Bakers Dozen
„Send Down“ CD 40:43
Rebellion Records 2006


Third album of this scotish almost legendary Oi! band released on dutch almost legendary label Rebellion (because everything what Wouter released was excellent). It is a must for people who likes their albums like Storm of Discontent or Divided from the Masses. Who loves old cllasics like Condemned 84 or Guttersnipe Army won´t make a mistake if he buy this CD. By the way on album is a cover The Unstoppable Force from Condemned 84 and also their debut EP Ripe for Violence, which is quite good for people who doesn´t have a gramophone. Booklet is black and white, a few photos, but it fits with the title of the album, because it is full of barbed wires, ralls etc. For me perfect.
Peddy 10

Battle Scarred
„Oi!Oi! Music, Football and Beer“ CD 34:51
Pure Impact Records 2006


Second long album from one of the best playing bands from Sweden. On CD is 14 songs and they are really well done. It starts with intro from Clockwork Orange, but with changed names according to Battle Scarred. Music has drive, it is in faster rhytm, but melodic as fuck underlined by Puncc´s great rude vocal. On CD is none bad song, everything fits great. The greatest hit is Street Justice I think. You can find here also cover from The Queers Stupid Fucing Vegan. Booklet is tuned in to football spirit, so you can find a lot of pictures with skins hurting some football players and on the back of CD is great photo of the band with busty referee. It is done as well as any other Pure Impact booklets. Good job.
Peddy 8

„Give´em the Bootstroke“ CD 39:30
DIY 2006


I know about this band for long time, but I get their CD very late. The band is bunch of fans or hools of Greek AEK Athens. CD is done in football spirit, which I like very much and for example last song is well done singalong, which remind you atmosphere on stadium. Music is great streetpunk, catchy melodies, I don´t know band to compare it with maybe it is as melodic as polish bands. Simply original sound, just hear it and you see. CD is DIY, but it looks very profesional, booklet contains lyrics and photos, on which you can see, tahat the band i stronger for unity. Unfortunately most of the lyrics are written in greek alphabet, so I can´t read it. But this can´t change the fact, that the music is great. One of the bands which I want to see live.
Peddy 8

„Souviens-toi...“ CD 59:09
Bomber Crew Records 2006


In this case this is 16 track CD, from which 11 are regular songs and 5 are live songs from gig in Nancy. Three of them are covers from Komintern Sect, Trotskids and Camera Silens, so here you can see which bands influence them. Music is same as I wrote in previous review, melodical Oi!/Punk. I really like them, because this is what I like on french bands. There´s no weak song and the best one is surely "Derriere les murs" which is anthem on first listening. All is packed in beautiful digipack which includes poster with photos of band members and on the other side it has all lyrics. Really nice thing, I can rate it only with 10.
Meloun 10

„Joe Hawkins“ CD 34:16
Skins Rule Records 2006


Five pieces band from Germany and their first long playing album is out. Musically it is faster Oi!Punk, all lyrics in German language, sometimes guitar with no booster, like in old times. Band is singing about cllasical themes like booze, fun, violence, rejection of politics etc. On CD you can find also cover from Tetra Vinyl – Partyfuck. Well done songs are surely Joe Hawkins or Dummschwätzer. What is also great is booklet, which is black and white, but it contains lack of photos and posters plus all lyrics. It really looks nice. At the end are posters so you can see which bands play Brachial with. For example Roials, Riot Company, Backstreet Firm, Bombecks, Spy Kids, Discharger, Casuals etc.
Peddy 7

Close Combat
Guest of the State CD 57:03
Bandworm Records 2006
Added: 19.02.2009:


Close Combat is Dutch band and they come from Maastrichtu. My first contact with´em was during the listening of their mini CD on which were 5 songs. Two of them shouted Pieke and Iron City Patriots stayed in my head. This 5 songs are added on this CD as a bonus. Band stays in their style on their second CD but they change Maastrichts´s dialect to English. Close Combat plays in middle rhytm, sometimes singalong, for me similar to old Argy Bargy or Hardsell. Lyrics are about skinhead way of life, their city and football(for example about their way to see thweir team playing in Porto). Greatest songs for me are One Goal, When We Were Young and I Just Wanna Get Drunk. CD is sold in digipack with great black and white cover. Inside are all lyrics except songs which feautured on first CD. Design of album contains some photos from Maastricht but no info about the band. But summary = Great album. I hope that Close Combat will record something more…by the way in Maastricht is another great skinhead band – Young Ones.
Misantroop 9

