4Subculture 1
December 2006 - 2 Euros


So friends, this is continuator of zine Our Cult. And really worth reading. Michal localize zine on new bands, which is very nice idea, so you can find there interviews with German The Roughnecks, Dutch Close Combat, Razorblade and Badlands, Angel City Outcasts from USA and Swedish Conteptuous. Interviews are completely bilingual which is good for foreign readers. Except interviews you can find there also CD reviews and news from record labels, but theese two sections are only in czech language. I understand that translating of every single CD review is very difficult. Michal is also running his own distro 4subculture, when you can order this zine and also many great CD´s, so check http://www.4subculture.com or write at ourcult@gmail.com. Momentarily the best zine in czech.
Peddy 8

4Subculture 2
February 2008 40Kč/2Euro


Second number of Michal´s zine from Brno. Release was a bit longer than is expected, ale it worth waiting. And if everything go well, third issue will be out soon. But back to second number. On first sight you can see that cover is on chalk paper..it´s style. Classical introduciton, than some news from scene. Interviews are 6 so Dutch Discharger, The Corps from Australia, three bands from USA:Murderer´s Row a Welch Boys + Boston band The Larkin Brigade, which play irisch folk music with a bit touch of rock´n´roll and last but not least Dutch HC band Backfire. All interviews are completely bilingual in Czech and in English. You can find also 2 gig reports, which were written by me from gigs in Vyškov(Discharger) and from Duchin´s birthday in HK(Ultimo Asalto gig). In the end are CD reviews, mainly stuff from Captain Oi!, Knock Out, People Like You, Rebellionu, etc..etc.span>
Peddy 9

Aussieskins 5
February 2004 Free


Australian free skinzine, which you can get only for prize of postage. It is made by skingirl Fiona, reall worth reading and 5th issue contains articles about SPECIAL BREW, MOUTHGUARD, CHARTER 77, CRUCIFIED VENUS and interviews with SPECIAL BREW, BAKERS DOZEN, DROPKICK MURPHYS, THE BLOODY SODS, ZOMBI GHOST TRAIN and with AL – Australian skinhead. Also articles about tattooes, Ska report from Sydney, CD and fanzine reviews, tom ten, skinternet, addvertisments etc etc. Adress: Aussieskins, PO BOX 46, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Australia, 3044. website: www.aussieskins.com

Boots and Braces #1
May 2006 2Euros


First issue of zine which was made by Dachin from Hradec Kralove. A bit late written review, but better then wire to the eye. So first zine is done only in Czech language, but 2. issue will be in English, so it will become world known. Issue begins classicaly leading article, where author cries about himself :) and next is coming news. After it become interviews, there's a Operace Artaban, Lions Pride, Headcase, Rabauken, Grinny from Skrewdriver, Prague crew Branik Power Boot Boys, Proti Směru, Elite Boys, Randall Gruppe, further some reports from local gigs, review on zines even on CD's(couple of them was written by me:D) and lastly top ten bands of couple of mates from Czech Republic. Reads well and there isn't much zines at our place, so buy it. I'm looking forward to next issue.
Peddy 8

