Alternate Action
Thin Line CD 43:47
Bords de Seine Records/Longshot Music 2008


CD which contains all recorded material of the band so you can find songs from split 7´´ with Marching Orders, mini LPs Tough Times and We´re Not Like You and three previously unreleased songs so together 15 songs. I won´t speak about six songs from Tough Times, you can read about them in Šafy´s review. Musically it is great skinhead rock´n´roll, old school style with guitar without booster like Veros, early Skrewdriver, Templars, Perkele or The Legionaires. Right off the first song Dead End Street is great masterpiece and hit as fuck directly in style of the bands I wrote above. Who loves theese bands will love this album. Songs are mainly oriented on problems of working class, it means streetlife, fucking society, hard life, desparetion, tough times, changelessness of the systém for ordinary people etc. Album is digipack, great, from outside it looks very luxurious, only one minus is fact that thre is no booklet inside, only some poster with addvertisments of record companies. This is only one reason, why I am not giving the 10.
Peddy 9

Alternate Action
Tough Times MLP
Narayan Records 2008


I don´t know why, but I never care too much about Canadian Oi bands, but I was wrong so I have to repair it. Alternate Action really kick my balls, I have it for two days and I play it again and again. On pink vinyl is only six songs, but none of them is really week. The colour of vinyl really surprised me, because in booklet are photos of fights, skinheads and the vinyl is PINK, but why not. Back to the music – simple Oi! in middle rhytm with rough voice of singer, guitar is similar to The Veros or Skrewdriver, it is what I like, not so many solos, just simple rock´n´roll. Lyrics are about fights, life in dirty city, hate of politicians etc. For me the best thing is the first Tough Times, it really kick my ass and other songs are also well done. In general, beautiful cover, booklet contains all lyrics and some violent photos, pink vinyl and great music. This all is equal to duty to have this thing at home, I really recomend it and I am giving all points.
Šafy 10

Ani krok spat!
Pravda je dnes iná CD 24:36
Demo 2008


Demo of young new band from Bratislava. Xou may now their song Kult holej hlavy from Czech and Slovak Streetkids Compilation III which was released on Rabiát Records. Band plays at four pieces line up but with two guitars and on this demo you can find nine songs(Hoj zem draha, Kult holej hlavy, Neokolaborant, Zakliata stráž, Bud sam sebou, Změna?!, Hudba našich srdc, Slovensko patri nam and Ani krok spat) and all are in Slovak language. After broke up of Začiatok Konca this band sound really hopefully. Some songs are in melodic middle rhytm like Začiatok Konca(Bud sam sebou), some are faster, like Kult hole hlavy and some are slow ballads in style of Right Rest(Zakliata straz). They play also Cock Sparrer cover England Belongs To Me with Slovak lyrics. From the song titles you recognise that band is very patriotic oriented(not so common thing nowadays, but our time will come). In lyrics they stood against destroying our cult from right wing(Neokolaborant) but also against leftwing communist politics which sometimes persist in our society(Změna). Most of all I like song Hudba našich srdc, where band sing about why they play Oi!/streetpunk. We can´t speak about any booklet here, only one list, but demo CD costs 60SK(2EU( and is really for free for that 25 minutes of good music. You can contact band on or on, where you can hear two brand new songs which aren ´t on the demo.Their are promise to the future and I hope that somebody will release regular album of this band, because they worth it.
Peddy 8+

On Repeat LP
Skins on Attack/Bords de Seine Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 7.5.2009


Two crossed guns in the logo of Skins on Attack predict that this band really rock. And the band is called Antipati and they are from Sweden. I didn´t know them before and I think the CD was released before the vinyl version also on Skins on Attack. They play really good punk rock in faster rhytm, sometimes mixed with Oi! touches and in some songs you can hear also viking melodies. On LP is 16 songs which is good piece of music. Lyrics are half in Swedish and half in English so in half of songs you will notice what are they about. Hit song on side A is Born without Balls and on B side surely On Repeat and Friday Friends which is the best song for me. It is a little bit slower but with acordeon and it is played on second beat.. Lyrics is about supporting other friends, about similar music and clothing which we listen and wear. Better beware of us. Vinyl is made in black version and booklet is full of lyrics, photos and thankslist. Added together – great LP with all of the things around that you expected.
Šafy 8

Argy Bargy
„The Likes of Us“ CD 45:35
Captain Oi! Records 2008


We are waiting too long on third album of this earlier born skins all star band. But the waiting ends and this album is great and 100% well done. 14 songs of best mixture of Oi!, streetpunku with light touch of HC, simply this album is for me the best, which can old England offer to us in last years. I have to say that everything what is on CD is perfect playing time, so booklet, but above all the music. Who liked the album The Songs from the Streets, will never put away this CD from his player. Singers voice with typical English accent, thereinto playful guitar that the stakes blare out how on endless band, booming bass and thereinto of all first-rate obstruction drums. Album is opened up by song Your Time will Come, which is quite hard, but no simple music, then came Light over London, which is truly a sentimental and catchy singalong song. Otherwise heavy and slow streetpunk songs are composedly diversify, of those slower are the best certainly songs like No Regrets, No News is Good News and above all One More Drink. From hard ones certainly Right to Fight. Booklet is exactly the same, how would booklet have to look like: colourful, lyrics, pictures, nice graphics processing, extensive thankslist, indeed Captain Oi! work on this pretty well. Every fan of streetrock must have it at home.
Peddy 10

„When Angels Are Crucified“ CD 39:48
Rebellion Records 2008


So Victor Nefkens put band together again. Badlands are simply excellent. Intelligent band that the has something to say, pleasant music, largely purposeful lyrics that will force you think and clutch at heart, so don´t expect beer, sausages and hate. On this album are the lyrics realy well done, dealing with much personal feelings, memories and whole together is such a melancholy. Biggest hits are songs like Theatre of Life, If you know underground, Dancing on Our Graves or One of the moment. Musically it is similar to older albums but it remains me more Soultamer stuff. The must are songs with acoustic guitar, for example Killing Time. Only one minus is booklet, where is only lyrics but no photo, but what the fuck Badlands music is fuckin great and the album worth to buy.
Peddy 10

Combat 77
100% Oi! CD
Sunny Bastards Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.10.2009


Band from Germany which plays simile music like Cock Sparrer but with fiale vocals. Woman who sings has a little bit tired voice, I recomend her to have some spirit efore singing:-). Other is OK, music is listenable, on CD is 14 songs in English in middle Oi!punk rhytm. Cover is nice - done as a drawed digipack with lyrics, booklet pictures and band photos. Good stuff.

Odpoveď na seba CD 14:01
DIY 2008


Mini CD of Slovakia band from Pressburg which play gigs in Czech republic very often so I shouldn' t introduce them. So at first CD is freely downloadable and band placed it on, but otherwise it costs cca 50,- SK(1,66Euro), which is absolute fair price I think, and similar bands should be supported, so I bought it. CD is in slim cover, booklet is one page and CD is printed profesionally..indeed that price is still good. Back to music, on CD are recorded 4 songs and what really surprised me at first was sound. Simply professionally as fuck, no mistakes, signal noise, everything perfectly well - balanced and no sound beats another. Songs are named Odpoved na seba(Answer to Myself), Mesto na Dunaji(City on Danube), Je to preč(It is Gone) and The Family. Whole CD is really melodious thing, unfortunately so short and in songs is given much space to acordeon and sometimes to keybords, which forms much uncommon sound. First two songs are in punkrock style, where slower and quicker passages changes very well, third songs is ska and four is English slower thing and vocals is made by acordeonist Zel and also gallant women vocal which completes main voice very well. After broke up of Zaciatok Konca I can say that the band got on top places of Slovakia scene and I hope, that they record in near future something long, because this „ tasting" really caught me..

