Bakers Dozen
„British Oi! Is Fighting back The first ten years“ CD 48:25
Oi!-DKP2001 Records 2007


Bakers Dozen needn´t any introduction, I thing they become legendary. This CD is best of, so nothing new. Who has their older CD´s at home, can easily realise the songs on this album. Only one song I can´t find is first one„Ripe for Violence.“ At the end of CD is placed two live songs „Rise the Belgrano“ and „Sick pay.“ CD has 14 tracks, which are the best cut of all their work. Normaly I don´t collect best of´s but this is really well done digi pack with many posters from gigs(including the gig in Czech Republic, which was never done hehe). Who like classical British Oi!, wouldn´t hesitate and try to get it.
Šáfy 8

„Nehmt es oder lasst es!“ CD 35:06
United kids records 2007


I have to admit, that Bombecks were unknown for me since I bought this CD. I was saying to myself that this was be another German band, which sound same as others, but NO. Great streetcore with edgy lyrics, which are almost all in German language. So I know shit what they sing about, but I can guess that it is about fights, skinheads, football etc. One song is about legendary Belgian pub De Kastelein and it is about great atmosphere there. I was there only for a beer not to see the gig and it is really true. Skins for skins. On CD is 11 songs in faster rhytm, 35 minutes is not so long, but it isn´t boring and listening to that CD is really pleasant. Rough voice of the singer underlines it very well. This enterprise in in great digipack(more púoints for it) with nice booklet where you can find all lyrics and photos. For those who doesn´t have it, try to get it as soon as possible.

Šafy 8

„Vanitas“ CD 66:22
People Like You Records 2007


Many people said about Broilers, that they are one of the most inteligent Oi! bands relevant to their lyrics. I like their previous CD´s, even if their style is not Oi! anymore and now I get their latest stuff, CD called Vanitas. On CD is 19 songs, which is big slice of music. I have to say that band is palying more „softer“ now and all the music is a little bit „girly.“, but I have to also say, that the CD is really catchy and great. Intro Vanitas sounds very latin, similiar to some soundtrack from Desperado or stuff like that and the second song, Zurück zum Beton is great hit. CD is well done, great mixture of punk rock, Oi!, ska and rockabilly. It is possible, that band is sticking out from the skins, but this thing can´t change the fact, that they really know how to play the music.
Peddy 9

Ciurma Skins
s/t CD 29:39
Conehead/Shame&Scandal/Hammer of Sardinia Records 2007


Debout album of Sardinian streetpunk band and I have to say, that it is precious enough. Band was founded on ruins of Antiruggine, but members didn't wanted to solve politics in lyrics anymore, so they establish band Ciurma Skins. So on cca thirty minutes album is 10 songs, everything in Italian style, which is typical for bands from this part of world änd for scene from left to right, middle and back again. Catchy melodies, middle and in some pieces faster rhytm, playful guitar, in some songs you will tap your leg and you will want to go and sing with the band. lyrics are about massmedia, working class, cult and style of skinheads, fires on Sardinia, personal feelings, but also booze and fun with fellas. What's great, is that lyrics are translated into English, which I will make compulsory for bands who speak in their mother tongue. Booklet is simply and clearly well done, clear font of lyrics and in the middle couple of photos. Nice layout which is made in old school tattoo style. Greatests sings are for me Bootboy and Brecia la Nostra Terra. You can buy it across Fair thing.
Peddy 7+

Cock Sparrer
Here We Stand CD 45:30
Captain Oi! Records 2007
Date of adding the review: 8.10.2009

cock sparrer.jpg

So what can I write about THE BAND which has played for 35 years and which is inspiration for countless other to start their own band and countless bands play their cover songs. So Cock Sparrer released regular album after 10 years and album Two monkeys. And you will get what you expect…unbelibavle melodic songs with Colina McFaull´s vocal, time to time solo, simple bass solos in background and last but not least the lyrics which told you that the band members aren´t some young bastards who knows everything about the world. They are about life and the fact that things are easier by the beer, treachery, ex-girlfriends which have nice life without you, about dreams which never came true, about 70´s, about wrong things in the world, …etc. In booklet you will find many photos+ lyrics+advertisment on their other CD´s which you can order from Captain Oi!. This is must for everyone!!!
Peddy 10

