After the Fire
Aggression EP
Nordisc Records 2005


Three song EP, which was recorded by Dutch band which was born from the ruins of broke up Offside. In ATF play the same singer, bass player and guitarist. Except of this EP has the band one song on Oi! Made in Holland compilation called Fuck´em Up. Musically it is so similar to Offside music, but it is played more technical and it sounds better I think. For those who don´t know Offside music, it is rough Oi! with no compromises. Song Aggression is quite hard piece, 90 Feet is more melodical but I like more the third one Traditional Ways, which is from band Best Wishes. In EP cover is only vinyl, no lyrics and thankslist, but it doesn´t mind, good piece to my collection. Recomended to those who like rougher music and who have gramophone at home.
Peddy 8

Bakers Dozen
„Storm of Discontent“ CD 55:30
Blind Beggar/Pure Impact Records 2005


Second album from scottish skins came to my hands as far as now. Sound of the album is much similar as previous Divided from the Masses. What's likable is also length, 55 minutes is quite good piece of music. On album is 13 songs. As a matter of fact 14, who will wait discovers hidden song that the belong 13th track and that is Beat the hippy from The Obsessed. On album isn't perhaps no weak songs and I like this album from Dozen most. First song Backstreet justice is great and the next songs goes in thje same line. Biggest hit is 4th one British Oi! is Fighting Back with gallant singalong refrain. Lyrics are about working class, fools in parliament, loyalty, vengeance etc. Booklet is fine, everything what has have has, it means photos, lyrics and thankslist. Ripping album.

Peddy 9

„Bitchslaps!!“ CD 39:18
Punk Shit Records 2005


Streetpunk band with two skins, one punk and one punk girl from Norway. On CD is 10 songs which are 2 in norwegian and the rest in english. Lyrics are O.K., against peadophiles, politicians, about life on the street..etc. However in booklet are only four of them which is not so good and globally the whole booklet is weak. One photo and thankslist. In it is some bands from Norway and Sweden for example Whalers, Case of Pride or The Jinx. Musically it is rather punk thing, in some songs it sounds like Braindance. It is a little above-average. You are listening and listening and you can´t remember any song. Except On our File and Enemies which are hits.
Peddy 6

„Wenn es dunkel wird…“ CD 70:51
Psycho Records 2005


Three members band from Germany in which you can find two skins and one pschobilly guy. This consistence is of course written in music which band plays. On CD is 20 songs(7 from them are from demo of the band) so CD is almost full. It is really great mix of streetpunk songs „ Deutschlands Strassen“, ska songs like „Der suh von Susi Q.“ and of course a peace of rock´n ´roll and psycho „Herr der Nacht“ or „Elvis P. von Bodensee“. Maybe more songs are into rock´n ´roll. Booklet is standard, lyrics, photos, thankslist.

Peddy 7

„ Bordeaux 83“ CD 23:37
Bomber Crew Records 2005


This band comes from french city Bordeaux and the fact that they are french is clear from the first song on CD because it is pleasant mix of punk and Oi!, same style which played bands like Camera Silens, Wunderbach, Lanterne Rouge etc. On CD is 7 great songs with names like "Les kids" or "Punks et skins" so it is clear for whome the band plays for. Cover is weaker, only two pages of piece of paper with lyrics, thankslist, contact on the band and few photos. But cover isn´t relevant, relevant is music and it is 9 for me, when I subtract one point for cover.
Meloun 9

Crucial Change
„American Made“ CD 24:58
Nuke and Pave Records 2005


So this CD was released in 2005 on label which is owned by guitaris and singer of the band Tyler. Now it is released as a LP on DIM Records. They come from Seattle, and this 3 pieces band plays typical american brickwall Oi! like Stormwatch, Combat Ready or Forced Reality, but you can feel some hardcore touch there. This CD was recorded with nice girl on bass, but she isn´t in lineup anymore. On CD is 9 songs, which includes cover from Stars and Stripes „Proud Strong and Free“ and Combat 84 „Trouble“. Booklet is only one page, which is minus, but I think that on LP from DIM will be more. They probably have an europian tour next year, so I hope that they will not forget our country. Fine album.
Peddy 7

„Downfall of a Working Man“ CD 46:25
I Scream Records 2005


The Dutch band Discipline doesn‘t need long introducing. By my opinion, it‘s one of the legends, which are growing up during the time and which can still offer something to us. Album Downfall of a Working man is released on I Scream Records label. I have to admit, that I like this CD very much…but the best thing on it are the lyrics, so who likes lyrics I can really advise it to him… So this album contains 11 original songs and one cover ‘‘When I’m Dancin’ I ain’t Fightin” which is originally from Slade. And now I would like to name some songs that really got me. Surely it‘s the first song Belief- which is a thank to friends and people who were always on their side. Another great song for me is Strenght to Live – a beautiful, killer lovesong that doesn‘t sound uneasy. And then Boys will be Boys – for me it‘s one of the catchiest‘s about life- people get old,they have different problems,but it doesn‘t necessarily mean that they should change. In this album we can find also a wellknown song Red & White Army, which was a football anthem of a year… It‘s true that during the first listening I didn‘t like the CD like today. I think that everyone should listen it a few times and he‘ll just love it.
9.5/10 Adél

