Brasilian skinhead report
by Rossano Roy

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rossano (a.k.a. Roy), I paly in a Oi! band and publish a skinzine call Dose Brutal. I live in a suburb of Vila Velha city at Espírito Santo state, thats so farway from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo states where the skinhead scene is very strong with several members, bands, gigs and zines. Here, me and my friends have a oi! Band call Expulsos do Bar (Banned from the Pub) where I'm the bass player and head from the band. We stop it with the band last year for several personal reasons but now we're back with a new demo CD record thats contain 5 songs in portuguese, and 2 songs included in a compilation from Oi! Brasil Records. Besides the band I publish a skinzine call Dose Brutal thats has your 1o issue release a few months ago, and another local friend publish a zine too call Socos & Pontapes (Punchs And Kicks). I almost forgot it to mention there are others oi! bands here in my state. They're The Skulls and Fist Of Steel both them from my friend Wilson that´s everybody know around the world the songs of their bands, but don't you know. The Skulls play brazilian oi! with a great Brit influence, singalong with the obligatory oh oh's and all. Already Fist of Steel play a skinhead rock, not traditional Oi! but well played with a great Brutal Attack influence. Now, let's talk about the others states and crews. There are a few goods zine in Rio de Janeiro state like: Sangue, Honra & Glória (Blood, Honor & Glory) from my friend Jr., thats despite of the name does't have to do anything with the Blood & Honor. And the political Avante (Go Ahead!) Bulletin from Niteroí guys, that's another city from Rio de Janeiro state. And nowadays there is a new oi! band but I has still not heard their songs, but his name is Milicia 72.

In Sao Paulo state where the moviment born and grew up twenty years ago there are many bands from this time. The bands are:
Garotos Podres, that play traditional brazilian Oi! with acid lyrics about our social problems, and they're one of the oldest bands from Brazil. (The band can be checked at
Vírus 27, other old cool band. They play rough oi! muisc, with very strong catch since the 80's.
Kaos 64 is a typical skunk band thats was formed in the middle of 80's for a Vírus 27 member, then they stop it and a few years ago they're back with a new good record of your old songs.
Tropa Suicida, was formed in 1986, when your first record was released, then they stop it too for 16 years owing several problems and last year they're back with a new record call Apocalipse. This band play a powerful and aggressive Oi-core, tigh as fuck, a kick in the ear!!!
Tumulto 64 is from my friend Tony "Boot Boy", this band play a traditional Oi! music with very strong vocals, they got a record released for themselves call Nosso Orgulho (Our Pride) with 10 sons sing in Portuguese.
Legítima Defesa is another good band that paly rough Oi! music like Brutal Combat, I don't know if they're playing or if the band's over after the guitarist quite the band.

And the list of newest bands goes on with Bota Gasta, Reaçao Proletária, Soldados do Asfalto, Pesadelo, Anti Narcose, Nightstalker and D.A.. In town of Sao Paulo there is Carecas do Subúrbio crew and ABC crew, two different crew with several members each one they promote 2 great annual festival call Inverno Oi! (Winter Oi!) on winter season in the months of july or august, and the most expected Dezembro Oi! (December Oi!) at the end of year that gather friends of the whole country, and we're played there years ago it was a great experience for all of us. Still at Sao Paulo state there are great skinzines like Protesto Suburbano one of Brazil´s longest going skinzines, Consciencia Oi!, Consciencia Nacionalista, Geraçao Mecânica and Uniao Patriota both them writing in potuguese, and Revolta Urbana from Legítima Defesa bassist Renato written in english your last issue. There are 2 cool band at Paraná state. One of them call Rueiros, they paly a energic Oi! like Blitz, 4 Skins and Cock Sparrer with strong vocals. And the other call Rock de Rua that play a standart oi! well played for the musicians. At last, I would like to mention about a band call Ataque 32 from Rio Grande do Sul state that I sill not heard your songs but the lyrics are pretty good.

The only difference between us and the European skins is that some skins of here don't like to be call skinheads and they prefer to call Carecas (balds). I don't know why, but pesonally don't careand prefer tyhat call me skinhead. Our biggets problem is the lack of places to play, anarcho shits and the policial pursuit due some problems years agowith skinheads from Carecas do ABC (ABC crew). At last, I would like to leave well clear that all faction mentioned here like Carecas do Subúrbio crew, Carecas do ABC crew and Carecas do Brasil crew are the form that we find to adjust for our culture but the roots are the same, and none of this crew are racist or extremist crews just Skinheads today, tomorrow and forever...