Kategorie C

Kategorie C is German hooligan band from Bremen. Its rise dates to year 1997. The band is now in this line up: Hannes Ostendorf (singing), , Ruppi Rotzen (bass), , Illey (percussion), Rainer Friedrichs(guitar). Band has its name because of German Ministry of Internal Affairs divide football fans to three caregories. Category A – peacefull fans, category B – fans that sometimes cause fights and disturbance and they are interested in football (ultras) and category C – hooligans that don´t care about football and all is about fight with the same people in other club.

Originaly Kategorie C was at first such project virtual rather for fun, on the occasion action – World Championship in Football in 1998 in France. Founder member Hannes Ostendorf and drummer Frank (which came to band later) were members of fanclub „ Standarte Bremen" of football club Werder Bremen, which is the oldest functional hooligan firm in Bremen.

With songs „ Fussballfest ' 98", covers from other very popular band (and also by hools listen in Germany) Bohse Onkelz „ Frankreich 84", „ Dritten Halbzeit" (in translation „ third half - time") or „ Bengalische Lichter" got band into football and hools scene, but also into no football scene, proper fame. Lyrics were about football, vilolence (especially third half - times), alcohol, friendship and so on. In the year 2001 issued Kategorie C already its other albums under the new name KC- Die Band. After the year 2004 there were some troubles between band members, so several original band members establish next band with title VollKontaCt (already break up). As an answer Hannes Ostendorf found and promote other band, namely Kategorie C - Hungriche Wölfe (Hungry wolves), which is title apply for legacy of original Kategorie C (Hungrige Wölfe namely appointed some album KC Die Band published year 2001). The band is in Germany often acused with neo-nazism. Some songs inside are highly nationalist, and for example interlude between songs on CD „ Fussballfest ' 98" contains in some way ultraconservative chorals. For those who wants to read between the lines, will get what are comparisons in these chorals. Band tells about himself that they play „ Football- Rock" and as though aren't political band, which bear to in one’s of theirs song in refrain „ Fotballl is Fooball and politics is politics".

Further, what group links with suspicion to neo-nazism is fact, that the singers brother is NPD activist Henrik Ostendorfa (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands – political party in Germany refered to extreme right side) and Blood and Honour who took part in incendiary attack on immigrants accomodation in Bremen. Members of Kategorie C played earlier in extreme right wing bands Nahkampf and Boots Brothers. So thanks to all this things is guidee near Ministry of Internal Affairs in Germany that say that the band is extrmistic. Beside all they have some songs on sample „ Die Deutschen kommen II", where futures right wing bands like Landser, Stahlgewitter, Kraftschlag and HKL. As well as their gig on 20th birthday of Dortmund´s neo-nazi hooligan firm Borussenfront in 31.3.2001. In the year 2004 found Kategorie C with the band Endstufe beside project Adrenalin, and recorded album with title „ Bootboys Bremen". In July 2006 had Kategorie C some problems with law. They were suspicious from crime of public sedition to crime and violence because of next football sample „ Zu Gast bei uns", where they play under the name „ Fussballrocker RMC" and have song „ Deutschland dein Trikot". At last, what can identify band with neo-nazis can be fact, that singer of the band Hannes Ostendorf took part in demonstrations against imprisonment of Landser singer Michael „ Lunikoff" Regener in Berlin. Nevertheless Kategorie C had unexceptionable lyrics, and hasn\'t problems to play live gigs.

Released stuff:
Under the name „Kategorie C“
- Fußballfest '98 (CD, 1998)
- Sport-Frei! (CD, 1999)

Under the name „KC – Die Band“
- Hungrige Wölfe (CD/LP, 2001)
- Komm mit uns (CD, 2002)
- G-Sport (CD-EP, 2002)
- Der 6. Streich (CD, 2004)

Under the name „Kategorie C – Hungrige Wölfe“
- Live in Deutschland (CD, 2006)
- Wir sind in Form (CD, 2006)
- Sport Frei 98 (CD, 2007) (znovu vydané album, kde je i CD Fußballfest '98)
- Für immer KC (CD, 2008 leden)
- Der Berg ruft... (Mini EM CD) (kvìten 2008)

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