Bakers Dozen
The Wolves Within The Walls CD 36:23
Step 1 Records 2009
Date of adding the review: 7.5.2009


Long awaited fourth album of Scotish Oi! band now on Step 1 Records packed in nice digipack. On album you will find 12 songs of true 100% British Oi! style which is played longly by the band and during that period they made their own sound which is supported by Jon´s voice. It means middle rhytm with guitar solo sometimes which shouldn´t be too difficult but it fits great and Jon´s voice which is sometimes more shouted like in song Your Last Chance. The band sometimes also touch rock´n´roll for example in first song Ready for War. Lyrics of Dozen aren´t changing so it means fights, skinhead cult, loyalty, PC, stars of showbussines who called themselves punks, streets, vengeance, injustice, rejection of drugs, violence..etc..simply you will get ehat you expected and the song titles speak for themselves like for example 100% British Oi!, You Last Chance, Streets of No Mercy, Blood,Guts and No Remorse..etc. Booklet is coloured with lyrics and photos. One thing is missing for me and it is the line up of the band…but I expect that it is still the same. Album doesn´t surprise you but it also doesn´t disappoint you and it can be classed with other records made by Bakers Dozen in the past.
Peddy 8

A Part of Us CD 50:37
Dim Records 2009
Date of adding the review: 8.10.2009


Brand new band from Montreal, Canada and their first album…bang…out on Dim Records. On CD is 14 songs including intro and outro, 3 songs in French and 9 in English. Including also covers like Gang Warfare from Condemned 84 and Indésirable from Brutal Combat. This help you imagine how band plays and what are their lyrics about. They plays slower – middle rhytm hard Oi! with simple but melodic bass and guitar solos supported by rough voice which is more rougher in French songs. Booklet is done well and contains all stuff which good booklet have to have…lyrics, thankslist, ilustrations to the lyrics and a few band photos. Lyrics are clear…revenge, friendship, pride on skinhead cult, critics of media and drugs, patriotism…etc. Band for people who likes bands like Ultimo Asalto, Warboots, Combat 84 etc…New thing with oldschool sound and long playtime. Fine
Peddy 8

Code 1
Telling It Like It Is CD 36:36
84 Records 2009
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


New but with line up from older members band from Britain and her debut. In band plays three skins, one punk rocker and one punk rock girl, which is sometimes replaced by guitarist Steve (depends on how can Louize play or not). Album was released on 84 records which released for example Straw Dogs or Blank Generation in last time. On album is 14 songs of true British Oi!/punk including cover Evil from 4skins and song Bomber which was already released on compilation Oi! Fuck You. Lyrics are very hateful and they are about how police didn´t care about orinary people, how it´s OK to hate everybody equal, how labourists and politicians destroying the Britain, about pedophiles and death penalty, bomb attacks, about hate to gangsta style and rap and mainly about how it is important to telling the things how they are. Normal skin themes. Musicaly I would compare it to their colleaagues from Scum but with more consistent sound, thanks two guitars or in some songs to On File with more boostered guitar(like in song Pervert Scum) and with rougher sound. Musically it is simple thing, singer has good vocal which fits into music and you can hear some solo time to time. Most of all I like the first song Vigilante, then Gangsta Culture and last but not least Telling It Like It Is. Booklet is OK, lyrics, history of the band, photos and thankslist. Who loves English bands will be pleased. I like it at all but for me it is nothnig special.
Peddy 7

Hooligan Rock´n´Roll CD 39:11
Step 1 Records 2009
Date of adding the review: 8.10.2009


New four piece band from British isles but in line up of some older guys…I think that someone from Beerzone is there. Band released also mini CD with the same name, where you can find 3 of songs which are placed also here between 15 new songs. So at first to the lyrics because I find them very interesting because they are very intelligent and with no cliches and also very critical to current systém, so crtici of police and corrupt puppy governement, taxes, exploiting of workers, the Big Brother, about selling the areas blindly to big companies, terrorism, money as a value but also some funny lyrics about disturbing the retired people in house at night parties etc… Musically it is mixture of agressive Oi! and punk, with touch of HC/metal in guitar, music is melodic and well played and you will recognise that Control line up has experience with playing in other bands before. You can find guitar solos, singalong refrains … sounds to me like more punkier Argy Bargy so who loves melodic music and lyrics which are about something, this album is for him!! Best songs are definitely Stand Up and Fight, When the Empire Falls or Welcome to the Nanny State. In booklet is lyrics, some photos and you can read about the history of word. Good band from the cradle of streetpunku and Oi!.
Peddy 9