„The Anger Inside“ CD 46:32
Randale Records 2006


After albums In Search of Holy Grail and Crusade to Nowhere is here third one from this pack from Dresden. On CD is 15 songs, all in english, which is well and you can perfectly understand Thorsten´s voice. Musicaly it sounds as well as two other albums. I really don´t know which bands I compare them with, because their music is very characterful. Two members of Crusaders are playing also in HC band Roughnecks 44, so you can hear some HC influences in some songs (for example in „ Last Orders Please“) but the band also knows how to play singalong songs („Gonna Také the World“). Lyrics are classical:way of life, violence, rumours, beer, political corectness, politicians, football. The greatest song is for me „Bohemian Nights“, lyric is about first gig of Crusaders here in Czech Republic, and in it is, that band really likes it here :-) ) Booklet is O.K., lyrics and photos. Good album of good band.
Peddy 8

"Our Hate is Justified" CD 35:54
Rebellion Records 2006


Second release of this new Dutch pack. After their debut Born Immortal we have this cd released on one of the best labels nowadays on Rebellion. On cd is 11 songs and all are really good. Discharger plays only in three, but the sound is great(the 2nd guitarist is about to join the band as they wrote in booklet) Band really nows how to play nice streetrock songs like The Voice of a New Generation, harder oi/punk songs like The Fuck You Bling Bling Song or Streetfight, but also nice ballads like Stuck in the Past or The Rebellion has begun. Booklet is average, I want to see more photos of the band and here is „ only“ lyrics and photos of soldiers from 2nd world war. Thanklist is full of street bands from Holland. Dicharger are one of the most talented bands nowadays for me. Perfect.
Peddy 10

„Eldgrim“ CD 37:37
Odin Productions 2006


Debut album of this new viking rock band. It is released on also young record label, Odin Productions, which made this as they second release. On cd you can find 10 songs + 1 bonus (2 Ultima Thule covers Frihetssang and The Old One Knows and 1 Nidhöggs Vrede cover - Bifrost Brister, which is one man project). Sound is on good level, booklet is well done, it contains all lyrics. Only thing which I missed was band photos. Musically sounds Eldgrim like other viking rock bands, but surely they have their own style. They are showing how to combine melodic music with voice that changes gruff pasages and melodic chorals. Globaly their music is in slower rhytm, but you won´t feel bored, belive me. It is not streotypical and every song worth hearing. My most favourite songs are Svensk, Den Sista Karolinen or Ragnarök. CD time is average, but some more minutes will be of course better.
Kish 9+

The Impeccable Glory of Eternal War CD 33:15
United Kids Records 2006


Next album from this norwegian freaks. I think that the album is better than Stormtroopers of Hate which I didn´t like too much. Band can play melodic stuff like „The Vikings are Cumming..Again“ or „You´re a Cop“ and also HC/metal songs like „Teeth Grinding“ or „Send the Poor to War.“ Lyrics, sooo funny, just read an interview with them on our pages. Nothing is holy for them, so they are swearing on everything and on everybody, no fuckin´ political correctness. Booklet, great, all lyrics with thematic picture, you really start laughing when you see it. On CD is also Skrewdriver cover „I don´t like you“, which is played with great energy and verve, that you will be suprised. Super.

Peddy 10

Iron Fist
„Wir spielen für euch“ CD 48:32
Skins on Attack Records 2006


So about this band I know only that exists. Luckily the CD of them found a way to me. So it is called Wir spielen für euch (We are playing for you). So at first booklet. In one word .. beautiful. It has got 10 pages with lyrics, and to every lyrics you can find there a special thematic picture. In thankslist is written that the graphic was made by Flav from Paris Violence. Now the band, they play in four, but they have two guitars which is great. On CD is 11 songs, one in english and one cover from hoolies band Emscherkurve 77 – Wunderbare Jahre(Wonderful Years). Music is oi/punk in middle rhytm, full of guitar solos, vocal is not rough, rather melodic. Lyrics are also OK, friendship, justice, booze, love, skins etc. Band is from Saxony or Thuringen so it is near the borders so I am really looking forward to hear them alive.
Peddy 8