Violence CD
Bords de Seine Records 2005


This is third album of this Paris skinhead band. (3 skins and 1 renee). Album contains 10 songs including two cover versions Berlin from Tolbiac Toads and Zombie from French Oi!/RAC legend Brutal Combat. Haircut play typice French rough Oi! in slower rhytm. Booklet is simple, lyrics are only in thein mother tongue, so if you can´t speak French you have bad luck. In second song they sing about Paris club PSG. Last two songs are in English – Who is the coward? and Smast the scum. For met his is the weekest album from them but who loves classic French Oi! will not be dissapointed.
Okoun 6-7

"Expulsados del Olimpo" CD 28:52
True Force Records 2005


Oi! band from Madrid. I didn´t know them so I was looking forward to hear them. At first I thought that Hetairoi are from Greece, because name of the band, album and songs are written in greek alphabet. They are some photos of the band and they playing gigs in old greek armour. Songs are in spanish, but lyrics in booklet are translated to english. They are full of greek history, battles, soldiers, they are also very dark, full of blood, dying etc. Songs on that album are: No Mercy, Spartan Chrest, 130 Blood Thirst, Ancient Soldiers, Empire of Chaos, Lady Skull, Black Ships and Indestructibles. Musically is sound like Ultimo Asalto or Non Servium, simply Oi! as fuck. Minus is booklet(only 2 pages with lyrics) and lenght of cd. O.K.
Peddy 7

Paris Violence
„Ni Fleurs Ni Couronnes“ CD 47:30
True Force Records 2005


Musical material of french band from 1999-2001 rereleased on True Force Records. Paris Violence is only studio band. Music is made by two people, Flav and Spirou,. They recorded guitar, bass, vocals and keybords. Drummer is automatic. Yes keybords, I don´t like too much this musical instrument but it fits great to Paris Violence creation analagous to for example Dims Rebellion. Back to music, sound is very original and great, keybords really made it different, guitar is making a lot of solos which I like also. Music is very melancholic, sad a little bit, similar to Red London if you know what I mean. Lyrics also top class, no cliches, Flav really loves history so you can found lyrics about french knights (Unberg Stenberg) or about occupation of Hungary (Retour a Budapest) etc. Booklet is ok, lyrics + photos. Really worth hearing, and I am looking forward to hear another rereleased material of this band.
Peddy 8

Confront CD
Bandworm Records 2005


Confront is already fifth album of this well known trio from Göteborg. It was released in 2005 on Bandworm Records and it contains 10 songs. Perkele are no greenhorns on the stage and their music is very characteristic, similar to The Templars from New York. Slower rhytm, Ron´s voice and singalong refrains – nothing new but well done. Lyrics are about personal life, patriotism but also about posers in scene and things like that. On recording Perekele invited their mates from Swedish streetpunk bands (Underdogs, Radio 69, Haldback, Fistful) and keybord player who made their music more smarter. All songs on the CD are in English. Greatests hits are for me "The Way I Know", "Heroes of Today" and "I Hate the World". Different from others is sentimental ballad "Moments". Cover is made in white/grey colours and it looks like scene from Clockwork Orange. Inside the booklet are all lyrics, some band photos and short thankslist. In my oppinion I like more Perkele in age of "Stories From the Past" CD. Confront is surely good album, but I personally like older stuff.
Misantroop 9

„When Duty Calls“ CD 52:59
Pure Impact Records 2005


Third long playing cd from one of the best Oi! bands of present time. After Against the Grain and Order of Chaos comes the album When Duty Calls. On it you can find 12 hits in Retaliator style. Sharp guitars with little metal touch, many bass solos and a little bit screaming voice of singer. Album starts with song Skinhead Rock, for me the best song of this release, and the other hits are Hunting Chris Ryan or Bloodshed and Conquest. You can find a Madness cover there Bed and Brekfast Man. Booklet is well done as usual on Pure Impact, it contains lyrics and photos. This album is a must for a every skinhead, perfect, agressive, without political bullshit, simply oi as fuck. I really want to see them on a gig.
Peddy 10

