All Bandits
„Made in Poland“ CD 34:18
Olifant Records 2004


I always like polish oi! bands. I think that they really have great sense for melody and almost all bands that I have heard live confirmed that. That´s why I am looking forward to hear this band. On CD is 13 songs, all in polish. Lyrics are sometimes cliché like songs United, Pogo, Piwko etc, but musically it is ok. I really like songs Jak Skala a Wyplata. I saw the band in december 2006 and it was great show. In thankslist are almost all polish oi!bands from Analogs to Zbeer so it means, that the band is´t lazy and it is playing gigs.
Peddy 7

Anti Squad
Indonesian Proud CD 46:57
Bords de Seine Records 2004
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Exotic five piece skin band from Indonesia. On CD is 16 songs and in booklet near some lyrics is the year when thy song was composed so I think that you can find some songs of the band from this CD also on different albums. All songs except one are in English. Which really kicked me when I heared it for the first time is the bass guitar. You can hear it clearly and it is really played well. The whole music is inspired by the older bands from 80´s, music is simple, just few chords, but sometimes a solo. I would compare it to Infa Riot, Red Alert but some songs like Bootboys sounds like old Business. Booklet is on one hand simple but on the other hand it contains history of skinhead movement in Indonesia which is written by band members so you can become more clever about that. The best songs are deffinitelly Bootboys, Dancing Moonstomp(the beginning of this is similar to Wunderbare Jahre from Emscherkurve 77) or Skinhead Warrior which is really the best one and you may know it from some compilations. On this album you can find really melodic but sometimes very simple and easy songs and album is not so well balanced because some songs are great and some of them you want to jump over. But really exotic stuff.
Peddy 6/7

Backstreet Firm
Reclaim the Skinhead Name CD 24:22
BSF Records 2004


Orthodox skinhead band from Germany! Title of demo tells everything! Backstreet Firm as sing English are patriotic band and their 5 song namely „ Skinhead Pride", "Made in Germany", „ We don't Like You", „ In 50 years" and „ Docteur Skinhead" (cover from French band Evil Skins). Like bonus there are 2 songs : „ Spy Kids" and „ Backstreet Kids" – which is cover from their efficient colleagues Rabauken. Sound is very average as far as substandard, but it has halls. You can also look on their web page www.backstreet . This is a demo CD, so it goes without evaluation …

The killing Kind CD 37:58
Rebellion Records 2004


Third album of my most-loved skinhead band of present time - Badlands. „ The killing kind" CD is again full of acoustic and also rougher songs with gorgeous lyrics and it is really as good as two previous albums. Those Dutch masters have perfect English, play strictly accurate and with no mistakes, which is good to know becasuse of their frequent propensity to acoustic music. On CD you will hear 13 songs „ The killing Kind", „Integrity", „ Hard to Believe", „ Gunman", „ A Better land", „ Freedom", „ Violence vs Violence", „ Lies", „My song", „ Loser at the Bar", „Prejudice", „ Wonderful days" and „ Alone". No lyricsand no single song isn\'t average – simply hit behind hit. Band of year and in spite of the fact, that they are in vocals very similar to Skrewdriver!!! BADLANDS RULE!

Vláïa 10

Legend Lives Again CD 35:42
Olifant Records 2004


First Polish skinhead band – patriots from BTM. I have their singles limited 300 shreds at home, which went out in the year 1986 similar to this CD that go out only in 500 shreads. In BTM palyed people from later Polish bands like Szczerbijec, Ramzes and the Hooligans, Rezystencja or Sztorm 68 and it is naturally highly anticommunist, nationalist band with classical skinhead lyrics like fights, native country, beer, skins, etc . … None band in 80 years wasn´t different! On album is 14 songs in Polish, all songs that the band overtake to record in their existence. Surely good for people who are collecting rarities and above all for Polish skins. Otherwise average streetpunk with average sound … Booklet includes some contemporary advertisments, couple of lyrics and pictures..
Vláïa 5

Dims Rebellion
Nueva Estocolmo CD 38:55
Kjell Hell Records 2004
Date of adding the review: 7.5.2009