Contra Boys
Od kolyski až po grob CD 27:44
Olifant records 2007


I am looking forward to hear this CD, because Polish lads Contra Boys plays great hooligan Oi!. Contra Boys is a project of people from Lumpex 75, The Gits and singer from Konkwista. Most of 11 songs turns around football and gloryfies football clubs WKS SLASK WROCLAW, RKS MOTOR LUBLIN, BKS LECHIE GDANSK and WISLA KRAKOW. On album are two gallant covers first from Agnostic Front - Gotta Go, indeed with Polish football lyrics Motor gol. Next cover is from legendary Blondie – Maria, again with Polish lyrics.For me the best songs are certainly Od kolyski az po grob and Bialo- zielono zawsze w Gdansku jest. Whole album is relatively energetic and well recorded, everything is fueled by singalong vocals. After first listening I was so enthusiastic and my enthusiasm don't fall!. Everything is packed in luxury digipack, bellow the CD are club signs and eight paged booklet with lyrics. Recommend to all fans and nonfans, this music finds the way to your head.

Šafy 10

Kaze to Tsuchi CD 20:20
Vital Sign Records 2007


Band from Japan which singer is owner of label Vital Sign Records. So on this mini CD you can find four songs in Japaneese, but CD has got 20 minutes, so it means that songs are long enough. The music…well..very exotic, but it completly catch me even I absolutely don´t know what they singing about. It is in middle rhytm, but with hardrock or metal guitar and riffs. In third song(which is also the best one from this CD) you can hear keybords at the beginning. Good is also changing the vocals in refrains. As I said before, lyrics are in japaneese and in booklet is in English only contact on the band so I am not clever from it. On cover is some stairs and on inlay is some stalks of grass. Together it is good thing and you can feel exotic both from the music and from the graphic design of booklet. For music it is for 10, for booklet the six. You can order it across the 4subculture.
Peddy 8

Evil Conduct
„King of Kings“ CD 45:08
Knock Out Records 2007


Legend from Holland is back with another album. Who likes this band, must have this CD, because it sounds like the older stuff. Catchy melodies, „happy“ bass, and some guitar solos, do you want anything more?This 3 piece band have played for long time, so on album is no bad song, you will tap your feet to the rhytm and you will put the CD again and again to your plyer becasuse it didn´t pall. The greatest hits are for me: „Dying for a Fag“, „King of Kings“, „Remember 81“ or „Time is Running Out“. Booklet is good, lyrics, photos and thanks list. For me one of greatest CD´s of the year 2007.
Peddy 10

Fist of Steel
„Sons of Brazil“ CD 51:43
Odin Productions 2007


Fist of Steel is Brazilian skinhead band, for me personally is this CD first contact with this band. CD is best of from previous albums. CD has 14 songs, which is nice peace of material. From this 14 is one song old traditional Green Fields of France, and two - time cover from Ultima Thule - Ravens(two versions). Fist of Steel are playing brilliant skinhead rock with brutal voice, which sometimes doesn t fit to the music, but I adapt to it after hearing it for more times. On CD are also baladic and also quicker songs. When I tooke it as a whole CD it is very calm and I like it very much. Strongest song is for me maybe Forever Patriot – that's brilliant ballad. Booklet is set to black, with lyrics and one fuzzy photo from some gig, and also thankslist is there. Lyrics are about streetlife, freedom, reds, pride on Brazil and skinheads. I evaluate it very positive and I am glad, that I bought this thing.
Šafy 9