Peddy 9

Zurück in die Zukunft EP
Randale Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.10.2009


Split EP of well known German bands from Sachsen – Crusaders who sings in English and Vortex who sings in thein mother tongue. Vinyl was released on Randale Records which means that i tis well done, contains list with lyrics and band photos. On cover is paraphrase on poster from movie Back to the Future(which also means the title of album). Every band has two songs there. So Crusaders has Going On and Fuck the World, Vortex has Freunde and Scheissegal. Some come to Vortex side..first song is about is slower and i tis about chat we will be without friends. I tis slower melancholic song with protracted citar solos. Scheisegal is faster more shouted protestsong about how we don´t care about people and money. Crusaders have simile ones first is slower song, for me better sound then Vortex and lyrics is about how we don´t care about facti f we right or wrong but important facti s that we are still going on, citar is very playful. Second song is harder and lyrics is simile to sekond song from is about living on debts and how other people is dealing with us. For 4 Euros 4 quality songs….Good thing.
Peddy 8

The Sword of Our Ancestors CD 45:00
Bandworm Records 2008


After the gig in Vyškov and info that Discharger are going to release third album I started to look forward to it as small kid on Christmas. And the watiting really worth it, because this album and also Alternate Action CD are two megahits on the end of year 2008, but slowely. So the album is made as digipack(great) and it contains 14 songs, including intro. Band wrote on their webpages that they play Battlefield Rock and they called it really right. Lyrics are mainly about battles, forefathers, fights in dark and shade, and guarding of they territory but they are also normal themes like rejection of drugs and drug dealers (song Start a War – it must be strange in Holland), about so called thugs, who only speaks(Barking Dogs don´t Bite), about loose of friendship(My Friend), pride in their city(The City Where You Belong) etc. I will have to describe every single song, because none of them is weak, vice-versa. Musically it is little more metal influence there, but nothing hard, just more solos.Tim sings really great, drums are in direct rhytms and you can really feel the battle atmosphere from it. It is mixture of melodic streetpunk with spice of northern rock and also there is few balads compare to Ultima Thule and also streetpunk songs with acoustic guitar. Best songs are definitely Guardians of Lowlands, Shadows and Dust, The Sword of our Ancestors, The City Where You Belong and the last The Dream I once Had. Also thankslist is great, it contains the bands which played with them in Czech, so I hope they liked the show. Recomended to everyone, you must have it at home, because this is one of top Europian bands of nowadays and this album only prove that fact. Unbelievable album.
Peddy 10+

Old Pride, New Glory
I Scream Records 2008
Added: 19.02.2009


New, but only cover double CD from boys from Dutch eindhoven, which contains 30 ass kicking cover songs like Rebel Yell from Billy Idol or One Law For Them from 4Skins an many more. Joost voice is great again and the rest of band also.I saw them live for first and I didn´t regret, gig was great and show also. This CD was the last in distro so I was lucky and I bought it. Cover is simply done but good and inside is list of cover songs and some words to them by Joost. It isn´t regular album at all but I have to admit that it is great and you should have it in your collection. On the end just Discipline – The Undefeated Kings Of Street Rock !


Disturbed Mother Fucker
Oi! Aint dead…CD 30:15
Mother fuckin sound 2008


So person who stood behind this CD is from my point of view one of the most äctive people in skin scene in Europe. This time Jonesy prepared for us tribute to old good Oi! bands and made new versions of good old hits. Albums, like this is perhaps million in the world and none of them unknotted me, but Oi! Aint dead is really well done, maybe becasuse I am lsitening old bands very rarely, so by buying this CD I remind them. In addition Jonesy has great voice, so all this songs has got special energy. At last about what songs are there(from which bands they are isn't to be written) Oi! Aint Dead, Evil, Someone' Gonna Die, Oi! Oi! Oi!, , Gonna Get a Gun, England Bellongs To Me, Vicious Rrumours, Violence, I Don't Llike You, Cheap Imitation, Generation Of Scars, Rose of England and Warboots. All are gallantly played and CD is amusing enough. Recommend to all who like listening to old bands.
Šafy 9

Donars Groll
Gegen den Strom CD 46:18
Pure Impact Records 2008


Second album of four piece viking rock band from Saxony now released on Pure Impact. On CD is 12 songs, 3 of them in English(See the Valkyries, Hammer of Thor and cover Ravens from Ultima Thule)and the rest is in German. According to the names of songs, you can imagine what it is about, so Midgaard, valkyries, gods, Ragnarök, but also patriotism and tendency to walk against mainstream. Northern mytology sometimes leaks from that album. Singer has got really good voice and you can hear, that he knows how to sing and the band supports him well in refrains. Guitar plays some light solos, which made atmosphere of coming ships of vikings. The song Eiris Sazun Idisi is sing in some kind of old German dialect. But, the CD become a bit boring after more listening, music is not bad, bud the songs are similar to each other and ther is no greater idea to made it different. Greatest songs are for me Götterschicksal and Allvater Odin.
Peddy 6

Gegen Alles Gegen Nichts CD
Asphalt Records 2008


When I got into hands this new thing from Frei.Wild, it fits in my top five at once. First thing that surprised me about the band was, that they are come from Italy (southern Tyrol), and also the music quality of this CD, which deffinitely beats older ones from Frei Wild. On album you can find 13 songs plus intro, and all are great. Expexct catchy music mixed with rock, also great singer with fine masculine voice like a tinkling bell which is underlined well by German language :-). Greatest song for me are stuff like Sie hat Dir nen Arschtritt gegeben, Irgendwer stitch Dir zur Seite and Bose und gemein. Strongly recommended especially for fans of Bohse Onkelz and bands which are under their influence. CD has also beautiful booklet and for me it is wort 11 from 10 :-)
Janie 11(:-))

Hais & Fiers
Coupable CD 35:23
Oi! Ain´t Red Records 2008
Added: 19.02.2009


After album La Rage which is recorded with automatic drummer and split with Choc Frontal here we havethird album of incorrect band from the south of France. It was recorded in five pieces and one small band play two skingirls, on bass and on guitar. So for the start the band really don´t give a shit so I recomend it to people who like bands like Les Vilains, Last Riot, KBK, Evil Skins and so one. On CD is 12 songs including two covers - Smash the Reds with French lyrics from No Remorse and Totenkopf from French band Totenkopf, but I really didn´t find any high politics in other songs. Lyrics are worldy-wise skinhead themes like fights, revenge, booze, tattooes, music, friendship, hangover etc. Musically it is faster Oi!, band really knows how to play hard, guitars are cutting faster or slower solos..really well done. I will compare it to The Corps from Australia but Hais ? Fiers has got „older“ sound. Except one song all is done in their mother tongue but sometimes you can hear English refrain. What is really great is the booklet…who loves booklet in TMF style will surely like this one. All lyrics hand in hand with flock of photos and middle double page is made like big photo collage from gigs and soaks. Musically all songs are on same level and the album is really well ballanced. Most of them I like songs Du sang, de la sueur et de la fierté then the English one Hold Fast and the last one Coupable. The best album from the band.
Peddy 10

