Lion's pride

Gunther - bass/vocals
Sander - guitars
Rony - drums

Lion's Pride was formed in May 2000 rising out of the ashes of Division 99. The moment a steady line-up was achieved the band decided to continue working under the name of Lion's Pride. The name refers to the medieval Flemish banner and taking pride in cultural heritage, ancestry and tradition, an ode to the patriot soul. The bandmembers are veterans in the scene and have been active in various bands (and still are).

In the late '70s/early '80s bassplayer/vocalist Gunther Theys played in several Oi!, Punk, Hardcore bands such as Capital Scum, No Survivors, Addix. Meanwhile he gained more recognition with the obscure Goth act Danse Macabre and Black/Heavy/Folk Metal band Ancient Rites with which he released several albums. By forming Division 99 he wished to return in an active way to his earliest roots. It took years to find the right people.

Original guitarist Franci, aka Sisse, has been playing in Hardcore, Oi! and Metal bands since the '80s and with Lion's Pride he seemed to have finally found a band where he felt his work was perfectly understood. However in April 2003 the band and Franci parted ways due to personal differences.

Drummer Rony also is a veteran in the scene and has played in various Metal and Crossover bands since the '80s, he helped out several rock bands as a recording artist as well. Both Gunther and Rony are also active in the Heavy Metal band Iron Clad. After looking for a second guitarist for some time, the band was joined by Raf who has his roots in the Metal scene, having played bass in Excess of Cruelty and Aegrimonia and having co-owned a radical Death/Black Metal record label Wood-Nymph Records. In August 2003 Raf and Lion's Pride ended collaboration as Raf felt like exploring other musical fields.

An audition was held and the same month Bastiaan joined Lion's Pride. A session guitarist who has been active in several bands before. The band kept on looking for a second guitar player and by October 2003 the right guy to join the Lion's Pride ranks was found in Sander.

Musically Lion's Pride is rather difficult to place as their songs draw influences from such different styles as Oi!, StreetPunk, HateCore, Rock'n'Roll and Metal. Aggression combined with melody, catchy riffs performed with a powerful sound and sometimes even a melancholic touch. Lyrics deal with European history, heritage and everyday life.