„Bastarde“ CD 33:24
Nordisc Records 2006


Next release of this German oi band. I like them a lot because they play what they want. Agressive sound of guitar, bass and drums and more agressive voice of Danny, who sings in his native language. Lyrics are classics: violence, alcohol, skins, police, riots etc. Band has realy nice sound, everything is clear and when not, in booklet you can find lyrics. By the way the booklet is well done, as usual on Nordisc Records. Who likes their other albums like Kurtze Haare, Scwartze Boots or Aussenseiter will be satisfied. The best songs are Vollkontak, Schlachtruf, Bastarde or Alte Weg Alte Freunde for sure. Only minus is maybe that the album is a bit short. But at least perfect.
Peddy 8+

KC die Band
„Ohne Viele Worte“ CD 56:20
vollKontaCt Records 2006


Super band with different name. This is the lads from Bremen from Kategorie C but with different name. I always love this band as same as football. Album is like the other releases and that means oi/streetpunk with hard core influences. Lyrics about friendship, loyalty, football, violence, etc. Simply music for all skins and hools. On the album is 14 hits, which catch you.Already the very first song is hit as fuck and its refrain, will be in your head for fuckin´ long time. The other hits are coming, my favourites are Ohne viele Worter, Lucky Punch , Komm und Fang mich and the last one Es geht wieder los..This all is packed in digipack with lyrics and photos. For me perfect album.
Peddy 9+

Krawall Brüder
In Dubio Pro Reo LP
Bandworm/KB Records 2006


Eight songs picture disc of band, which played so often here in Czech. It is limited to 500 copies. Who doesn´t know, it is typical German band, which has hard guitar and voice, metal solos and riffs and melody. LP is opened by band anthem with name Krawall Brüder, followed by song Halbstark, where is almost the same tirade as in song Terror Hooligan from Ultimo Asalto, then Für ein Freund, which is for ex-guitarist of the band who died in 2002 and the first side ends with song Für uns zu spät, which is really the best song on this album in style of Kategorie C songs (slower beginning and then crossing to hard rhytm). Side B is opened by Blut für Blut, which is about that everyone gets what is coming to him, followed by Zweite Heimat, which is anthem about East Germany, home of the band, then come In dubio pro reo and the last Auf uns…, is about drinking wit the band by one table and it is really singalong song. Together great Lp on nice picture disc.
Peddy 7-8

„Také No Prisoners“ CD 18:36
Loyal Records 2006


One of the England finests packs of today Loyalty are back with the bang after three years. After two singles England Expects and No Shame Just Pride they made a brand new cd. Musically is an oi! in middle rhytm. On cd is 6 songs, which is not so many, but every song is great. First one Take no Prisoners is about oi gigs and entertainment, second For Valour is about british soldiers who are fighting abroad, third one Fight to Survive is about sensless violence, fourth The Fifty Two is about bomb attacks in London, fifth Got No Pride is about disco kids, and sixth one is the bigest hit of this release, song called Treading the Path is about the way of english football team on World Championship in Germany. This song you can hear on band´s web page Booklet is good, contains photos and lyrics. On some songs you can here Retaliator singer, who cooperates with Loyalty on this album. Nice work, worth to hear it. Only minus is a lenght of the album.
Peddy 8++

Iron Clad/Lions Pride
„For Folk and Land/Fortress Europe“ CD
Nepherex Records 2006


Split of two belgian bands in which sings Gunter are out. On cd are 8 songs from Iron Clad and 5 from Lions Pride. On webpage is written that Iron Clad is a medieval oriented metal, so I put it with despect to my cd player because metal isn´t my cup of tea. But they suprised me at all, this is really good music, first song The Templars Call is great and the rest of it also. I really look forward to Lions Pride because I like their album Stand and Defend but I was a little bit disappointed with them. From five songs are three of them on first album, one is Motorhead cover and only one new When Eagle Dares(on cd is also vido of this song). Booklet is great , twelve pages with photos and lyrics. For Iron Clad 7 points and for Lions Pride is average 5.
Peddy 6