Hais & Fiers/Choc Frontal
CD 44:39
Rac´n´Oi! Productions 2008< br/> Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


After La Rage album the band Hais?Fiers found the drummer. His nickname is 8.6 and interesting is that he plays the guitar and sings in second band on this CD (Choc Frontal).To music, every band representate themselves with six songs¨, and even they are in French you realise what are they some of their names: Our Way of Life, Ultra-Violence, Skinhead Party, Révolte Urbaine, Hooligans Rules or Pédophiles. Album is opened by six Hais?Fiers´s songs, their music is similar to first CD La Rage and when I didn´t know that they had automatic drummer on first CD I didn´t realise this fact. Mainly ithe songs are played in middle rhytm, but sometimes it is really fast, especially in refrains like in song Gaston or Ultra Violent. Also some really melodic songs are here with catchy and singalong tunes like Skinhead Party. Choc Frontal are worse comparing to them, especially the sound isn´t in same quality as sound of Hais?Fiers, but I thing that this is their first CD(I didn´t hear about them before). Also good melody and singalong refrains but they should really work on result sound. From them I like most the first song Choc Frontal and last rock´n´roll Alés. Booklet is probably done by same grapfic as their first album, really great, pictures to lyrics, everything is clear and on the end is collective photo of both bands. After making an average of both bands it is for 6.

Peddy 6

Old Glory Boys CD 71:06
Pure Impact Records 2008


I don´t know if it is some kind of luck, tahat legendary bands from 90´s are relasing new CD´s after five years. After Argy Bargy and Les Vilains here comes their partners in crime Headcase. On album Old Glory Boys you will find 21 songs, from which are 12 brand new material and 11 old stuff, but re-recorded again. Trully, I didn´t enjoy the old Headcase CD´s too much, so I am looking on this CD with a little bit of despect…..but. If I can compare I will compare it to last album from Argy Bargy. Musically it is not so subtle thing, but songs are concipated similar, hard music, but sometimes with keybords or acordeon, which sounds great in heaertbreaking songs. To heartbreakers I would put songs like Young at Heart, Killing Time, The Only One or Falling Over. To the harder stuff bellongs things like Daylight Robbery, The Boy We Love to Hate or You Listened. Lyrics are very mellow, you can see that the band become older so singing about old glory times, youth, killing time in city streets, breaking up with girls, girlfriends who doesn´t like when their boy drinks too much etc. Who loves bands like Pride or earlier mencioned Argy Bargy, have to love this album. Playing time is great, full CD + re-recorded hits(like Still Fighting, Oi! For the World, Oi! The Medley…) are also great. Booklet made by Pure Impactu doesn´t need any comments. This is listened very well . Good stuff.
Peddy 8+ 9

s/t CD 26:02
Olifant Records 2008


Polish Oi! band with elements of viking rock and their first album. On CD you can find 8 songs, in which are included intro and outro, so in fact they are only 6. After intro, which is piano acoustic song with thunder comes the best thing from this album Moj Hymn which is about love of their native country, about nature and landscape. What is great in this song is mainly voice, which is of much calm, as far as melancholic, and fits great to the music. Go on with song Uliczny Wojownicy(Street Warriors), where you can gues what it is about. then we have Czas Wyboru which is about choice which everybody has inside, follows Zmienosc, which has great singalong refrain and perfectly played guitar, Teatr, and Jak tu zyc about hard life of ordinary people in Poland, where the power is hands of ssmae people as before. Musically it is well played music and songs are listening pleasantly. Simply melodious much rock music, which don' t uselessly run into hardness and metal. Well done is also booklet, where we can find all lyrics. Only minus is the fact, that there is no band photo, city origin and line up - so you don' t know in how many people the play. Who likes bands like Volund Smed or Raven's Wing, will also like this album.
Peddy 8

„Kriegsgebiet“ CD 17:00
Dim Records 2008


This mini - album was most pleasant surprise for me, because I am living in presumption, that the band broke up and they didn't play anymore. How it is I still don't know, but new album is out on DIM. So 7 songs and 17 minutes is not too much , but for whom likes this band it is duty to have it at home. Whole album is very hard, even on their conditions, reminds me last album Bastarde so much or split CD with Steelcapped Strength. Denny yells to the microphone like after rupture and everything underline boostered bass. Plus is that below hey lyrics is short English paragraph of explication, what is this song about so even people who can't speak German can learn, what poet wants to tell us. Lyrics is nothing new: anger, Internet warriors, criminals, ACAB, war and unity. Otherwise for me is greatest hit definitely song Kriegsgebiet followoed by song Die Wut. Great thing which you didn't take away from your stereo for long time. Only the length.
Peddy 8

Les Vilains
„Pour Faire Chier!“ CD 40:10
Oi! Ain´t Red Records 2008


Collection of singles and songs from compilations between 1998- 2006 of this Belgian long playing fixed star of Oi! scene. Damn, I thought first, that this is normal ordinary album, but they said they will record it at the end of the year, so at least something. So on CD is well known things like Belgique Hooligans, Nous Serons Toujours La, then songs Justice de Rats and Internet Warrior from split with Kampfzone, then several covers like Somebody Put Something In My Drinl(The Ramones), , Wonderwall(Oasis) and Government Action(Skrewdriver). Songs are 14 on CD, some of them I appointed + some more, that are mostly in original quality. Booklet is OK, without lyrics, but it is usual on compilations, but then there are 3 pages of photos and nice cover. Album was released out on Oi! Ain' t Red Records, which I didn' t know, but after I read-through booklet I found out, that it is division of well known German distro Adler Versand, where can you order this. Look on http://www.adler, with owner is possible to talk about sending money in envelope or post money order nor only over paypal. This is good thing for collectors, but already looking forward to brand new album.
Peddy 7

Lion Shield
Against all odds LP
Contra Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 7.5.2009


Here we have relatively young band from Hannover in line up of 3 skins and 1 punk. From gramophone plays to me pleasant Oi! with rough voice, music similar to Evil Conduct for example, no complicated melodies, sometimes solo but everything is pretty melodic and you can hear rock´n´roll touches in guitar. On plate is 10 songs about skinhead cult, friday parties, tough times and hard work. One song is in German language, others in English and the voice is really clear. Vinyl is black again, booklet with lyrics, photos and collage of photos after booze. I really like this LP especially song Jungs von der Liene. We also wanted to make an interview with the band but we weren´t succesfull because our zine is presenting nazi bands. OK their problem…they could become famous..heheh

Šafy 7

Open Violence
DEMO CD 21:32
DIY 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Demo of German band which I really don´t know. I know nothing about them and on booklet is no contact, no photo, no mail, no website, no city of origin, no line up..simply no information about them.Simple black/white booklet(one page) and nine songs on CD in Geman language.So I will speak mainly about them because I don´t know how they look like, how many guitars they have etc…but I hope I will hear about them soon. CD is opened by song Armes Deutschland really good one in style of Kampfzone or Last Riot…straigt to face skinhead rock´n´roll/streetpunk with rough vocal(German language really fits to this kind of music), supported by guitar and time to time some storming solo. Another song which I like is called Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand and it is about street rock´n´rollu so my bet was true. Also another songs are good. Lyrics are normal: friendship, drinking till morning comes, violence, refusing of high politics, treachery, etc… Sound is really good for the demo a little bit covered, but I like it…it supports the atmosphere. The CD is listenable, band isn´t boring so I looking forward to regular album. Music is for 7-8 but ther „booklet“ it is for 2, I know demo is demo but they can write there some contact. I leave it without points and lookong forward to future.