Gdanskie Lwy
Bastion Prawicy CD 34:26
Olifant Records 2007


Four pieces hools/fans project, how already title prompt from Polish Gdansk, nominally straight from Lechia Gdaňsk. On album you can find 10 songs, from four are dig up chorals, one is from Lumpex 75(Danzig), one from DDT (Lechia), three directly from Gdanske Lwy and ine cover from Peter and Test Tube Babies – Banned from the Pubs (Kto najlepiej w pilke gra). Every song begins with some choral from stadium which will evoke atmosphere and then come directly the song. Musically is that a simply polish stuff, so it means melodious music, which we know from of other bands, lyrics are understood for me, really don' t try to find something more then football there. Otherwise booklet is whole green-white, includes lyrics and pictures from stadiums and also cross-section of fans and ultra labels of Lechia Gdaňsk. Who likes football bands like Foienoord will like also this CD, because it is full of NANANANA NANANANA HEJHEJHEJ and other traditional chorals. Otherwise on the back of cover is coloured whole triad or how that polsish fans to unity of some teams, so it means clubs Lechia Gdaňsk, Wisla Krakow and Slask Wroclaw. Good.
Peddy 7

Glory Boys
Glory Nights EP
Dim Records 2007


I have here four song EP of spanish band Glory Boys and I am really glad that I bought gramophone. Great sound of classic Oi! with tough but natural voice. On side A is song Glory Nights, which nicely describes night in Valencia, simple-couple of friends, booze, entertainment, chating girls and fight at the end. Next song is called Payback, which is also well done and it is about fights. On side B is song Memories – I really like this one, muscially great, similar to old English Oi! bands and lyrics about old times, skinheads and punks, Cockney Rejects who found name for this kind of music. What I like most is the part about that Ben Sherman and Doc Martens are looking always great and that the scene must deal with posers and other scum like them. Last song is called Cheated and it is about hate of medias and politicians, which are lying all the time. So, 4 great songs, nice cover with photos, booklet witl lyrics and band photos. Dim Records is guarantee of quality, so strictly recomended.
Šafy 10

Nation of Fools CD 25:26
Beer Fuck Fight Records 2007


Minialbum of theese cattles and creatures from Norway that was released on mexican label Beer Fuck Fight Records. CD includes 6 songs from studo and as a bonus 3 live songs from their tour across USA. Studio songs are in spirit of previous albums, it means, that you will hear melodious songs like „ Nation of Fools" or „ Old Drunk and White", but also fast and hard ones like „ Fascist AFA" or „ Max Hardcore". On album is also well known piece „ Ring of Fire". Quality of live songs are good, except the last song „ The Vikings are Cuming Again", which sounds, how if they had guessingly 4 per miles on vein. Lyrics always same massacre like before,swearing on everyone and everything, comparison that really set you laughing, degradation of women:D and so one.. Booklet includes lyrics, but they are whole written in such strange font of letters, so you will have to solve it for long time. Otherwise OK album.
Peddy 7

Hais & Fiers
"La Rage" CD 31:01
Rac´n´Oi! Productions 2007


Hais & Fiers, French three piece skin band, two lads and one girl who plays the bass. This band leaks to our ears luxury Oi!/R.A.C. music. Indeed simple Oi! with rough vocals, all in French, which means many operations with dictionary for me. CD has 11 songs which are about skinhead life, streets, history, little bit of politics, of course with booze and love to hippies and 4% minority. There is also one cover from Evil Skins - Sat Congs.??Booklet has 12 pages with lyrics and pictures related to them, photo of bands is only one. La Rage is really good piece of music, full of energy and rough voice underlines everything. I am exceedingly content …
Šafy 9

Stars and Stencil EP
Dirty Punk Collectors Series 2007
Added: 19.02.2009


After two long albums Reasons to be Hateful and Diamonds Among Coal offer the band 3 previously unreleased songs Peace Off, Sell your Soul Tonight and Nothing Special to French label Dirty Punk Records and they made EP Vinyl is made as limited edition of 500 pieces on black/brown vinyl. Musically it is great played streetpunk in style of Cock Sparrer, The Crack, Business or The Clash which great songalong refrains and wit all this „ooo“ in the background. The EP kicks you back to 80´s to the era when bands like theese rule the streetpunk scene. All three songs are similar in attitude/lyrics, first is about politicians who just talking shits about peace and keep on starting the wars, second are about people which have money as their priority and third is about the thing if you are common, nothing special man, it doesn´t automaticly mean that your boss can oppress or exploit you. I know aboutthis band before, but this album really surprise me and I will look for some other stuff of Hatefull, because it worth it.
Peddy 10