The Real Heroes CD
Bulldog Empire Records 2009
Date of adding the review: 8.10.2009


When I received sekond album of this Prague band I was looking forvard to hear them. And it prooved my expectations. Disdainful sing in English which some people from our country don´t like. Mayebe because of the fact that they are first. In different countries of the world is this normal like in Holland or Belgium so why not in Czech. On CD you can find 12 songs including intro. Last song Pride of Bohemia can be heard on thein debut album Hated Proud & Disdainful. I won´t describe every single song, it´s up to you. But I have to mencion the 5th song Chuck Norris and about his super abilities. 6th song Real Heroes is best one from the album. We won´t forget. 10th song has great start…metal citar. And 11th song (Chlast) is in mother tongue of the band. Vocalist has brutal voice. Booklet-well done, with chat of arms of Prague, lyrics in Czech and English and short description from the band. Cover i salso good especially for patriots. It contains also some photos of the band. Minus is that they are from smallest big cities in the world.:D
Okoun 8+

Za Národ CD 17:16
Terror Pirates Production 2009
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Demo of four piece band from Olomouc which is released as an appendix to 3rd issue of zine Boots and Braces. Cover is made like promo CD and except the main picture is there quite nice collage of photos, names of songs(which are four), line up of the band and contact. Inside is CD and paper with lyrics. Names of songs are Přátelství(Friendship), Fotbal(Football),Peťánek(Peter) and Za Národ(For Nation). The last one you may know from compilation Czech and Slovak Streetkids 3. All of theese songs you can hear on Average length of the song is circa 4 minutes(quite long), sound is also good, band knows how to play together and the best song for me is Fotbal with great lyrics and nice booming bass. Other lyrics you may guess from the names of the songs. Musicaly it is well played streetpunk/Oi! with some singalongs. You can order it across or across the bandzone page of the band. It is made in 250 pieces, so come on. I leave it without classification and I will wait for regular album.

Navždy a večne CD 44:43
2009 DIY
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


The end of February oke the sleeping Slovak band Incident from sleep and made them to repase the new CD. Except of split CD with Operace Artaban where they played under the name Incident 96, this is thein fourth studio album. It is named "Navždy a večne" and it si released by themselves. Incident called themself streetrock and this sticker really fits to them like the singers rough voice to thein music. On CD is 15 songs and playtime is almost 45 minutes. The band didn´t surprise me,they started where Theky finished on last album Dni Hnevu. I can´t hear no big ganges in their music everything is good old we know them. Rough voice of singer, singalong refrains, slower rhytm and sometimes fiale vocal. After the first hearing some refrains didn´t fit to my ears but after another playings Theky find the way into my head. CD is starting with intro and it ens with ballad called "Síla slobody"(Power of Freedom). Even the lyrics aren´t changed..they are about pride, life etc.. The best songs are definitelly "Nestojím a vaše slová", "Vraťte nám naše meno" (Give Back Our Name) and "Všetko má svoj čas"(Everything has its time) but I miss some great hit like "Problémová mládež" from the last album. Booklet is made in sepia colours and it contains some photos, thankslist and lyrics, but only in Slovak langure. I really like the fact that Incident keep on going in thein way and Theky aren´t making sidesteps. Good album but it takes a while when it goes under your skin.
Misantroop 8

Original Punk CD 28:46
DIY 2009
Date of adding the review: 13.10.2009


Debut CD of this heavy tattooed punx made in DIY style. On CD with title Original Punk is 10 songs of true punk rock sing in Czech language, singalong refrains, hard and rough vocal, good citar sometimes without booster and time to time solo. Lyrics aren´t for hippies and peaceful wankers so fights, tattooes, booze(vodka mainly), internet killers, girl, hangover, hate to politics, friendship and other songs acording to world peace and love. Most of them I like Vejplata, Pěkný holky and Tattoo or Die. Booklet is well done even i tis DIY, black and white photos + lyrics and good cover artwork. CD is for 100CZE which is great prize for 30 minutes punk rock as fuck. Try to order Gross their pages Cheers to bois and all the best to the future.
Peddy 8

Short Cropped
S.C.F.-F.S.C. CD 29:16
Oi! Ain´t Red Records 2009
Added: 19.02.2009