Operace Artaban
1-2-3-Oi! CD 43:33
Rabiát Records 2008


Fifth album of small/big legends of Czech Oi! scene is here. It goes out at the same time as compilation Czech and Slovak Streetkids on Rabiat records and I was curious what I will hear after putting the CD in my stereo, because the band said, that they really work hard on this CD. On CD is 12 songs(all in Czech), some of them you surely know from gigs (like Kometa or Do toho). Sound of the CD is really great, musically it is typical riffs which you know from the previous albums of Operace Artaban. I like the fact that except Iggy´s voice you can hear also the rest of the band singing very often and also you can hear some female vocals, so the singing is very variable and it is good. Also the rhytms are very variable, sometimes I feel that it is worse then simple songs, but after some listening it is good. In some songs are some famous melodies like Forever Young or wedding march and ska rhytms in song Radim Vepřín. Some lyrics are with attitude, so some „clevers“ from left and right will surely talk about it, but there are also lyrics about fun and booze. Lyrics are about skinheads and their disgust of making some politics(1-2-3-Oi!, Náš svět nikdy nezničí), patriotism and defend of our country and Europe, political corectness(Proroci), men who are under her thumb(Šklababa), football(Do toho), hockey(Kometa), stories from parties (Radim Vepřín), glory of ancient times(Vzpomínka) or false friendship(Maškarní bál). Booklet is well done, lyrics, thematical photos and after every lyric some short explanation in czech and english. I like most the song Proroci.
Peddy 8

Second to None CD 16:07
Barracuda Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Really don´t know how how in how many project participate Jonesy…so we have English Rose, Bulldog Breed, Spearhead and TMF and now also Outclass. Theese songs were recorded in 2006 but on Barracuda records it comes out hust now. Except Jonesy the Outclass is a child of Bulgarian guitaris Milenko and the rest of musicians are also from Bulgaria. On this mini CD you will find four songs:Unavoidable, Raise your Fist, The Angel of my Dreams and Outclass. From musical pint of view it is brilliant streetrock in some parts even rock´n´roll with lightly boostered guitar which isn´t afraid of long solos (the length of every song is 4 minutes average) with support of exactly played drums in middle rhytm so it means no HC. Lyrics aren´t primitive, they are long enough and they have something to say especially The Angel of My Dreams which is about girls and women is well done. Booklet is only two pages indeed but it contains all lyrics and photo of fathers of this project. I hope that they will work on regular album because this is top class music.
Peddy 9

Paris Violence
„Nous Sommes Nés Trop Tard“ CD 46:12
Combat Rock/Trooper Records 2008


This is material which was made by Flav in years 2006- 07. Paris Violence is for me one of the top present bands, even it is just studio project. On this album cooperates around about 5- 6 people, so Flav didn't record everything alone, so I hope, that maybe we can see them live in future years. Album Nous Sommes Nés Trop Tard(Born too late) includes 10 songs. It seems that it is not too much, but every song has got four and a half minute, which is enough lenght for streetpunk band. Now to music, this is jewel in fact, music is much symphonic, keybords, chorales in background and a lack of metal touch in every song. Lyrics is very interesting again. I don't know French, but from titles I realised, that it deals again with decadence, post-modern spirit, construction sequence cases soul and mind - simply no cliché. To the lyrics, it would be nice, if below the lyrics was English paragraph what is song about. Otherwise booklet is great graphically and color done includes all lyrics and pictures of people that take part in recording this album. Super.
Peddy 8

„Bring it Back“ CD 64:43
Countdown/KB/4Subculture Records 2008


Bring it Back! Already the title of this album sounds good, so that isn't no doubt about, that in 22 songs of this CD from streets of Rome you will hear some substandard music. Now only fife piece band Payback are on scene more than 6 years and I think, that they become well known to listeners of Europian oldschool HC. Thise fourth ordinary album is remastered edition of their two first CDs, where you can find almost 45 minutes (for me) the best. Start from the start... first four songs are news in their playlist. OK, new is song Timebomb, which is from classical old school with rather precious lyrics. If you are already a little catched by first song, so second you will lay up. Belive me! I don't want to show the big secret, but I it is review. Roger Miret from NYHC legend Agnostic Fronts caught next microphone and in sum: this song has got really balls! Roger Miret is simply sure success on any CD, so Italians knew, why ask this star even to NYC. For me is this the SONG of this album. Next two pieces are covers from Negative Aproach and Blood For Blood. I thing , that the Payback did good work in this direction, because you already know that not all covers are done so good to compete originals. OK, after this four songs begins the work of M. Gabbianelli, which did remastering of songs 5- 22, already as I said, from first two CD' s of the band. So, last surprise is videoclip Kings of Nothing (the title last but one CD), which you can find on CD. On release of this thing took part also Michal' s label 4Subculture!

Pilsner Oiquell
„Na západní frontě klid“ CD 36:23
Rabiát Records 2008


In sequence third album this beery Oi! band from Pilsen. Musical it is much precious thing from my point of view, but I think, it is a bit different then last album Svatá pravda. The reason is, that in many songs will sound bagpipe that was played by Pepan. What's much interesting is thing, that on this album is also unrelased sond from Fistbois, where Pepan played drums before and it is the song called Přišel čas (Time has Come). Is necessary to add, that lyrics of this song yaws from other songs, because others are beer worn-out songs which made you laugh. Songs are interlaced with dialogues from Czech Films(Obušku z pytle ven, Pelisky, Jedna ruka netleská, Kouř..), so you will laugh also to this gags. Greatest hits are Stůj co stůj, Přišel čas and Pravá láska. Booklet is only two - pages, but includes all lyrics. Who he likes previous production of Oiquell band, CD is obvious choice for him and it is possible to get it for 250 bucks from Rabiat Records. Wish many succes to the band and keep on rockin in this spirit.
Peddy 7

Point Blank
„Made in China“ CD 36:43
Bords de Seine Records 2008


Chinese Oi! band from the capital Peking. In group are however three Chinese, vocalist is Frenchman and on guitar plays Josh who used to play in American band The Legionaires. I was always interested in Asian Oi! music, mainly Malay or Japanese bands and I was very curious about this album. On album is 12 song and from that is only one in Chinese and the rest in English, but you can feel exoticism from the whole CD especially in song City of Contrast, singer have plenty covered, swash - buckler voice, but it perhaps does accent. Whole sound is much consistent, sometimes me it reminds Malay ACAB. Biggest hits are certainly songs City of Contrast, Collapse or Right Here Right Now. Lyrics si about friendship, history, nightlife, discontent from system etc, but also nevertheless they are much interesting and be worth to read´em through. Booklet is in one word excellent - 8 pages including photos, lyrics and posters with concerts, well done. It shows that Bords de Seine is no crappy record company. In thankslist you can find Haggis or Skarface, but also refer to web Zentropa.
Peddy 9