Marching Orders
„Dead End Street“ CD 15:30
Three Stars Records 2007


After the great The Corps, we have there another new Oi!/streetpunk band from Australia. On CD is 7 songs (Back on the Streets, Junkie Domestic on Smith Street, Weekend Hooligans, Spirit of the Anzacs, Nihhilistic a Brothers in Arms), which is not so much, but the music is really catchy and great. Songs are melodic and you would remember them already after first hearing. Band says about their style, that they are inspired by australian bands like Rose Tattoo or AC/DC with Bon Scott. For me, they sound like mixture of Business, Cock Sparrer and Oxymoron. Booklet is only one page with lyrics and some photos. Band have also split EP with Alternate Action, which can´t be bad. Fine stuff.
Peddy 7+

Melanie and The Secret Army
Cock Sparrer We Love You CD 2007
Sunny Bastard Records/em>
Datum přidání recenze: 13.10.2009


I love Cock Sparrer and thats why I bought this CD. And I did the right thing. We have there 10 greatest hits from this is English Oi!punk legend played by Melanie and her really secret army from Germany. Melanie can sing very well..and acording to cover she i salso nice woman. As I said cover is well done :-), in booklet are photos and band stroy, only lyrics aren´t here..but I think that you new them. The choice of the song sis telling us that we should expect some sekond CD cover. It is all well played and sang. Cock Sparrer we love you!

Natural Born Masters/No Escape
Action for the Target CD 32:18
Bronze Fist Records 2007
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Split CD of two Japaneese bands(haha exotic). On album is 10 songs, 5 for every band. First band Natural Born Masters has some songs in their mother tongue and the rest is in English and the scond No Escape have all in English. Other bands from Japan which I know played more hard and heavy sound so I am very surprised by this CD. First band is melodical streetpunk with really clear sound and vocal with great catchy songs-sometimes it sounds like older Offspring and in some songs you can hear the piano. Second band is also not so hard but it has rougher voice and the music is not so difficult but rougher. In theri part of booklet you can find all lyrics and the songs have names like: Truth and Justice, No Rule, Lumps of Fight, Liar a Skins´n´Punks..simply classics..I like more the first band mainly the songs Yuzurenaki-michi and No Retire. In the middle of booklet you can find the collage of photos from Japaneese gigs(in some of therm they are real drunk hahaha same everywhere..). In the end is thankslist, and part of it is written in Roman characters. Who loves exotic bands and also likes to read something what they are singing about this CD is for him.
Peddy 8/9

Proti Směru
„V každém z nás“ CD 28:54
Tiger Records 2007


So here we have nine songs album from Proti Směru from Opava. After split CD with Degradace they came with whole CD. Band plays really fair punk rock, I am not listening this music, so I can´t value it, but I think the CD will have its fans. On CD are nine songs, eight are as I said in punk rock style and one is ska. I really enjoy songs like „Sny“(Dreams) or „Poslední Mohykán“(Thje Last Mohycan). Lyrics are about regret and they are very pesimistic. Booklet is standard, lyrics + photos. Who loves style which play Degradace now or band The Fialky, this CD is directly for him. You can order it directly from the band on webpage for 150 crowns(5Euros) which is great prize and you will support the Czech band. As I said I can´t value it, becasue I can´t compare it with other bands of this style.