So at first I want to say that Dims Rebellion are one of my favourite bands and I bought this CD after knowing some songs from it so I will glorificate them maybe to much. So what is a little bit strange is the fact, that punk rock band has six membres..yes they have singer, two guitarists, bass player, drummer but also a man who is playing saxophone and organ….whic isn´t usual in punk rock musix..but it is the fact why they are so unique. Musicaly it is very pleasant punk rock, neither hard nor heavy, vocal is very clear and understandable(Lorenzo sings in English), sometimes spiced with guitar or saxophone solo with sound of organ in the background. Some songs are very sad and regretable…in music and also in lyrics..reminding me some stuff from Red London or Superyob when melancholy falls on you after the hearing. Lyrics are sometimes the same, loss of girl, boozing, searching for better days, shiftless etc. Imagine your feeling when you are returning drunk to your home and you want to light the cigarette under the lamp and you start to think about something is my opinion about their music. Names of some songs are for example Dear Emptiness, Throw it All Away, Dying Here In Shame, Fade Away, Another Night etc… Booklet is good, single photos of band members with their personal thankslist…great is also the main photo. I recomend this to all who likes something more then beer, sausages and hate and who have sometimes their grace days;-).
Peddy 9

Discipline/Argy Bargy
100% Thug Rock CD 37:12
Captain Oi! Records 2004


Split CD of Dutch streetpunk/hardcore Discipline and British streetrockers Argy Bargy. Discipline incline more from hardcore style, as a matter of fact this album is more and more to the Oi! style and sincerely, on this split are Discipline definitely Oi! from A to the Z and to my surprise, they came short with hit songs(I was surprised). Of course, Discipline are great band, but these songs doesn' t fit me so much. Every band has palce for 6 songs and Discipline songs are „Hell is for heroes", „Red and White Army", „The end of the road" and then covers „ Saturdays Glory" from Argy Bargy and „War on the terraces" from Cockney Rejects or „ "No more Heroes" from The Stranglers. Then came Argy Bargy and the first song is cover „ It' my life" from Agnostic Front and it is has got really balls. Excellent solo guitar, brutal singing and convincing sound. Sounds perhaps better than AF in original. Next songs have titles „What gives you a right?", "We ain't listening", „Hooligans heaven" –clear, song from Discipline supplemented with Oi! Oi! Oi! shouting in refrain, „Dead Man Walking", „One More Drink". If we concern on duel, Argy Bargy surprisingly won!
Vláïa 8

Pociag Forsa + Ryps Wyps CD 62:00
Rabiát Records 2004


I haven\' t heard about this Polish for perhaps 10 years. Last I got their cassette sometimes in the year 93 it dodn' t snatched me so much. At that time thi band was advertised by Igor Wower from Sosnowiec, because we were mates, but he had problems with local police and they confiscate him all his possession – I have lost contact from whole Sosnowiec skinhead scene. A now to my surprise Rabiát Records from Brna released their CD and to mine even bigger surprise play Horrorshow about ten class better third wave Ska than before. Definitely mine style in tradition of English and German bands from the end of 90's. Somewhere between The Riffs, Hotknives, Mothers Pride and Deltones – there stands Horrorshow with album „Pociag Forsa", which includes 6 songs „Alone", „Spirit of 69", „Train", „ Horrorshow", „ Rudi song" and „Na zawsze Zaglebie". Here and there Oi!, but above all ska and combination of Polish and English language. Lyrically frequent topics are local patriotism, football, love, entertainment, gangsters, beer or Clockwork Orange. Out of those 6 new songs is here mega bonus in form of next album „ Ryps Wyps". There you will hear stuff like „Honor Gangstera", „Femme Fatale", „Al Capone", „Violence", „69, „Jestesmy ze Sosnowca", „Oi!Oi! Skinhead" or „ Durango 95". Booklet include lyrics and photos and on CD is more then one hour of music. Nice!
Vláïa 8

S/t CD 41:10
DIM Records 2004
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Four piece vikingrock band from Saxony. Before this album they released EP Geächtet. And song which is named like the EP is also on this album. Including this song it is together 10 songs, 8 in German language, 1 in English(For Sweden) and 1 is instrumental. Album was recorded in Studio Valhall which bellongs to Ultima Thule and on mastering had worked Thomas Krohn. Who loves vikingrock really come into his own, German language fits into this music, some songs sounds like from middle-ages (for example Ein guter Tag zum Sterben), in some of them you can hear metal drums and solos (like in Männer aus dem Norden, Ragnarök or instrumental Kraftheim) and in some you can hear acoustic guitar and moth-organ (Walhalla). Lyrics is really copybook example of vikingrock, names of another songs are for example Der Schlacht, Thor or Wikinger. Booklet is also done in this style, old viking paintings, symbols etc. But no photo of the band. When I compare it to their colleagues Donars Groll, Kraftheim wins at all costs.
Peddy 8