Primitive Core
Také Back CD 13:04
Demo 2008


Yep, perhaps most of you already catch title Primitive Core... and who not, he will about soon. Young bunch of five blokes from Brno who tries to rich (or resurrect) Czech hardcore scene by spitting up their first demo recording with title Take Back! Boys are no greenhorns, some members you can hear in bands like Operace Artaban, Tattooed Bastards or The Rest. OK, now to their debut... don' t expect, that the 13 minutes and five songs with English lyrics will get to you in wretched quality from rehersal room. This is a classical studio record with (almost) all - inclusive! Booklet unfortunately isn't worth to speak about, so let's go to critisize music. I was surprised by clean singing and mainly vocals that are in every song. I would say, that vocal are greatest plus for Primitive Core and definitely kept rhythmics in correct line. Demo was recorded with old line up, where is only one guitar, indeed it is well done but at first I was expectingd different sound and riffs. Percussion goes their way proportional to strings, but sometimes they prove eardrum with quicker set. So summarry...boys follow the line of H2O, Madball, or Murphy's Law. Sometimes we can talk about punkrock sometimes fair HC. I really like it so I hope that you will like it also. Recommend!
Helmut 8

„Music for Maniacs“ CD 27:06
Rebellion Records 2008


Fourth piece of one of the most known skinhead bands in present. Wouter dig up the line up of Razorblade after third, he said that he wasn't much satisfied with the way how album went. So on the album Music for Maniacs we can find 12 songs, from which are three in Dutch, one is instrumental and the rest is in English. Between English songs are also cover from punks Antidote - Let' s Get Drunk. Musically it is old good Razorblade style, so raw music with rough voice. In song Singing and Dancing you can find some ska elements at the beginning, but then it will become the classical hard thing. For me are best hits Dead Stares which is about imbeciles who goes on gigs, then Wolf in Sheep Clothes is about it, how band cross over from skinhead style to casual style of clothing (for Pier and Bob – sneakers rulez :- *) and then song Trend that handles about how gets rock'n'roll into mainstream and fashin and about people in in whic come to scene and after one year they disapear. This two songs I like most of all because I have the same opinion. What's minus is a bit weak booklet that has only two pages and there are only a few small black and white photos. What's indeed a big plus is the fact, that in collage of photos on the back are largely pictures from two gigs which band played in Czech republic, so that warm up at heart.
Peddy 9

Roll Call
Sotto il Suo Cielo CD 44:58
Hammer of Sardinia/Chorus of One Records 2008
Added: 19.02.2009


After Ciurma Skins and Sezione Ribalta another band which come from an island in Mediterranean Sea – Sardinia. Shit..we have to look more on their scene. Roll Call is four piece band with two guitars and as they say they play „shaved rock“…it sounds great. On this album named Sotto il Suo Cielo(which means Under her Sky) is 12 songs and playtime is long enough. Back to the who likes Italian bands will like also this band. Nice melodic music with singalong refrains. Instead of streetpunk influences I hear also hard rock and rock´n´roll(in first song Fuori dal Gregge or in Ricco Annoiato) so who loves playful guitar and solos come into one´s one. Lyrics are interesting also, in booklet are all in Italian and also with English translations, which is regular in Hammer of Sardinia booklets. Band sings about streetlife, pride and love on their island state and about people who don´t recpect their own history, rich sons who just taking drugs etc. I really like lyrics to Appropriazione indebia(Misappropriation) in which refrain is lyrics Sardegna ai sardi (Sardinia to Sardinians)and it is about how is their country sold to other, for example private VIP beaches or to US military bases. For me are the best songs Rinnegato, Sotto il suo cielo and Appropriazione indebia mentioned above. Booklet is done well, about lyrics I wrote before and at the end are some band photos and thankslist. I really like it.
Peddy 8

Ruthless Pride
„Demo 08“ CD 24:34
DIY 2008


5 years old punk band from France with their second demo CD. After first Troublemakers from year 2006 here we have new stuff with seven song. Band plays in fourth, have two guitars and one lady plays with them. In spite of the fact that band is more punk, lyrics are much to the Oi! thing and titles of songs proves that - Violence, Last Judgement, I'm not like You, Hippies, Troublemakers, Where Can You Go and Broken Dreams. They are about fights, antisocial behaviour, hatred of modern hippies, pride in punk and skinhead cult etc. Musically is is such a cumbrous thing, but it I don't mean it negatively, simply it is that a heavy and hard Oi!, but definitelly not immelodious, for example Troublemakers is song as fuck with perfect bass guitar. I could compare it to first album of Ultimo Asalto, or to Swedish Pöblers United. In spite of the fact that it is a demo sound is standard, so I hope, that the band will release some official album in near future, because it really worth hearing. It is possible to order this demo directly on for 5 Euros without postage, which is fair price. You can read interview with the band in Dachin's zine Boots & Braces #2.
Peddy 8

„The Fight Goes On…“ CD 37:46
Ascalon Records 2008


Debut album from this new band from England. Good, because no too many new bands come from england now. So that Scum are 4 piece band from Yorkshire. Interesting is that in Scum play girl and more iteresting is that she is playing drums. Album was released on Ascalon Records, as their second CD. (First was compilation Oi! Fuck You). On album is 16 songs, which is nice number. Musically it is Oi! in middle rhytm, don´t expec some musical virtuosity or miracles, this is classic like Condemned 84 (from them is here and cover Teenage Slag), 4 skins, On File or possibly The Ejected. Lyrics is also Oi!, so streets, fights, aversion to needle, pride of England, vengeance and swill. Booklet is only 2 pages with photos, but English is good understanding, so everyone, who knows English can hear it wll. Who likes English classic have to have this CD.
Peddy 7

Shaved Dogs
Feos Y Malvados CD 40:36
Pure Impact Records 2008


After 7'' and 10'' vinyls first long playing album of Spanish skins from Valencia was released on Bords de Seine. On this album we can find also a mini LP Feos Y Malvados + 5 brand new things. Next thing, which I caught from Pure Impact, so I approached to the CD with big confidence. So first booklet, in that thing is Pure Impact simply first-rate, only what is missing here from me are translated titles of songs or some summary what are the songs about, because I know only that beer is cerveza in Spanish language, so I can't speak here so much about the lyrics. Musically it is a Oi! in middle rhytm, inspired by the 80's school, so who likes Decibelios, Skinkorps, Bleach Boys or possibly Combat 84, he will love their music. Band wrote in some interviews, that they like old French bands and they prove it becasuse on CD is cover from cult band Evil Skins - Bete et Mexhant from album Une Force, Une Cause, Une Combat with Spanish lyrics and title Feos Y Malvados. Indeed globally they play catchy melodies of simpler conception, but it sounds pleasantly, so as I wrote, who likes similar bands will be satisfied.
Peddy 7

Stato Asociale
DEMO 2008 CD 13:40
DIY 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Demo CD of three piece band from Trento in Italy with deck Proud Nationalist Oi! Music on which you can find five songs in italian with cover Le Strade from old band Skins Army(btw. Current bass player of Reazzione played there). Musically it didn´t fits to italian music too much, which is mainly melodic and singalong. CD is opened by song Asociale which is two chords song then came Sette Due Nove which is better but also nothing special. Another is Strength Thru Oi! with music from Public Enemy but with Italian lyrics. Another two songs are also in same line. Musically it didn´t fits to me so much, the best is fourth song Montagne&Cemento. Demo is packed in slim cover so it means no back cover and booklet is two pages with lyrics and background photo with fans of local Trento Calcio 1921. Together it sounds like some band from 80´s so who likes bands like Criminal Class or Skin Up will like it but as I said this is not my cup of tea.
Peddy 4