„Razorblade“ CD 30:23
Rebellion Records 2007


For the present the last released thing from the kings of Dutch skinhead scene. 11 songs in killer rhytm. You put it into CD player, you press play and what came? Headstomp with Dr. Martens. First song „Put in the Boot“ shows that this is nit music for small children or pregnant women. Another song is called „Razorblade“ and it isn´t softer. Lyrics about hate, political correctness, incorrectness, skinheads and pride. All songs are played straight from the heart without any pose. We should convince ourselves about it on two gigs in Czech republic. CD is well done, booklet with all lyrics, some of them are in Dutch some of them in English.. One thing I have to point out about this CD, it isn´t as melodic as „Skinheads are back“ but it is more agressive. For me the best song is the first one „Put in the boot.“ You have to have it at home.
Šáfy 9

„Beyond the Cold Light of Day“ CD 36:26
Ascalon Records 2007


The newest CD from british skins is out now. I am really looking forward to this CD, because I love Retaliator. You can find 7 tracks on this CD, which is not so much on first sight, but songs are really well done and long. Music, so I had to admit that I didn´t like album too much after first hearing, but when you heard it for fourth or fifth time you started to love it. Musically it is a little bit softer than other Retaliator albums, rhytm is the same, but lyrics sound to me more mellow. In last song Beyond the Cold Light of Day you can hear female vocal. Booklet is standard, lyrics + photos. CD was released on Ascalon Records(which I didn´t hear about) or rather on its branch ASA productions. Obligation for everybody.
Peddy 10

„Den beissen die Hunde“ CD 45:44
Dim Records 2007


Band on which ruins was founded bands like Crusaders or Roughnecks 44 is back, unforunately in 3 pieces because of tragic death of singer (RIP Mätze). Comparing to their first album, they slow down and they are less hard, songs are more soft, but they are still catchy. I personally feel great love to music from every song on that CD and also I feel that all songs are dedicated to Mätze. Lyrics was made by Thorsten from Crusaders and they are realy nice, especially the second song Wir sind wieder da or Schutt und Asche (with female vocals) are very strong and you almost cry when you here them. Themes are life, love to Saxony, democracy, war etc. Booklet has got all you need. For mě it is for 10. Peddy 10.

Peddy 10

Fu-Jin CD 22:35
Vital Sign Records 2007
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


I know just two bands who released their CD´s on Vital Sign Records(Empi and The Pera-S) and I really like both so I was curious what kind of music play Shishimaru. On CD are 8 songs and who doesn´t know japaneese will not understand any single world from music and also from lyrics. In Roman characters is written only name of band and the title of the album..except of this nothing. Musically it is middle rhytm, consistent and playful guitars, hard, sometimes even rock/metal influenced music which is easy to listen to even you don´t understand any single word. This is the next thing even themusic is good, I can´t remember any melody because of difficult languafe(but in last song they sing Tora Tora Tora…which is known well). Booklet is very exotic in the meaning of graphic part, something like tigrine background, one band photo and on front page of cover face with knives before it. Interesting. Who loves exotic bands who know how to play, this is directly for him. You can get it across Thing for collectors and experts.
Peddy 8

Short Cropped
„When the Going Gets Thoug“ CD 31:43
Kastelein Records 2007


First album of this orthodox skinhead band from Turnhout, Belgium. 3 piece band, angry music, no compromise, and pure hate and anger. Only one minus is monotonous drums, but it fits grat to music of this kind. This is characteristic for that band. As I said, don´t search here for any unity lyrics or compromises....this is skinhead power as fuck. On CD are 13 songs, 12 written by Short Cropped and the last one is legendary Anti Social from Skredriwer. I can recomend it to people who likes bands like Warboots, Offside, or from older for example Combat 84 or Condemned 84. Simply 12 ass kicking songs about pride, fights, patriotism, against rap etc. Booklet great, lyrics + big collage of photos. I saw the band live and it was surprise for me, becasue I didn´t hear the CD before it.
Peddy 8