Boots and Braces #2
August 2008 100Kč/3Euros


After longer pause prepared Dachin for us second issue of his magazine, this time with CD, where you can find bands, which are interviewed in zine On CD is 16 songs, two from each band. naother great thing is coloured cover. Zine isn't definitely intended to PC readers, who likes zines like Made in Pressburg or Portugese Nadsat, so to him is Boots and Braces intended above all. So after leading article and scene news which are written only in Czech language, comes interviews which are excepting interviews with Czech and Slovak bands written how in Czech/Slovak, so in English. So first is new American band The Bridgeburners, which is going to release CD on Dim Records in Germany, I am so curious, because iterview with them is truly long and well done. Then follow Belgian Short Cropped and French Hais & Fiers and punks Ruthless Pride, which is band which I heard first about, but answers are OK, so I have to have a look after them.. Then we have there Italian Oi!//RAC band Legitima Offesa, but the interview is a little bit older, never mind. In Czechoslovak block we will find Disdainful, HTO from Olomouc and Beerstreet Boys. Next section are history of bands, again only in Czech, but it is rewritten from official pages or myspace, so foreigner can read it on it. So there goes German Endstufe, English The Ovaltinees, and Polish legend Rezystencja. Then follow two considerations from Slovakia about skingirls and patriotism and then about patriotism itself and treatise about viking way of life, which is very interesting article. Then already is that a classic, reports from gigs(one wrote Meloun about trip to the England on football + gig of The Warriors and Code 1). Then there are CD reviews and zines reviews, following by top ten of well known firms from Czech and sort of public inquiry which I won, as an ideal reader of Boots and Braces zine, but Dachin is doubtful existence, so that free issue(except on review) which I won I didn' t get. Pretty made high-quality work. Contact him across email BootsAndBracesZine@seznam.cz.
Peddy 10

Boots and Braces #3
March 2009 150Kč(with CD)/100Kč(without CD)


Duchin is making every issue of BaB more and more stronger so now the 3rd issue contains 92 pages so I hope that 4th issue will be on A4. All this 92 pages is full of interviews so..after editorial and news comes bands from abroad so: The Broadsiders from USA, Stärkste Minderheit and Strongside(political band with 2 ex-Kampfzone members) from Germany, Radnicki Kombinat from Serbia, teh four Italian Oi!/RAC bands Stato Asociale, Dolomia, Garotta and Nativi, Australian band Honky Tonk Knife Fight, which is punk/rockabilly/hillbily/country project of Blood Red Eagle members, Greek Oi!/RAC Pride and Pain and Koi!mpresser, Brazilian patriots Legitima Defesa and „stolen“ interview with drummer of legendary British band Vengeance. From CZ/SK scene is here Operace Artaban, Ani Krok Späť! And guitarist from The Riot Jura. Also interview with editor of Portugeese zine NADSAT is here. From band bios we have there Kratky Proces from Slovakia, then Italian Plastic Surgery and Close Shave from Birmingham and two scene reports from Serbia and Slovenia. Interviews with abroad bands and reports are also in English. Except classical CD reviews(circa 60) and zines is there also reviews of top 10 cult Czech skinheads records since 90´s. After this there are some gig reports, top ten of 15 rogues and rascals from CZ/SK and some translation of KBK and Short Cropped lyrics and section about bands which we will hear about in the future + some photos and advertisments. To zine is added 4 songs CD of band HTO from Olomouc, but about this in CD reviews. The information value of this zine is proved.

Brew and Honour # 3
2008 USA$5/ Others $7


Street-rock Fanzine which is made by skins from Chicago. It is black/white cllasic sewed in the upper corner by stitcher. So come on. After obligato editorial and review on some kind of beer comes news which is focused on bnads and also on local gigs and shows. In this issue are four really long interviews with U.S. Alleged Bricks, Aussies Rust(I smell big quality by antipodes), Spanish Glory Boys from Valencia and with skingirl from North Carolina who does photobook of skingirls from whole world entitled Skingirls of Today. Then you can find biographies of bands like Never Surrender, Aggressive Combat, The Bridgeburners, Ignoranci and Wellington Arms. Also some articles about U.S. skins took from webpage skinheads.net an from international skinheads bulletin from 1997 are there. Of course CD reviews, report from local gig and addvertisments on U.S. street shops and record labels aren´t missing. Zine is whole in English, so it is easy to undersdand, graphic is simple, but very transparent and it has all what regular zine has to have. If someone has got some stories, photos, gig reports, top ten or if someone wants to write review just write to them and they will publish it. Adresa:Brew and Honour 2211 W, Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647, http://northsiderevival.net/, Cmseric2007@yahoo.com
Peddy 7