Straw Dogs
91-97 CD 63:00
Hammer Records/84Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


On this CD you can find all recorded stuff from this London band which together with Another Man´s Poison or with Boisterous belong to 3rd wave of British Oi! bands. They had Antonella from Klasse Kriminalle or from Battle Zone on guitar for a while. On this CD are all three singels of the band (Dead on Arrival, Alright Boy and Another World) + more and more songs from compilations, not released singles, demos, rehersals etc..Together 23 songs.Musicalyit is harder and more well played thing then the bands from 80´s so it is for people who love Close Shave, Blank Generation and other bands like theese. The sound is not good in some songs but you can expect this from singles and demos. Band is singing about the things which they saw so hate to cops, murderers, drugs, whores, UDA/IRA, poverty, „trendy“ skins, lauging to all who thought that they living in 69, justice etc..really no cliches and the lyrics have something to say after more then 10 years. Most I like the song Cheap Imitations which you surely know from cover versions of other bands, then Wasted Life or Skinheads are Back. I didn´t like the band after the first hearing of this CD but keep on hearing it and it will fit to you. Drummer Pat is now playing drums in mod beat band Concrete Gods. Nice work when you can hear the singles of the band without gramophone.
Peddy 8

Quality Street CD 39:28
Randale Records 2008


I bought this CD right on the gig, because I simply had to. I went to the gig only with knowledge of Aggrophobia CD and some songs from Machine Guns and Alcohol. After be heard couple of songs from new album I was resolved. Now to the CD. 13 songs, including 1 cover Live for Today from The Sweet. Music simply beautiful. During the listening fell on me big nostalgia. Take Cockney Rejects, Red London, Screwdriver, The Slade and Cock Sparrer, shake it and you get exactly this. Melodic music, with necessary piano, simple, but catchy and melodic songs which will hear in head fromthe first time listening. Lyrics are about streets of London, Bank holiday, pubs, bars, West Ham, pride, work etc. In every song and melody you can feel, how is everything done from heart, no pose or falsehood. At last song Public Bar is only piano, but on this songs you can see what devil is 62 year old Frankie..In booklet you can find all lyrics, so you can read exactly what band sing about. As I said very nostalgic album.
Peddy 10

Thug Anthems CD 33:28
Mother Fucking Sounds 2008
Added: 19.02.2009


This is last album of this TMF „Thug“ trilogy, so in this review I will compare all three albums together. Compared to second CD this album has „better“ sound and band goes harder in music. Songs are 14 and band covered some songs again, TMF OK(originally from Crux) and undying song Crucified(from Iron Cross) both with lightly arranged lyrics as usual. Also one short song is here, called The Shit Song, and song dedicated to some special alcohol is here - Sitting in the Bar about Jack Danielso. Before some songs are some fragments from films, I recognized only Football Factory. Lyrics themes are still the same, booze, fights, hate, swaring on bosses and managers and again fights and booze. Greatest songs are for me Violence Reigns Supreme, which is really hard and heavey and Killing the Dream. Booklet is great as usual, lyrics, photos of tattooes and pictures of busty pin up girls like in old Lucky Strikes addvertisments. Who has the previous albums, should have also this one, but I think this is the weekest of all three, but it is still asskicking and violent music.
Peddy 7

The Aids
Love it or Leave it EP
East End Records 2008


I didn´t know this band since the time I saw them on the stage in Germany with Condemned 84 and because we bought tickets in right time, we get this three song EP vinyl of this English band that changed their name to Skinfull as a bonus to the ticket. What can I say to it, I listen it forward and backward, but I still feel bored. They are playing mixtue of Oi! and streetpunk in faster rhytm but it didn´t caught me so much. First song Love it or Leave it is maybe the best one from this EP. Vinyl is made as a picture disc, on background is Union Jack with photo of the band, name of songs and band logo, which looked well. For me for 5 points.
Šafy 5

The Barons
American Beer Drinking Songs CD 39:17
Motherbox Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Streetpunk band from US state Delaware. Somewhere I read that they played music for people who can bring beer across the moshing crowd without spilling a drop. Band is playing in 5 piecese with two guitars. On CD are 14 songs which 3 came from split with Alleged Bricks named East Coast Street Rock'n'roll(Johnny´s Alright, 3 More Pints, Social Disease). Also one instrumental song called The Barons´ Theme is there. Lyrics are mainly about lofers so it means gambling houses, bars, strippers, booze, paying the bills, live gigs and fun or swearing on TV.Some songs have names like Booze, Sex, Drugs and Rock´n´Roll, Kill Your Television, Friday Night Rock´n´Roll…. Musicaly it is in middle rhytm with time to time solo and all it has that rock and rock´n´roll background with shouting voice in some times. The music isn´t simple but it is not my cup of tea and it isn´t the thing which I have daily in my CD player. But there are some hit songs like Booze, Sex, Drugs and Rock´n´Roll or Raw Deal(when you can hear also pub piano at the beginning) Booklet has three pages with lyrics, posters from gigs, few photos and pictures.
Peddy 6

The Black Tartan Clan
Boots, Kilts´n Pipes CD 38:55
4Subculture Records 2008


Belgian answer to Dropkick Murphy´s, The Real McKenzies, Charm City Saints or Greenland Whalefishers goes out on Czech label 4 subculture records! According to their official website, they looks like quite big band with gigs which are planned one year to the future, so I hope this release will be good business for 4 subculture. Musically it is mixture of bands which I wrote above, so who loves Scotland, bagpipes, booze, women and melodical streetpunk/punk rock with bagpipes shouldn´t hesitate with buying. On CD is 12(oh no 13 songs, there is also one bonus). Lyrics aren´t so complicated, beer, friendship, tattooes, fun on gigs and on the tour with the rest of band etc., only the song White Crosses is more serious and it is about war veterans. I like the songs Seeshore Legion, Those Were Good Times(which is great folk balad) or Beer and Women. Booklet is famous, dozens of photos in collage under every lyrics. Great is also the photo under the CD with couple of old spinsters under the sign „Lips that touch liquor shall not touch ours“….Great. Another point for Michal and 4 Subculture Records.
Peddy 8

The Bridgeburners
War, Conquest, Pestilance, Death CD 33:18
Dim Records 2008


Relatively new band from American St.Louis. Uhl from DIM records is concentrating much more on American bands, and I have to say, that he picks out more than well. Band plays in classical four piece constitution and music is really excellent. I don't know how they do it but you always recognize american sound of record. Band plays great melodic streetpunk with influences of southerner rock. They sound like Brassknuckle Boys or Patriot interbreeded with Nashville Pussy. On album you can find 13 songs and none of them is weak, simply it is listening well. Song It ain't is cover from band The Angels, which I really don't hear about. Lyrics are quite depressive, drowning in booze, prison or discontent with state system and with „democracy". Last song Four Horses is about four riders of apocalypse, after them is also called the whole album and song is based on poem The Havoc from Gideona McLain. Everything underline great singer\'s voice. Me personally like most the song Veterans of the Cold War. Very good thing. You can order it from
Peddy 9