Social Combat
Tinta, Sangre Y Sudor CD
True Force Records 2007


Theese Spanish lads from Valencia are one of my favourites since their first album First Strike. On this album they bring in themselves a streetcore band with no compromise vocal and with all songs in English, so I started to shout with´em when I first heard the album(great is song Remedy). Next two albums (Rock´n´Roll Rebels and Mail from Hell) were a little bit softer and with less aggressive sound, which was good for somebody bud for me it wasn´t so good(even the albums are retty well done). Last year they released next thing and after my first hearing I put into my top ten band list. Cd containsten songs in fresh streetcore style again with great voice of singer Rubén. There are some Spanish songs compared to previous albums(4:6 Englis), which isn´t bad and Social Combat sounds perfect in both languages. Compared to previous albums, this is also much faster and harder and it can be pround of much hits which you get into your head and man has tendency to singalong with the band after few songs(taping of your leg is guaranteed by all songs:D), for example the songs like The Price to Pay, Closed Forever, Tinta, Sangre y Sudor or Vencer ó Morir. For me is every song great and I like to recomend it to all fans of harder styles! I hope that theese lads will continue in recording such a great albums. 10 from 10
Janie 10

The remedy comes in disguise CD 42:26
Rough diamond records 2007


This is really delicacy. This is project of people from Dutch bands so: Joost de Graf (Discipline) – vocals, Victor Nefkens (Badlands) – guitar and vocals, Wouter Davids (Razorblade) – bass, Stijn van der Grint – drums. Music in this formation is brilliant street rock. Catchy refrains, well done guitar solos, fast and also slow songs. I can´t find a band which and can I compare to Soultamer. Influence from Discipline, Razorblade and Badlands is evident, but the music globaly is different. It is something brand new. On CD is 9 songs, none of them is week, I like the fourth one Rough Diamond the best. Great is also the digipack cover with lyrics and photo of the band.. For me it is ten from ten.
Safy 10

„Sex, Thugs and Rock´n´Roll“ CD 33:43
Mother Fucking Sounds 2007


Second long album from TMF. After „It´s a Thugs Life“ we have there „Sex Thugs and Rock´n´Roll“. Album is almost in same way as the first one, but the sound is more „garage“(mainly the guitar), but it doesn´t matter. On the CD is 14 songs and really worth hearing. Themes like the first one, tattooes, booze, fights, friends etc. The best songs for me are:“Driven by Hatred“ and „TMF 4life“. You can find also 2 covers with changed lyrics: „We are the Rogue Crew“ from Motorhead and „Loud – Proud and Drunk“ from Business. But what is excellent is booklet. Full coloured with all lyrics, photos of great tattooes and tools for tattooes. I admit it to everybody. TMF 4 life.

Peddy 10+

„Cultus Interruptus“ CD 41:32
DSS Records 2007


Last album of this Gemany streetcore band from Berlin and it really worth to buy it. Clasicall hard, decently angry style, great voice od Schulle which is greatly supported by the rest of band and ass-kicking music. On CD is 12 hits, from which the seventh Cultus Interruptus, where took place also Köfte from Mad Sin and Atze from Troopers, is on CD also as a video. About lyrics, hm well, German language is not my cup of tea, so I can´t tell it to you something more, but the band is supporter of great oppinon not to put politics into music. Last instumental song is dedicated to their good friend who died during recording the album. Anothe plus point and the reason why I bought this album is a fact that everything is packed into great digipack, which is one of most nicest I ever seen. For me it is for 9(eventually 9,5) from 10..
Jájina 9

„Pela Glória das Ruas“CD 40:37
Skins On Attack Records 2007


Young label Skins on Attack released great things in this year and its 5th release doesn´t make shame to them. This is debut of Brasilian band, which I didn´t hear about, but I saw that this album is selling well across distros and labels in Europe. On CD are 15 songs and 3 of them are from demo record from 2003. All songs are in Portugeese, but in booklet is also in english. They are very depresive, full of violence and hard life on streets of Brazil (maybe Brazil is not only the carneval in Rio). I booklet is also some photos and described history of the band. Musicaly it is Oi! of middle rhytm and I really recomend it to fans of old french bands, because you can hear strong influence in the sound. Good.
Peddy 8