P. Paul Fenech
„The „F“ Word“ CD 43:05
People Like You Records 2006


Solo project of singer and guitarist of legendary psychobilly band The Meteors coming out on German label People Like You Records. Personally I am not listening to this kind of music, so I was quite curious, what will creep out from this CD and I have to tell, that I was very surprised. Musicaly it is a mixture of psychobilly/rockabilly and country. For example song The Hangmans Daughter is classical country and song Agarrando la Guitarra del el Diablo sounds like soundtrack from Desperado, really diabolic guitar and sound much analogous to song Pistolero from next Fenech's project called Southern Boys. Who likes this project,will also like this CD, it sounds more rocker and in some compositions you can here nice female vocal. As I said before, I don' t listen this styler, but as a relaxation definitely it is not bad thing.
Peddy 7+

Paris Violence
En attendant l'apocalypse CD
Trooper Records 2006


Translation of the title is „Awaiting the Apocalypse“ which says many about the kontent of the CD. Paris Violence is something special. Industrial metalic Oi! done with automatic drummer and two band members who are using music instruments and computer. I am telling you that making such a good understanding music with specific sound is very difficult and Theky have to be good musical at all. Vocals are in French and sound and lyrics are very ocult and mysterious like from some horror movie. Booklet is colour with drawings of some ghosts, deaths, band photos and reproductions of Alfons Mucha´s pictures. Some songs are really scarring and you shouldn´t even understand the lyrics…Theese guys must drink absinth and then in delirium depression making music and lyrics.. Interesting dark music…not recomended to listen it efore sleeping :-). It has idea, and it Word to it so grab it before basilisk bites you.

10th Anniversary EP
Camden Town/Bords de SeineRecords 2006


EP which is made in cooperation between Spanish Camden Town and French Bords de Seine in opportunity of 10th anniversary of the band. On EP is 6 things, 3 on each side. We can find here new versions of old good known songs like Retaliator and Armed ? Ready, then two songs from their demo from 2006 - Crusade and previously unreleased Shoot to Kill and two last songs are covers but played with hardness of Retaliator. It is The Green Green Grass of Home from Tom Jonese(!!!), which is really well done song with great mellody and the second is Bomb in Wardour Street from The Jam. Vinyl is amde in two colours, 100 pieces in blue version and 400 in black. Inside is paper, when you can find lyrics and photos. Great thing, which in 6 songs trully describes the band production in 10 years.
Peddy 10

Ritam Nereda
IX CD 39:56
One Records 2006


Pioneers of Serbian Oi! music with destiny similar to German Böhse Onkelz but history is history and you can read about it in band stories section. And also like Onkelz(one song is dedicated to them) they went from Oi! music more to melodic rocku/hard rock sometimes with touch of HC mainly in citar sound, which is very consistent. On album IX you can find 12 ( XII in Roman :)) songs, all in Serbian language. I like the sound of whole album which is great and clear and you hear all instruments very clearly. Booklet is done like èást in stone also the portraits of band members is done like that and it contains all lyrics. Biggest hit is thein song Hiljade which you may know from videoklip. Great music and great band which is only for those who really likes music. Hope that this album is not thein last.
Peddy 8

Section 5
„We Stand Alone“ CD 56:53
Thunk Records 2006


So band band from Stoke City is back. Frontman Tosh made a new line up and they have released this album. Musicaly it is like album Rejected, surely less harder then their last Hard Life. On cd is 16 songs. Themes are the same as any other older Section 5 songs, it means no politics, rejection of drugs, rich people, mainstream music etc, but the songs aren´t boring. Label made quite good booklet with lyrics and picture to every lyric.J Some songs from the album are: Binge Drinking, Fuck Your Politics, Don´t Wanna Be Like You, Sex Beer and Sausage Rolls or We Shall Rise Again. You can love Section 5 or you can hate them, but the band is back and this album is the prove.
Peddy 9