The Corps
Earlier Offences CD 57:50
Scampkid Records 2008


Another CD from australians The Corps. If you never heard about this band I can describe it as Rock and Roll as fuck. Mix together Motorhead, Rose Tattoo and Condemned 84 and you will have the sound of The Corps. But they didn´t copy theese legends, they have their own style with influence of this bands. This CD is made from two EP´s which you can hardly get plus two covers from Johnny Cash and Peter & The Test Tube Babies. All is covered in digipack(great, every CD should be digipack). In booklet are all lyrics and thankslist, but no photos. Album is played in great rhytm from the beginning, no love songs and romantics, just rough voice and rough sound. Music became calmer in Cash cover(Don´t Take Your Guns to Town). On album is 15 songs, which is really good number and it isn´t boring. Really recomend it to you.
Šáfy 9

The Corps
Hold Fast CD 31:47
Randale Records 2008


Australians really like to made new records. After Earlier Offences is that already second album in this year. So quickly to the point, on album is 8 songs, from which you know two of them from Earlier Offences - Charge My Glass and Too Much To Ask. Album is opened up by song Whiskey Talking which is really hard as nails song and it will become an anthem of all bar loafers and thougs, next great song is fifth one namely Bleache Blond, which is much rocker thing, that sounds like Sunday Stripper or Strip from Cock Sparrer. Super is also You\'ll Never Get Rich which is about the beginning of the band and driving on gigs, on which no one will come. Album is released on Randale Records, so it means next plus point for this company, after Superyob. Booklet quality, all lyrics + pictures and thankslist. About style which they play was written in previous reviews, so I will not repeat myself. On live gig unreal bomb. One from greatest bands in present time.
Peddy 10

The Corps
East End Records 2008


This is special limited edition vinyl of The Corps. It is a second thing which was released on label East End Records, that is for me unknown. EP is released to purpose of Europian tour of the band in 2008, so that is a certainly collector valuable piece, because I think, that the vinyls are limited to 200 pieces .. Indeed is that a much pretty made picture disk, where on the one side is logo of the band and overleaf photo of band members. On disc you can find two boozing hits namely their alcoholic anthem The Whiskey Talking from new album and overleaf Raging Pissed that you may know from Earlier Offences CD. Cherry on cake for proprietors of whole discography of The Corps. I leave it without valuation.

The Incited
A Call to Arms LP
Dim Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 7.5.2009


Band from US state Delaware which have played for 8 years and I have never heard about them. On LP which is released on Dim records(only vinyl version) is 9 songs and you have to play the LP 45rpm. For first sight I am satisfied with patriotic and colourful cover design. Band is playing in four pieces but with two guitars which is fact good for music and sound which is totally american. Who loves bands like Bridgeburners or Patriot will love this also. Dynamic sound spiced with guitar solos and singalong refrains like in song. The greatest hit for me is song The Ballad of Johnny Robinson which is tribute to all veterans from Vietnam war which weren´t treated good after returning home especially from commies and hippies. Musically it is punk rock singalong song like Trevor from The Fillaments and the next song Tribute is real tribute to the streets, bands and lads who support the band for those years. All other songs are on same level and from the title you know what they sing about like Armageddon(street riots), Call to Arms, Philadelphia(who the city really belloongs to), Lesson Learned etc. It is listening very well but you simply need the gramophone. Inside is paper with lyrics and couple of photos.
Peddy 8

The Old Souls
Rock and Roll Course CD 35:13
Pure Impact Records 2008


First CD of new band from sunny California out on Pure Impact, hmmmm I smell quality, so I order the CD quickly. So first line up, in band playing two skins and one punk. Guitar and bass is recorded on CD by one man (Roy), so it means no live gigs, but we see in future. Now to music, rather to the lyrics. Band labels themselves as „ pirate rock" and couple of lyrics prove this. Who knows song from Bonecrusher - Followers of a Brutal Calling so this is similar. Songs like Under Jolly Roger, Lost at Sea or Pitchford Mob perfectly entrap atmosphere of drunk wild sailors, sacking and spoiling cities, treasures, rum etc .... Other lyrics are „normal" classic, so that Friday's booze with friends(Fuck Decency, Voks Gone Insane), but also serious topics, like return to country of their ancestors (Take Me). To music - indeed it is pleasantly mediumly fast streetpunk, music isn't exaggeratedly hard, guitar, bass and drums are so needs. Great is also Ben's voice that sounds different from song to song, somewhere is barking with „piratic" accent, like in Under Jolly Roger and somewhere it is really melancholic in the style of Victor from Badlands, like in hit Unitalia!. In many compositions it supports singalong of the rest of band. Booklet is great, which is at CD on Pure Impact almost needless information. I hope, that this is not last album this guyst, because this music fits to me 100%.
Peddy 9

The Pagans
Hate Till Justice Reigns CD 25:02
4Subculture Records 2008


Michal from 4subculture records is taking it very responsible, so this is their 3rd thing he release: streetpunk band The Pagans that come from Holland. In group plays former guitarist of Razorblade Olivier. Musically it reminds Razorblade, but this is more dirty rock'n'roll like Motorhead or Nashville Pussy, which isn't certainly on damage. On album are 10 songs, all very hard and heavy, biggest hits are Rebel Rider, Loylaty and or first one Rock'n'roll Loner. Graphically it is pretty made, booklet nice and includes all lyrics. They seems to be very short only a few words, but you can´t recognise it in music.. They are about loyalty, freedom, moralizing and of course booze ??. Duty for fans of Razorblade. Another from many great Dutch bands.
Peddy 9

The Pera-S
Be a Roll Be a Power CD 29:05
Vital Sign Records 2008


I am always glad, when I get to my hands any exotic streetpunk or oi! band. This CD was recommended to me by Jajina, small miracle from Moravia and I like her taste in music, so I quickly order the CD. Band Peras-S come from Japan - four punks as fuck in classical line up guitar, bass, drums and voice. Music is on top level, melodic streetpunk with more melodicious singalong refrains, similar to their colegues Cobra. I reall don' t know to compare it with, but one thing I know surely, I listen it almost all my time, I am taping my leg to the rhytm and melodies pretty engraved to my head. Indeed now to thy lyrics - that's worse, booklet is basically scatter rice, as I say, so you can' t read too much in it except refrains or some song titles which are in English. Otherwise it is well done - lyrics, band pictures and thankslist, but from 90% ii is in their lingo. I personally like first song Be and Roll Be and Power, then Bitch Baby and Teenage Frustration. Some songs you can hear on I don't know, if this band have more stuff, but if yep, I will try to get it as soon as possible because this band really rocks. Clear ten.
Peddy 10

The Riot
Česká krev CD 52:08
4Subculture Records 2008


Long-awaited album from fixed star of Czech Oi! scene. From release of their 1st piece „ Dr. Martens Bootboy" elapsed 4 years. Band experienced couple of change in line up, but the main think stays. Purposeful lyrics and great music which really catch you. So now to CD, it is débute release of 4 subculture that hopefully will start on a large scale of new records ( wish you well Michal). Cover and booklet is very patriotic, which is good, to to every song in it (14songs) is lyrics in Czech, but also translation to English supplemented couple of pictures that are concerned to the lyrics. Booklet is for me for 1*. Now to music, CD includes 14 songs, in which are two covers first from Perkele(Smash the Scum) and second from Bohse Onkelz(Fotbal a násilí ) with Czech lyrics. As a bonus is here video-clip on song Warbrothers. Music is on rough, hard, dominates her rough voice of Dan and and Švejk's solos. Musically they remind Razorblade, Kampfzone and bands similar type. In couple of songs you can hear a touch of rock'n'roll (Cult R'n'R), but also ska (Smash the Scum). Lyrics goes in similar line, like on first album, so hating of politicians and ACAB, orderly citizens, love for native country and family, but are here too sone about booze - continuation of song Mrca is king that is in such country rhythm, beginning analogous to Coorado song from Kabát. This CD is really must for everyone. Cheers to bois from The Riot and wishing all the best For me excellent.
Peddy 10