The Corps
Nail is Shut CD 47:32
Rebellion Records 2007


First album from oi/rock'n'roll band from Australia. Before them I didn´t know much bands from Australia, only some classics like Rose Tattoo, Mouthguard or Bulldog Spirit, otherwise nothing much, so thats why I was looking forward to hear this piece. Release on Rebellionu is definite mark of qualities so I didn't hesitate and threw CD to the player. On album is 12 songs and really well done. In some hits you will hear Condemned 84, in others rather Rose Tattoo, but somewhere also elements of viking rock for example in song Into Battle. Lyrics is are largely about fights, Australia, girls, pride and riots in streets, classic indeed. Biggest hits are certainly songs like Sunny Days, Girl Like That, Get a Job or Nail is Shut. Booklet is ok, bribe what has have, so that means lyrics and some photos. In August I'll see the band live, so I hope it will be great as this CD is.
Peddy 9

The Junkers
Nasza Wolność CD 46:48
Olifant records 2007


One of the best bands of present Polish Oi! scene released their second album. After first „To jest Oi!“ we have there „Nasza Wolność“. On CD is 13 pieces of melodic oi!/punk as usual in Polish bands with great woman vocals. Lyrics are more or less about classical themes like freedom, politics, streetlife, beer etc. Great is song about Polish football asociacion (PZPN) On CD are two covers, one is „I don´t like you“ from Skrewriver and second is „Policia“ from Sepultura. On CD is no weak song, last song „Ta Ziemia“ is great balad. Booklet is black and white, but well done, lyrics, photos, pictures and thankslist. Band is great when they play live. For me they are top band from Poland.

Peddy 10

The Phoenix City Muggers
s/t CD/em>
H8-Piece Records 2007


This is another good surprise. The Phoenix City Muggers is five piece band from USA. When I heard them for the first time it sounds like early Stars and Stripes, but this is more alive and kicking. Fast sharp Skinhead RocknRoll with chord vocal, some songs are like from Romper Stomper movie. This band is always kick me out of apathy because it isn´t monotonous like some other bands. 12 great fresh song is the fact which can you expect from this CD. Booklet is only two pages with photos and no lyrics.


The Ruckers
To The Lads And Ladies
Contra Records 2007


„To The Lads And Ladies“ is basically debut album ofthis three piece band from Berlin. They released already two demo CD's and split with three oipunk bands United Front, Testosteron and Gumbles. Name of their colleagues from the split doesn' tell me too muchbut if Ruckers will go on in same style, we will surely hear about them in future. Ruckers plays melodious streetpunk, vocals are in English and it is very true and quickly pass to your blood. In some interview with Ruckers which I read, they said that their name was inspired by song „Are You Ready To Ruck“ from Cockney Rejects and to their favourite bands except Rejects belongs also Cock Sparrer. This influence is very strong in music which they play. Lyrics, so Ruckers follows classical subjects and title „To The Lads And Ladies“ apposite whole CD. Lyrics about byrds and friendship with dedication to skinheads and mods. Different song is „Terrace Culture“, which is about what happened to modern footballl, „Hometown“ is about streets of native city and „Another Union Song“ is then played only on acustic guitar. Booklet is made very professionally. Great photo on title, inside is all lyrics and under them short comments in German. On the back is graphic art from classical motives - tattooed fingers, beer, balls and swallows. Ruckers aren't so much original band but they show that they like to play music and when they sing „To you, my mate, who's always be my side“ I belive them. This melodious page of streetpunk I like, soI can only recomend this thing and I wonder how will Ruckers keep on going in the future.
Misantroop 8

The Vendeta
Ultramatic CD 51:00
Street justice records 2007


Third album of this Italian pack. I saw this band on last Streetkids Party in Brno, and it was great show. It is sound for me like something between Motorhead and Judast Priest. Ultramatic is the longest album which Vendetta have, because on it you can found all albums that they have made before. First 11 song is mixture from album Demolition and new stuff, which sounds the same. Fast, hard and die hard. As a bonus you can found whole album Terror Nation. CD has 19 songs, which is good piece of fast music. It really kicks my fuckin´ ass, directly on first listening. What I also like on this CD is luxury and beautiful digipack with all lyrics and some photos. I really recommend this album to you. For me it is for full.
Safy 10