Second album from this three piece skins band from Belgium. If the year 2009 will be in token of similar records we can look foraward to it. S.C.F. – F.S.C. means Short Cropped Forever – Forever Short Cropped. CD has circa the same playtime like debut album but the quality of songs is grown up and who likes the first more simple album will be plesantly surprised. On CD is 13 songs, including one cover „stolen“ from 4 Skins – A.C.A.B. but the lyrics is changed a bit. It is completely about tits my friends. But back to the music. As I said compared to first album it is better, the drums aren´t so simple and guitar added some solos. But the music is still angry, rough and hard enough so who likes bands like After the Fire, Offside or Combat 84 will be very satisfied with this album. What I really like is the lyrics and I can subscribe under all of them. Except of traditional themes like fights, drinks, sex, patriotism, perverts etc..we can find also lyrics which are about how some people find cool to wear The Union Jack, but when you were flag of your country it is bad (The Union Jack Is Not Your Flag), then that the skinheads aren´t tools in anyones hands (Nobody ´s Tools) and also about sexual position 69 (The True Spirit of 69). Booklet is stadard – lyrics, photos and thankslist. From those 13 songs I like most We´re the New Breed, The Union Jack and the last but one The Scars Won´t Heal which is the greatest song for me from the album. Great work.
Peddy 10

Tattooed Mother Fucking Army CD 13:23
Thug Beat Productions/Mother Fucking Sounds 2009
Date of adding the review: 8.4.2009


Brand new mini CD with 6 songs from TMF with five brand new songs (Join Up Join In, Fuck This – Fuck That – Fuck Everything, Three Things On My Mind, I Spit In Your Face, So Full Of It) and one older which you may know from Thug Anthems (Violence Reigns Supreme). I think that this are the songs which had to go out on split CD with The Gits which was never released. I really don´t know what write more about hem :D. Musicaly it is the same roughness as before and in lyrics is the same hate as before. Sound is similar to last thing from´em Thug Anthems. I really like the song Fuck This – Fuck That – Fuck Everything. In first strophe they are swearing on terrotists, in scond on junkies and in third on systém and coppers.Booklet is weeker then the others but it is still OK. Again the photos of tattooed motherfuckers::D but photos which come from 20´s of 20th century. You can get it across for circa 5 Euros, which is fair price and it is something like desert after whole „Thug“ trilogy. But I think that the time comes and TMF will have to look over and compare the ratio between quality and quantity….it is good now..but to the future…
Peddy 8

The Junkers
„Skins´n´Punks EP
BSOI/Olifant/Bandworm Records 2009
Added: 19.02.2009


After the third album Maszyna Nienawiści (Machine of Hate) which was released at the end of 2008 we have here one of the first things of year 2009 – two songs EP on red vinyl limited by 250 copies. It came out with cooperation of BSOI!(Cheers to Sergio), Olifant and German label Bandworm Records. Surprising is the fact tahat both songs on Ep are in English. On A side is brand new song Skins´n´Punx. Lyrics is not so surprising…just about unity of skins and punx in their fight against the rest and musically it is also typical – middle rhytm and sometimes solo, really music which is expected from them. On B side is song East End which you may know from their debut album from 2005 To jest Oi! but there was sung in Polish language. For me are The Junkers one of the top Polish bands and this album is typical for them, but I like more when Mucha sings in Polish because it is more aggressive. Near the EP is also paper with the lyrics. You can order it on, or on
Peddy 8

The Last Resort
You´ll Never Take Us Skinhead Anthems II LP
Street Justice Records 2009
Date of adding the review: 13.10.2009


Weeellll this will be very difficult review because who knows me know my relationship to old bands :-) but slowly. I want this album at first on CD but finály I bought it on LP. So at first the is very similar to first album, tattooed skinhead with Union Jack and vinyl which I have is white and i tis limited to 333 pieces. Vinyl is hoden in cover which i salso the booklet and really well done. Profiles of band members is done like police archives + plenty of old flyers, photos and badges.And now to the thing which is most important…how this album will be copmared to the first Skinhead Anthems which is known by every skinhead in the world. Sound is more modern then on first album but it has touch of 80´s but not so extrem like for example sound of Hard Skin..more like Welcome to the Real World or Keep the Faith from The Business. Melodies are catchy all are in middle rhytm, so no slow or fast reces. Roi has melodic voice with touch of nostalgia and melancholy because most of the lyrics have this feelings. So 14 songs are about backstreet skinhead gang, groeing up Nera football pitches, revenge, denying the drugs, denying the politicians which only exploiting the country, renees, life on the stress but also more servus themes like higher penalties for serious crimes, war and her victims or living on the debt. Biggest hit are songs like Beyond the Promised Land, Changing of the Guard, Skinhead Baby, String Em´All Up(biggest hit for me)and the last but not least Better Life. I can´t say that this songs will be known after next 25 years like songs from the first album but the facgt is that I will play this LP for a long time.
Peddy 10