Brew and Honour # 4
December 2008 USA$5/ Europe 4 EU


I barely read the third issue I received the fourth one. And the next will be out in february..great. Arrangement and graphic design is same as issue 3 but this issue has more pages. After the editorial came interviews. Two US bands whicj I didn´t know so Brassic from California and Vicious Sex from Chicago. Also Bill, skinhead from London, which owns Oi! Oi! the Shop in Londýně(in interview he mention „Adam“ who is making some zine..Adam is „Opavka“ from Czech) is iterviewed there, then skingirls from Barcelona and Costarica(in that interview were mentioned some bands..so hope I will hear something more about them…it sounds really exotic). Gig reports from Glory Boys, then Fit for Abuse and last but not least report from gig of Paula Wellera. You can read also something about history of Stormwatch, Njord, Hais?Fiers, Strongside and Short Cropped. Then goes some CD and zine reviews, addvertisments on labels, bands, zines. Also printed newsletter of Pure Impact is added. Prize is OK, so on the end “Eric, you really do it well.“. Looking forward to next number Adresa:Brew and Honour 2211 W, Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647, http://northsiderevival.net/, Cmseric2007@yahoo.com
Peddy 9

Der Zwergpirat #9
April 2007 2Euros


I never heard about that zine from Reich and title Dwarfish Pirate said nothing to me. Indeed so that is a classical black and white A5 with 80 pages, so nice piece of reading,but you have to know German. Zine surveys mostly on local German scene, so at least you can learn something about lesser - known bands. There is interview with some abroad bands like On File and with viking rockers Njord from Sweden. From Germany are there Carlitos Way, which is streetpunk from Berlin, Cheap Stuff from Saxony, In Vino Veritas, HC Roadkill from Regensburg and Heartbreak Kid from Munich. Then there are also cllasical gig reports and also report from Nwe Years Eve. Good is large report from Wasted Festival and then some pages about holidays of editors in London, which is such more informative like, where to go on beer, on football, where accommodate etc. Why not. Some reviews on CD's and zines are also here. The rarity is whole over - printe part from German Bravo from year 1977, where's article about Skrewdsriver. For 2 Euros good piece of reading about lesser - known bands. Nice.
Peddy 7

Der Zwergpirat #10
December 2007 January 2008 2Euros


I received this issue of this zine from break of last and this year. Because I know the 9th issue, I know what to expect and I was curious to read some news. 80 pages in german language is not so easy to read, but I made it, so after the editorial, reviews from other zines on last issue comes report from the gigs. There are many big festivals behind our west borders, so you can read what happened on Rock My Ass, Rebellion, With Full Force, Kuggnäu + some little reports from smaller gigs across Germany. From history we read something about pirates in South China See and biography of Vlad (Dracula). Editors like viking rock I thing, because there are interviews with Njord and Kraftheim, from oisters there is Oeil Pour Oeil + German punk rock Rackham´s Revenge. From bands biographys the story of One Way System. To all this great stuff CD and zine reviews. Musically very complexly done zine, but only for those who know German. Contact on editors is or c.hantel@gmx.de.
Peddy 7

Der Zwergpirat #11
November 2008 2Euros


11th issue of skinzine from German Ingolstadt. Now in bigger A4 format(which is good) and with nice coloured cover. I really like this zine even if I always read it for long time. A4 format fits better then A5 so straight to my review. After long editorial come positive reviews on last issue from another zines(also from Backstreet Battalion) and gig reviews. Most interesting and the longest are reports from Indecent Exposure, from Condemned 84, where we were also and then from Endless Summer and Swedish Kuggnas. Then came some „smaller“ actions around Germany like for example Superyob, Punk and Disorderly, Payback etc. Also report from editors vacation which were spend in Prague. Interviewed bands are Bulgarian HC Last Hope, German Oi! band SternbrOicrew, also viking rock has its place(for that I also like Zwergpirat) Nidhöggs Vrede and Austrian psychobilly squadron Sir Psyko and his Monsters. What is also great is the fact that near the interview is also review of some band stuff so you can imagine, how many CD´s the band has and how are they. When we spoke about viking rock, there is very complex review of new album from Njord – Mot Himlen, where every song is desribed in detail. Also short biographies of new breed German bands take place here, so you can read about Elroiber from Magdeburg and Four Chord Hell from Regensburg. In every issue was article about some famous pirate, and in 11th it is also - Stede Bonnet from Caribean. Also some consideration for the end is there. It is called „Von Rechtsoffenen Linkstoleranten“(somethink like: consideration from man who is open to right and tolerates link), so you can imagine what it is about. To all this stuff add CD reviews, book, films and zine reviews. As I wrote before very complex, but only for those who speak German. Prize is the same, even the format is bigger so 2 Euros and contact is the same asi in 10th and 9th issue reviewed before.
Peddy 8/9

