The Jinx


In the autumn of -95, the foetus of The Jinx saw the sun for the first time. As a sideproject to their former bands D.P. and Niko wanted to put up an OI/Punk- related musical formation. Mika joined as bassplayer and the first setup of The Jinx was born. At the end of -95 The Jinx performed live for the first time as support to The U.K.Subs.


In the spring The Jinx entered the stages of their hometown, Stockholm. The first gig was located in the residence of the Stockholms political correct crowd, -cafe44. The band was supposed to be supporting The Peter & the testtube babies. The owner of the club almost stopped the event because of his narrow-minded ideas of a band remaining of the combination of punx and skins. However, as always, it became a success! This year The Jinx also appeared on record for the first time, ("Carolus Rex2" and "OI!-a tribute".) At the end of 96 rhythm guitarist Conny joined the band.


The Jinx releases their first Cd "Chartbuster" and the vinyl Ep "Razorblade Love". We also appear on the Cds "Carolus Rex 3" and "Easter sucks-X-mas rules". Unfortunately in the autumn, Niko decides to quit and the band desperately need a new drummer. (But because he is such a nice guy, he decided to help the band finish the recording of the forthcoming Cd, "Past and Present") Nikos decision to go , also tested the remaining members, and Conny got fired.


The German license (Impact Records) of the Chartbuster CD rejected, because of false statements of the bands political character. "The Jinx havenīt declared that any race is superior than others. If you really want to have influence in your situation, attack the power, not an individual, cultural or religious opinion. We donīt like any of the extreme political wings. Weīre conscious of our attitude, sick and tired of being accused for something we canīt stand for, We have all made punk and skinhead movements to our lifestyles. All other statements are false!" (quatition from a letter from The Jinx to Impact records) DIM-Records buys the rights to release the recordings. The compilations "We will never die1" and "This is Attitude records, so far...", both with some jinx-songs on are released. After months of seeking Jinx finds a new drummer in Holm.


The Jinx played their first abroad gig in Dresden in Germany. -a weekend of chaos and stuck-up punkrock! -D.P. and Mika decides to kick Holm out of the band because they think that "Heīs a backstabbing, lying Judas!" A New CD called "Past and Present" was released. -The band was dealing with different recordcompanies for forthcoming releases.

Year 2000.

We didnīt have any drummer which led to really low activity. But we did do some recordings in the studio Das boot. Nico played the drums in The Jinx for the absolute last time! The compilations "Greasers,punx & skins 2" and "Punx Unite 2" and "Never say die 1" -All with a couple of jinx-songs on- are released.

Year 2001.

Finally we found a new guitar player! We also did find a new drummer, Manne is his name and he is rocking as hell! Some gigs were booked. The band was again dealing with different recordcompanies for forthcoming releases.After a little while Elvis decided to move to Spain and then he left the band. Jinx have tried some other guitar players but havenīt found anyone good enough yet. It seems that Jinx is gonna be a threepiece band.

September 2001.

The Jinx recorded a 4-song ep, including Serbia, Boys in blue and more.


We started working with "Nitton" on a project called "Stockholm United". Here we made us a chance to make music with a different feeling than the the material we do with The Jinx. We embarked the boat and sailed the seven seas to play in Helsinki in Finland. Manne had the fortune to celebrate his birthday in Chemnitz. A weekend tour in Germany filled with chaos booze and punkrock.


Mika decides to leave the band. Dp and Manne finished the project with "Nitton". Which lead to the albumrelease of "D? vi var punx". We tried to get hand of a bassplayer, but no stroke of luck. Mika joins up with the band in the end of the summer. A few shows in the end of the year in Sweden and Italy.


On the Christmas Eve 2003 Manne had an accident and broke his leg. We had a gig booked on Tantog?rden in Stockholm 10th of January. And because of Mannes leg he only managed to play half the gig. Niko came as a rescue and played the other half. It became a great night with a little reunion from the first line up. The situation with the bas didnīt improve. 8th April Mika did his last show with the band in Uddevalla. The band puts a few basplayers to the test. But neither of them was good enough. We went into the studio with one of them, and recorded five songs. But it didnīt last, so he had to go. One of the songs, "Today your love, tommorow the world" ended up on a Ramones tribute in the states. An old song "Serbia" is participating on a compelition CD in Bulgary.


The weel of fortune is turning The Jinx way. We finally found a new basplayer in Andy. A couple of gigs are booked and we are working on a ned full CD. We are ready to meet the future!

The current line-up is: D.P. - Guitar, vocals. Andy - Bass. Manne - Drums.