" Ep)

After the recording the band decided to take some time to work with the other projects. Cause they all play in other bands aswell. Battle scarred never split up as many people think. they just slowed down. But the lads keept writing new songs. And called in "Tresket" as rythm guitarist. He came from a local band that Puncc also played with (Not anymore though) called BOVVER BRIGADE.

In September 2003 Battle scarred were set up to play a gig (The first since 1997) in Eskilstuna, Sweden. But just a few days before the gig, Tresket got too ill to play and Pitch announced that he couldn´t play either. So Jocke was called on very short notice to fill in for Pitch behind the drums. The gig went very well.

In January 2004 Battle scarred went back in the studio to record 6 songs for the "Lost in battle" split-record with UNIT LOST (wich in the end became a split "7 instead). And once again -Pitch didn´t show up.

The lads decided to proceed with the recording as planned, and Puncc jumped in behind the drums. After the recording it was goodbye Pitch and goodmorning Jocke. Enough is enough! Tresket decided at the same time that he wanted to concentrate on BOVVER BRIGADE. So Pontan, a good friend from the capitol took over his role...

This new line-up played the "Kuggnäs festival" in August 2004. And went back home to plan the recording of the new Cd. And in October the band entered the studio and recorded the 14 songs that became "Oi! Oi! music, football & beer". At the same time another deal was made to release the "Our unity is our strength" ep, the old songs that was recorded back in 2001.

In May 2005 BATTLE SCARRED became a fucking battlezone and Svulf got the boot. Sterre was called in to play the bass instead, and they started to rehearse for the 2005 edition of the "Kuggnäs festival". The gig went great, and another gig was set up in Belgium in September. Unfourtantly, after the gig Jocke anounced that he was leaving the band. After being accepted in a bikerclub, and playing with his other band PITBULLFARM he just couldn´t find the time for another band. The original Battle scarred drummer, Pitch made his comeback. But since he was afraid to fly. The gig in Germany in November featured "Läderlappen" on drums who had played with Puncc in another band.

In April 2006 the recording of the third album "Thunder and lightning" took place, and a split EP with germany´s KAMPFZONE was released on Dim records. Just before the recording of the new Cd. Sterre decided to leave the band. And Bisson (Forbidden rage etc.) jumped in and played the bass. ...So now we´re waiting for July. Wich means giging in Germany again and the release of the new Cd...