Last Riot
„Bohse Jungs“ CD 39:01
DIM Records 2004


Last Riot is German Oi! skinhead band where asr playing three tattooed skins. They are playing great Oi! with German lyrics about being naughty, patriotism, skinheads, girls and music. Musically it is Oi! with rough vocal in faster rhytm. On CD is also two balads which are really great and they aren´t boring. On CD is 11 songs which got together 40 minutes which is accurately. I have to admire, that when I hear it on first time it was a little bit boring for me but if you listen it again and again, it finds the way to you. Booklet has twelve pages with the lyrics and photos. Great work. You can´t expect something revolutionary from this CD, but I can recomend it to people who love classic Oi!. Well done.
Šáfy 8

Right Rest
„Nezabudneme“ CD 53:47
Waggabond Records 2004


I am not here to judge who plays in this band so directly to the music. Right Rest is a four piece band from Bratislava. On album is 13 songs stylishly very heterogeneous. You can found some baladic songs (Symbol slobody, Stare èasy, Vecny plamen), rocker things (Nezabudneme, Otvorene klamstvo, Integracia), ska (Slepá viera), three chords wonders (Armáda) or football stuff (Belasa hrdost). Musical influences were already described, so to the lyrics. Globaly it is very patriotic, band isn t afraid to say what they think about military, religion, EU, contemporary and ex commies, miscarriages of justice , but also classical songs about friendship or already allude football anthem about SK Slav Bratislava. Booklet is grey, with lyrics (translated also to English) and pictures from occupation in the year of 1968. Can't compare wit anything in our scene, but definitely minimally worth listening.
Peddy 8

Stars and Stripes
„One Man Army“ CD 33:00
I Scream Records 2004


Second release of this US pack from Boston is called One Man Army. It is released on I Scream Records, which is great belgian label, sure for great music. CD has 12 songs of soft Oi! with rough voice of singer which is great combination. All songs are played in middle rhytm, not too fast not too slow, so accurately. The strongest and the biggest hit is song Hang On(To Your Dreams)., but other songs are also strong and great, on CD is none bad song. I like Stars and Stripes a lot, either they first one Shaved for a Battle or this new one One Man Army. I really adviced it to you.
Šafy 10

„Za svìtlem“ CD 17:43
Buzmen/Rabiát Records 2004


Sideway project of Milosek, drummer from Operace Artaban. On CD you can find only 4 songs, but you will remember all of them after first hearing and you want to hear them again and again. Lyrics are very patrioticaly oriented, they are about truth, friendship, glory, thinking etc. Really well done. Musically I don´t know to compare with, you can hear woman vocal, lot of keybords, someone may find this too soft, but in combination with great lyrics it fits great. Booklet is two pages with lyrics, which are also translated into english. But it is only studio project. I hope that Miloš will do some other songs with Svornost because this album is really good. You can order it across

Peddy 9

Ultima Thule
Lokes Träta EP
DIM Records 2004
Added: 19.02.2009


Two songs single really don´t know how many from the whole carrier of Ultima Thule which is pressed in „factory“ on vinyls on DIM records. EP is called Lokes Träta, which can be translated like Lokes brawl and it is made on yellow vinyl. It is also the name of song on A side, which is released one year later on regular album Yggdrasil. On B side is song Valkyrjor visar vägen which is Valkyre Shows the Way and you can find this one also on Rötter album. Every song is long enoug(4-5 minutes). For someone is Ultima Thule boring band, not for me..I even understand a shit from lyrics but the music is really great. Bot songs are in middle rhytm and both are really well done. Only one minu is absence of any „paper“ with lyrics to the vinyl.
Peddy 8

„Mi Vida Loca“ CD 24:39
Brutus Records 2004


Italian hardcore band from Torino. On that cd band is drawing from good old american stuff, which is often used nowadays by many hardcore bands. Music is similar to present bands like Terror or Icepick or past bands like Youth of Today or Sheer Terror. On CD you can find also non-hardcore tirades, for example song Anthem, when you can hear piano, which fits great to this song. Intresting thing in to collection for lovers of bands which playes NYHC. Booklet is quite well done, photos, lyrics in italian and in english which is great idea becasue i don´t know a fuck in italian. Only one minus is the length of CD.
Bóža 8