Tattooed Motherfuckers
„It´s A Thugs Life“ CD 33:53
Mother Fucking Sounds 2005


After the EP Hate Edge we have there a long playing album of theese Tattooed Motherfuckers. This is really great thing, agrressive oi!/punk with edgy guitars and with voice which hits you from above and bellow, that you can´t breathe. After listenig for first time you will stand with opened mouth, because this is pure hate pressed on CD. Lyrics about fights, booze, tattooes, society, work.. etc. All 15 songs are really brilliant. CD contains first 7´´ Hate Edge and you can find also Discharge cover Ain´t No Feeble Bastard there. Booklet is also great – lyrics, photos of nice tattooes, in thankslist all present british bands like Retaliator, Condemned 84 or On File. This a music of the street dedicated to all hooligans, skins, drunkyards, lunatics, anti socials and creatures like that. Cult.
Peddy 10+

The Casuals
Nothing but the Casuals LP
Skins on Attack Records 2005
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Band from Italian city Padova which was found on the ashes of Calcio D´Inizio where played drums present singer Zap. Except this LP has band also EP We Are The Casuals and from this 7´´ are there two songs (Skin@net and We Are The Casuals). On green vinyl (there were 100 red, 100 white, 100 yellow, 100 green and 106 blue) are together 10 songs in English which is the main difference between The Casuals and Calcio D´Inizio. LP was recorded in 4 piece line up but band usualy plays gigs in 3 piece and Zap is playing drums and sings together. I can´t describe the music because I really don´t know with which band(especiall Italian band) I will compare. I think that song Street Rock´n´Roll speaks for everything and they sing in it that street rock´n´roll isn´t not fast nor slow but rough and loud. And this is desbing the music of Casuals. Somethnig between, guitar is playful, lots of solos, faster drums, but depends on song. For example the song Sick World starts with acoustic guitar and come into slower and strong piece. Lyrics are about skins life and everything which belong to it. You should have the right mood to play The Casuals in your player.
Peddy 6/7

The Vendetta
„Terror Nation“ CD 18:19
Brutus Records 2005


Here we have got lads from Bloodline and Billy Boy e la Sua Banda. Because I love Bloodline, I am looking forward to hear what Vendetta recorded. On cd is eight songs, but not dark, depressive music like Bloodline. Music is more faster, more technical than Bloodline stuff. Lyrics stay the same, depressive, full of fighting, killing, dying and hate. Some songs are hits of course for example refrain from song Brutalizer:“Killing for a Living“ is playing in my head for a long time. Really dignified successor of Bloodline, but I still like Bloodline more. Booklet is only 2 pages of lyrics , but this is mini cd so it doesn´t matter. Good.
Peddy 7

Tir Groupe
„Assaut final“ CD 30:54
Bords de Seine 2005


French group with members from bands like Urban Crew, Haircut, Traquenard or Oeil pour Oeil. I really don´t know if it is band, because except guitarist no one from other 8 musicians played all songs. Music is Oi! in middle rhytm, spiced by guitar and great vocal. When I heard CD for first time, I admit that I didn´t like it too much, but with every other listening it went better. I really recommend it to all, who loves hard, melodic Oi! like Condemned 84 or newer one Business stuff. On CD is 10 songs, for me the best one is „Sarkoland“(about whom it is? This guy is really popular :-) ) and the last song is cover from Stars and Stripes „Skinheads on the Rampage“ but in french. Graphic is nice, booklet has 8 pages with all lyrics and thankslist and photo of every band member. So I rate it on 9.
Meloun 9

Ultima Thule
Skaldemjöde EP
DIM Records 2005
Added: 19.02.2009


7´´ from neverending line of singles out on DIM Records. Song on A side is called Skaljemöde and I really didn´t know what does this name means and you can hear it also on album Yggdrasil. On this album is also lyrics to this song but as I said before I am not clever from it. Song began with spoken word into slower music but after a while it went to faster rhytm with normal melody. On B side is song Midgard, so I can guess what it is about. It begins with really interesting played drums. To EP is again no paper and lyrics, but on the back side of cover you have olde photo on which you can see how Ultima Thule looked like before some years. The mark will be same as in review of Lokes Träta.
Peddy 8

Ultima Thule
Yggdrasil CD 56:58
Ultima Thule Records 2005


Next album from those kings of Viking Rock. Already title of the album Yggdrasil(Tree of Life) anticipates what about goes on. On album is 14 songs in Swedish, everything in classical spirit of Ultima Thule. Melodious music, interesting guitar solos, lyrics inspirated by viking mythology full of giants, vikings, ravens and other creatures from those times. Already intro is a part of old Norse poem Edda. Booklet is done top - echelon, includes all lyrics(only Swedish, without explanatory note, which is not good, even mythology experts can realise what is all about) and pictures of bandmembers. For lovers of this genre, is this duty to the collection. Greatest hits are surely Barsarka Gille, Ginnungagap and Bifrost Bro.
Peddy 9