Ultima Sacudida
Raw & Loud CD 22:48
True Force Records 2007


Four piece punkrock/oi! squadron from Spanish Galize issued its first CD. You can find 10 songs on it, which 8 is in English and 2 in Spanish. Between those English 8 is also cover from Mistfits and that is song Astrozombies. Musically is that a much melodious stuff, certainly advise that, who he likes Cock Sparrer, Misfits or Discipline. Band has two guitarist, so that fuels their tuniness. Greatest hit is for me song „ Just another night", gorgeous melody and lyrics. Lyrics are classic, usual life on streets of cities, joy of playing music, work etc. Booklet includes lyrics and pictures, whole booklet is much tuned to the old boxing style. Nice thing.
Peddy 7

Ultimo Asalto
„Mi Camino“ CD 40:29
Rebellion Records 2007


One of the best spanish bands comes with third album. After „Nuestro Orgullo Pasado“ and „Solos Contra Todos“ we have „Mi Camino“. You can see musical progress on every new album, so who likes first one will be surprised. If well or not well… I don´t know it depends on muscial taste of every person. Band took away a little bit on hardness but music is more technic, thanks to second guitar you can hear a lot of solos, singalong refrains are still there. On CD is 12 songs, except one are all in spanish, but lyrics are translated into english, so you can realise what band sing about. CD is opened by killer intro and also other songs a really great. Mostly I like „Dias de Furia“ and „Siente la Voz“. Another great think from Rebbellion which can´t absent in your collection.
Peddy 9

Tribute to Rezystencja CD 52:21
Olifant Records 2007
Added: 19.02.2009


Seventeen-song tribute to Polish Oi! music legend Rezystencja. On compialtion také part mostly new breed bands but some of them are well known so here we have All Bandits, Komando Bimber, C.S, Duma 84, Sandals, Skunx, I.V.C, Contra Boys, Faul, Lumpex 75, Horytnica, Prawy Prosty, Dewastators, Flat Caps, WKG, Zyggie Pyggie and Sarri Ska Band. Simply the mixture of Polish Oi!, HC and Ska bands. You will found here well known songs like My jesteśmy skinheads, Rezystencja, Fanatycy and many more. In booklet are bands logos/photos, line up, contacts and sometimes even short history so you will kno something more about new breed less known bands. I am not listening too much to Rezystencja so I can´t compare the original songs and covers, so I will leave this without classification.

„Oi! Fuck You“ CD 42:20
Ascalon Records 2007


So when I saw this CD I said to myself, this will be just another best of CD which can made everybody at home from his own CD´s and songs. But no! This is full of unreleased songs from present british Oi! bands, so for me a great thing. So you can find 15 songs from bands like Condemned 84, Tattooed Motherfuckers, Superyob, Scum, Retaliator, Loyalty, The Gonads, On File, Code 1, Fatal Impact, Splodgenessabounds, Vicious Rumors, Overload, Nobodies Heroes and Churchill. In booklet you can find band photos, band members and web page. Normaly I don´t like best of´s but this is great one, I recomend this mainly to people who don´t know too much about present Oi! scene in Britain, because this is cross section of the best things which can good old Britain offer to you.

Whiskey Rebels
„Create or Die“ CD 32:33
People Like You Records 2007


Po dvou albech co vyšli na GMM a splitkách a singlech z TKO Records a Rodent Popside Records je tu třetí dlouhá fošna Rebelů. Album je taková mixka Oi! , punku a hardcore, Na albu najdete 12 songů, hlavně o osobních pocitech, životě na ulici, těžkých časech atd. No musim popravdě říct, že na první poslech mě z toho zaujali tak 2-3 songy, jako všecko je to dobrý, ale není tam žádná šleha, až teda na song Absolutely Everything, je to taková muzika, kterou si pustíte a ani nevíte že něco slyšíte. Více infa o kapele na jejim webu . Pro mě lehkej nadprůměr.
Peddy 6