The Bones
„Partners in Crime vol. 1“ CD 18:14
People Like You Records 2006


Oh. The Bones is a band which I like the best. Band from swedish Karlskrona plays great punk rock´n´roll. After albums Straight Flush Ghetto, Bigger than Jesus and Screwed Blued and Tattoed they released this mini album. You can find 6 songs on it and every song is different cover from different legend. I Wanna be Sedated (The Ramones), Yesterday Hero (Harry Vanda/George Young ), Its My Life ( Gene Simmons/ Paul Stanley ), Home Swing Hell (this is swing cover from The Bones, in original called Home Sweet Hell), Psycho Dad ( tradicional ), King of Fools ( Mike Ness ),first three songs are in Bones style, rock and roll as fuck and another three? The swing one like from grandfather age and two others are country style. This CD is really entertaining at all. On CD you can also found a DVD trailer. Great
Šafy 10

Shut Down the System LP
Streetfight Records 2006
Date of adding the review: 7.5.2009


Austria critics of systems and governments assumed me in past, for example they split CD with TMF which I really like. Tollshock is a bunch of non PC and in every situation critical skins which played more difficult music. Something between punk rock, Oi!, rock´n´roll etc. Rhytm is changing from slower to faster, and sometimes it didn´t fits to me so much. Definitely this isn´t the type of band which you will like after the first hearing. I really have to break in to this LP but I like it much more then after the first hearing. On Lp is 13 songs, half in English, half in German. Lyrics are about critique of system, political corectness and incorectness etc. On LP you can also found cover from legendary Criminall Class - Fighting the System. Black vinyl, booklet with complete lyrics, thankslist, but no photos, just some fuzzy ones. Recomended…
Šafy 7

The Veros
Just Do it with Style LP
Guilty/Randalle Records 2006
Added: 19.02.2009


LP of French band where played founding member of legendary Snix Boni and his wife Vero. This album is made by theese two people, Boni on vocals, guitar and drums and Vero on bass and voice. Design of the LP is absolutely great. You can open the cover and inside it is thematical picture to every song and big photo of band members. On LP is 14 songs including Backstreet Kids from first Skrewdriver album and one instrumental song. See you Later. Other I will compare to All Skrewed Up record, guitar without booseter, no difficult compositions, straight but melodic and uncompromising rock´n´roll songs where the members are changing in singing or they sing together. Lyrics is classical, bootboys, bad reputatuin, blaclisting but aslo personal feelings like love, doubts etc. Most of all I like songs Bad Reputation, Bootboy Train, We are the Boys and You are the One. Must have album for lovers of old sound.
Peddy 9

Ultimo Asalto
„Solos Contra Todos“ CD
Rebellion Records 2006


Second long playing album of one of the best spanish bands at the moment. At first it was released on Bords de Seine and now it is out on Rebellion. On cd you can find also bonus songs from their EP En pie de Guerra. Musically is surely better then their debut Nuestro Orgullo Pasado. Music is hard, agressive oi!, but almost all songs are in spanish so I can´t understand a word, but the songs are really well done. When I heard the first song Solos Contra Todos(Alone against All) I almost fall from chair, and all songs are in this style, belive me. There´s no bad song on the album. Well done.
Peddy 9

Unit Lost
Killing the Scene CD 35:31
Pure Impact Records 2006


After ten years of band history is time to make some best off album and that time come to Unit Lost. Band was very bearing(4 full lenght albums, some split CD´s and songs on compilations), so a lot of songs to choose from. On CD is 12 songs and all are well known hits. CD is great for someone who knows a fuck about Unit Lost, booklet is with lyrics with addition what is lyric about and on what album it is etc. In booklet is also photos of all arrangements of the band. Here I name some songs which are on CD it is for example: Justice for Dogs, Primitive Pride, Here I Go, Headlines of Work, Evil Doll etc. Really worth to buy it, but I leave it without classification, because it is best of.

„We are the Problem“ CD 38:13
People Like You Records 2006


In sequence already 9th album this fixed star of American punk rock scene. At home I have only album War Birth and I didn t listen to it too much. Doesn't go about the music, but everything falls down to grey and absence of hit is concrete. There is also no evolutionary shift. The same also on this album. Songs are musically well done, but only minimum of them protrudes. Musically it is the same again and again like on albums before. Characteristic Peters's vocal and sometimes some guitar solo or singalong. Two songs which I like most from that album are Heartbreak Motel, which is classical rock'n'roll, where you can hear piano and then last but one heartbreaker/lullaby Tonight. Otherwise is everything much similar. To fans of US Bombs and Duane Peters is compulsary to have this at home. For me is it only average thing.
Peddy 5