Total Annihilation
The Great Patriotic War CD 26:17
4Subculture Records 2008


In this year already third solo thing that was sent out by Michal's label 4Subculture and again is that a much precious. It is US Oi! band Total Annihilation from Denver. So I was much curious, what it will be and friends it is good as fuck. Take Templars, booster guitar a bit and throw it more to rock'n'roll. The guitar is truly playful, so enaough solos, singer's voice is so deep, but not too rough, so everything is understandable. Singer is from Japan so in music you can hear some influences from Japanese bands. So on CD is 9 songs, from that two covers namely Bring it Back from their friends Hardsole and Hass from Böhse Onkelz. Lyrics are much patriotic and for-americanly bent, so pride in their town, land, working class (American Pride Skins), chanting about skinhead cult (Bring it Back), resistance to crust punks (Stomp the Crust), but also entertainment like booze (Drunk&Disorderly). I personally like song June 6, 1944 which is about landing in Normandy and making Europe free again, really well done hit in music and also on lyrics. Booklet includes everything what has to, so lyrics and pictures, here some smaller minus, pictures are a bittock in bad quality, perhaps they were before in a small resolution, but who cares. 280,- bucks for this on is good price and Michal keep on going..
Peddy 8

Czech & Slovak Streetkids CD 78:18
Rabiát Records 2008


Third issue of compilation which maps Czech and Slovak Oi!, punk and HC scene for the year 2008. Except well know n bands there are plenty of bands which was founded on ruins of old ones or even brand new fresh blood. So 26 bands, 14 from Czech, 12 from Slovakia so here comes Muerti, Beerstreet Boi!s, Operaci Artaban, Zhodu Náhod, Normals?!, Odvetu, Neparkovat Vjezd, D.N.S.J Crew, Pilsner Oiquell, Editor, Disdainful, The Bullboxers, The Riot, Glejt, Konflikt, Everyday Hate, Odpad, Crossczech, Cenzůru, Proti Směru, Nekulturu, Svarog, Ani krok spať!, Čemu nerozumíš and HTO. As I said before, some bands needn´t introducing, so I want to speak about some new, which I like. From Slovakia, surely Beerstreet Boi!s, well played hard melodic streetrock with great singalongs, then D.N.S.J Crew, which is HC band with members of Začiatok Konca and it is really old school HC as fuck and then Editor, melodic thing which great guitar solos and last but not least Ani Krok Spať!, band which released demo at the beginning of december and it doesn´t sounds bad. From Czech stuff I would like tu mention comeback of Crossczech, song which they have there is streetpunk/oi style not HC which they played before, then Svarog with members of Hovorkovi Chuligáni and Proi!ekt and also Čemu Nerozumíš, which is melopunk with drummer of Proti Směru. Great work, according to that CD everyone can have an idea about CZ/SK scene. Nice booklet with photos of bands, lyrics, line ups and contacts on bands. Great.

Skeleton Crew Volume 1 CD 57:56
Rotten Roll Records 2008


Classical Oi!/streetpunk sampler from Californian Rotten Roll Records where featured 20 bands from USA and also from Europe. It is really interesting mixture so we have there bands like Blue Collar Criminals, LA Bootboys, Stomping Grounds, Dominator, Brass Knuckle Saints, Infidels, Urban Rejects, Fully Loaded, Fear City, Disdainful, Nuts and Bolts, Control, Last Laugh, Glory Boys, The Toughskins, The Booked, The Ruckers, The Junkers, Turnpike Wrecks and Sinners Since Birth. It is mainyl harder bands, but there are also the melodical ones and some bands I didn´t hear about before. In booklet are line-ups of bands and contacts on them. Good on travels by car.

„Bords de Seine promo vol.2“ CD 79:53
Bords de Seine 2008


Second issue of compilation from one of most active records of current time Bords de Seine. Great CD to the car or on some party, because this is cross - section of newly released things and positive is, that it includes things from EP's or LP's so who hasn't got record-player, is able to listen to songs from singles. Who likes French music and buy it, don't loosel. On CD are bands like Alternative Action, Anti Squad, Antipati, Bombardiers, Cortege, Coup De Masse, Crane De Fer, Fist Season, Gogolheads, Groupuskull, Haircut, Hard Times, Hermann Goulag, Irreductibles, Kerozen, Lourds 5, Negative IQ, Oeil Pour Oeil, Point Blank, Revenge, Sales Batards Fuckin Crew, Section De Guerre, Shaved Dogs, Templars, Tir Groupé, Ultimo Asalto and The Veros. It is possible to order it from Pure Impact for 5 Euros, it means 130 crowns for great portion of music.

West Side Boys
Boys are Back CD 79:30
Bords de Seine/Randale Records 2008


French band that was active at the beginning 90's is back again and they released album Boys are Back. From original line up is here only singer and guitarist, but it doesn' t matter. On album is unbeliveable 26 songs, 12 new and 14 as a bonus to map their previous production and the palying time of the CD is allmost 80 minutes which is great. Style of first and second half is different only in moderner sound, otherwise it is gorgeous, melodious streetpunk, no heavy passages, pretty calm music. Sometimes it is almost poppy sound, I don't know sometimes it sounds like AOC or Skinkorps, some songs sound like Lanterne Rouge and sometimes I hear Badlands. So you can make picture, that the music is no heavy stuff. In some songs you can hear violin, keybords or acoustic guitar. In song A Leurs Memoires you will hear female vocal which belongs to their drummer Zelda, song Violeurs is Rapist from Combat 84 and song A Jamais Grave is written by Flav from Paris Violence. Difficult to pick out some hit song that would overcharge other, because whole is perfectly well - balanced. CD is packed in an astonishing digipack and in booklet you will find all lyrics, (new songs are also with some photo). Then follows thankslist, collage of old photos, story and discography of the band + description of original and current line up. This is simply perfection with big P and I recommend it to all. At our place to you can order it classically over
Peddy 10

Ziggie Piggie
Light smyk music CD 40:39
Jimmi Jazz Records 2008
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Banan from Horror Show sent to me this CD of their mates from city Zaglebie Sosnowiec. I looked forward to this CD because I saw them on live gig in Brno and they were amazing(and Moro was stealing them the microphone). Well played SKA with touches of Reggae which really gives something to me. In band plays some ex- Horror Show members and this is the mark of quality. On CD are 14 songs(inculding intro) and almost all of them are hits, especially „Skinehad Girl“, which even force footless to skank. Happy, limber and good for making your mood better. Lyrics are some in Polish but some also in English. Singer has supply by songstress with nice voice. Best songs are „Skinhead Reggae Revolution“ like from Laurel Aitken and last two songs arte in style of Horror Show so it means some punk rock on top.and song „Ziggie Piggie“ is great pogo song which can make hell under the stage. Booklet is also well done, lack of photos, lyrics and it means that having this CD at home is compulsory for listeners and collectors of Skinhead SKA.