Major Accident

Along with The Adicts, Major Accident (MA) are one of the first punk bands to embrace a Clockwork image and lifestyle. They started in the summer 1977 in England after Con Larkin got his first bass guitar at age 16. His younger brother Paul was 14 and tried his hands at singing in his own group. Con's own attempt at a band didn't happen so he joined Paul when his bass player didn't work out. Their influences at the time were The Clash and the Sex Pistols. They took their name from the fact that is what their music sounded like. Their first songs were Self Appointed Hero', and 'Warboots' - a tribute to their beloved Dr. Martens. Their first gig at a youth center consisted of their few original songs as well as covers of the Ramones and multiple songs by The Clash. A few more shows at the same venue led to their first lineup change - Craig was out and Col was in. Paul then left for a little while, but came back and then Col left and was replaced by his brother Porky. Soon after they recorded their first demo at Guardian Studios which included Terrorist Gang, Sidelines and Self Appointed Hero. They also jammed on cover songs and other originals they never intended to release which turned up as the Clockwork Demos in 2000. They would have never released it if they had a choice

They did some more touring in the UK and then recorded another demo called Massacred Melodies. This was poorly recorded and was eventually redone as the classic album. The original demo also resurfaced without the permission of the band in the late 1990s. Their opening tape at the time was Warsawa. One night they did a show in Darlington which turned into a riot. The police were called in, people went to the hospital from the flying furniture and the whole mess made the local papers. This caused Porky to call it quits and he was replaced by Stu Lee. Around 1979 they had seen still of A Clockwork Orange as the film was banned at the time and there was no way to see it. The Larkin's then started adopting the whites on stage.

Their first album was recorded as a demo at Woodland Studios in Normanton in 3 days in the summer of 1981 and released in November. They hoped for a major label deal and hooked up with A&M records who recommended them for Step Forward Records their subsidiary and released it as is. Like any noteworthy band they came up with a mascot who appeared on this release and is referred to as 'The Man' who looks like a cross between Alex and a serial killer sporting a bowler hat and eyelash and sometimes the long nose maskie from the film.. He is featured on all the bands releases in one form or another in a very cool and instantly recognizable black and white style of art. Especially on their signature ACO release "A Clockwork Legion". This lead to their first major tour opening for Chelsea where they played all across the UK. They officially adopted the Clockwork look on the tour and Paul adopted the baldy haircut from the book which on one recognized. They needed a tour bus, but couldn't afford one so they settled for a furtinure truck for around $500. They could store their equipment and live inside of it. They even put in shelves and ran a TV from a car battery. Of course the truck was painted black with The Man on the sides. The band were very active releasing LPs and 7"s on a regular basis until around 1985.

They toured mostly in Europe and even opening for The Adicts in the US, then disappeared for the next decade and resurfaced with a new CD and tour in 1996. In 2000 they returned with a new 7", their first one in 16 years, did some touring and then disbanded in 2002. Representation Not Reality was even used in a Dukes of Hazzard TV movie sequel. Hopefully they will tour the US again so


Early lineup - Paul Larkin - vocals, Con Larkin - bass, Dave Hammond - guitar, Craig - drums
1st lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Col Stephenson - drums
2nd lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Porky - drums
3rd lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Stu Lee - drums
4th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Evo - drums
5th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Andy Harding - guitar, Evo - drums
6th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Dave - guitar, Andy - guitar, Gary Jones - drums
7th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Andy - guitar, Gary - drums
8th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Staps - guitar, The Big 'G' - drums
9th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Staps - guitar, Evo - drums
10th lineup - Paul - vocals, Ritz - bass, Staps - guitar, Rich - drums
11th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Staps - guitar, Rich - drums
12th lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Andy Wears - lead guitar, Dave - guitar, Laze - drums
Final lineup - Paul - vocals, Con - bass, Ian Timms - lead guitar, Dave - guitar, Laze - drums


Title Format Year
Warboots 7" N/A
Massacred Melodies LP 11/82
Mr. Nobody 7" 2/83
Leaders of Tomorrow 7" 8/83
Respectable 7" 2/84
Fight to Win 7" 6/84
A Clockwork Legion LP 7/84
Tortured Tunes Live - The Official Bootleg LP 9/84
Pneumatic Pneurosis LP 5/85
...Crazy! LP 7/85
...Crazy!/Tortured Tunes (Live - The Official Bootleg) CD 1996
The Ultimate High LP/CD 11/96
Clockwork Heroes LP/CD 1996
Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion CD 8/6/99
Representation Not Reality 7" 1/00
Clockwork Demos CD 6/12/00
Cry of the Legion CD 4/3/01

Title Format Year
The Defiant Pose LP 1983
Archive Collection VHS/DVD 1984
Live in Munich '96 VHS/DVD 1996
Massacred Melodies LP 199?
Oi! The Singles Collection Vol 1 CD 2000
Skins 'N' Pins CD 2001
Skins & Pins Volume II CD 2001
Flicknife Records: The Punk Collection CD 2002
Burning Britain The History Of UK Punk 1980-1984 DVD 2004
Punk and Disorderly V2 - Further Charges DVD 2005