Discipline is a Street Rock 'n Roll band, hailing from Eindhoven, Holland. These guys have been around since 1990. In the early days they had a different name and a different line-up. The current line-up is:

Joost De Graf - Vocals
Carlo Geerlings - Bass
Erik Wouters - Guitar
Joost Strijbos - Drums

On stage the boys are being backed up by Berry Black (Judasville, ex-The Spades, ex-Lovesteaks) on guitar as well.

After 5 years of struggling and making some demo-tapes, in 1995 Discipline signed to Lost&Found Records from Germany. The 1st release was the 5-track "Stompin' Crew EP" in the summer of 1995.

This one was followed up by their 1st album "Guilty as Charged" in 1996. The reactions to this dynamite Streetcore-album were overwhelmingly positive and the guys did a lot of shows, including a european tour with The Business to promote this album all over Europe.

Early 1998 the "Bulldog Style"-album was released, also by L&F Records. On this record Discipline already tried to combine the best of both worlds: Oi meets Hardcore. This album was a huge success again in the underground scene. Through hard work, the band gained itself a reputation of doing very energetic liveshows. But like always, there was also another side to the coin……The amount of violence and fights at shows was growing and after a while Discipline almost got crucified for that.

Luckily, after some time the air cleared and the negative publicity stopped. Unfortunately the relationship between band and recordlabel went downhill. The band decided to leave and signed to I Scream Records from Belgium. The first release on the new label was the "Nice Boys Finish last" album in 1999. With this release Discipline definitely earned herself a place at the top of the entire European Street Rock -scene. To promote this album Discipline did a few European tours again with the likes of Agnostic Front, Dropkick Murphy's and US Bombs. These Dutch thugs also managed to get this album released in the US by Too Damn Hype Records.

This record was followed by the "Love thy Neighbor" album towards the end of 2000. One month earlier the "Hooligans Heaven EP" was already released. This song turned out to be a true 'hit-single' in the underground-scene and to the Hardcore football crowd. To promote the album, Discipline was part of the "UNITY-Tour 2000", with the likes of Agnostic Front, Ignite, Shutdown and The Forgotten.

The summer of 2003 saw the release of the "Everywhere we Go" single. This song is another football-anthem and has proven to be a real classic by now!

A few months later 2 albums were released at almost the same time. First there was the release of the live-split album with long time brothers Agnostic Front from New York City and a few weeks later the long-awaited new full-length album "Saints & Sinners". To promote this album the boys were part of the first Eastpak Resistance tour in Europe and did their first US-tour with the likes of Dropkick Murphy's, AF, Hatebreed and Murphy's Law.

Early 2004 the lads hit the studio again to record 3 brandnew songs and 3 cover-versions for the split-CD with longtime mates Argy Bargy. These new songs are the best they have ever done: 6 hardhitting, melodic songs with aggro and a hardcore beat!! "100% Thug Rock" was released through Captain Oi! records in march 2004. One of the new songs titled "Red & White Army" is already the Football-Anthem for 2004. To promote this latest release the boys played at all major summer-events again and did many headlining clubshows.

Through lots of touring and doing shows, Discipline has earned herself a large crowd of loyal supporters all over Europe and the US. Besides having done many headlining tours, the band has also shared the stage with the likes of Agnostic Front, The Business, Cock Sparrer, Madball, Sick of it All, Dropkick Murphy's, Cockney Rejects, Biohazard and Ignite. The last few years they managed to play at all the major European festivals like Dynamo Open Air, Graspop, Holidays in the Sun, With Full Force, Pressure-Fest, Punk&Disorderly, Vans Warped Tour and the European HC Parties!!


Guilty as Charged CD (1996, L&F)
Stompin' Crew EP MCD (1998, L&F)
Bulldog Style CD (1998, L&F)
Skinhead & Proud CD (1999, L&F)
Nice Boys Finish Last CD (1999, ISR)
Hooligans Heaven EP CDS (2000, ISR)
Love thy Neighbor CD (2000, ISR)
Everywhere we Go CDS (2002, ISR)
Working Class Heroes (live) CD (2002, ISR)
Saints & Sinners CD (2002, ISR)
Rejects of Society (Best of) CD (2003, Captain Oi!)
100% Thug Rock (split) CD (2004, Captain Oi!)

Discipline has also contributed exclusive tracks to compilations like "The Dutch HC tribute to the real Oi", "Worldwide tribute to the real OI", "Respect your Roots". All I Scream Records full-length releases have also been released on vinyl by german Knock Out Records. www.discipline.nl