Football Factory 60
August 2008 90CZE


Unfortunately it looks like that this is the last number fo the present of this whole republik zine which is oriented on third halfs, picknicks near stadiums, ultra productions, going away and fans in general. Content and form aren´t necessary to introduce, 60 pages full of views of firms from clubs on spring part of football sesion. So you will read about which firm beats another one, how much money was spend on choreography, how many people go away to support the team etc. All this from Czech and Slovak football scene + some articles from Poland, Hungary and rest of the world. From fans webpages there is article about Supras Unisono firm web from Slovan Liberec In this issue you will find especially the best choreographies from spring part of season. The interview is with editor of this zine and thought about cops on footbal stadiums. I hope that someone will be able to continue of editing this great football fanzine.
Peddy 10

Oi! Warning #6
December 2007 4,5 pounds (including postage)


6th number of quality zine which is made by Sean from Norfolk. On cover is photo of Marcus from Foreign legion. Zine is printed on A4 format and it has forbidden 88 pages. There is not so much addvertisments, so you don´t read it on one seance in bath or on the toilet. This number has great cut of bands which play oi!, punk, ska or hardcore style. So In number six we have The Tradicionals, SSSP, The Ratfinks, The Zero Point, Mob, Caught in a Trap, Quartier Libre, The Frakas, Jesse Jaymz, Disdainful, Union Made, Dirty Mick Records, Suzuki Smith, Outl4w, Blue Collar Criminlas, The Warriors, Foreign Legion, Publik Waste, The Fallout, Keyide Strike, Charm City Saints, Blackriver Boys, Street Dogs, Eastfield. This zine introduce you new bands from the scene very well. Insetad of interviews there are some CD and zine reviews. For me it is for full points. You can order it on Oi! WARNING FANZINE, P.O. BOX 333, CLENCHWARTON, KINGS LYNN, NORFOLK, PE34 4WU ,ENGLAND, UK. More info also on http://www.myspace.com/oiwarningfanzine.
Peddy 10

Our Music Skinzine #1
„ Říjen 2007


First issue Spanish zine from Madrid. Format is cllasical A5. It includes all what is the must for good zine, so let´s go. On the beginning is editorial and news and on the end is history of bands like Perkele, Asociale, Templars and Pressure 28, then some parts from the book Spirit of 69, something about Joe Hawkins and CD and zines reviews. All this is in spanish, so you don´t read too much from theese parts so I think this is only one minus. The rest of zine is made up by interviews which are also in English. So we have there dutch Evil Conduct, greek Bootstroke, some exoticism like Anti Squad from Jakarta and The Bois from Singapore. Then german Forbidden Kings, american Alternate Action, french Gonna Get Yours and Disdainful from Czech republic :-). So really well done cross-section of world scene Graficaly is Our Music also well done and David surely spent so much time on it. Don´t be afraid and write him on invaiders@hotmail.com or on www.myspace.com/ourmusicskinzine.
Peddy 8+

Our Music Skinzine #2
May 2008 3Eura


Second issue of zine made by David from Madrid. But attention, this time with promo CD, where are included bands which made are mencioned in 1st issue and in this one. I like when I am reading interview with band and it is possible to hear their music. Otherwise is that a same as No.1, interviews are bilingually ( Spanish/English) and bands stories, leading article, news and reviews on CD´s and zines are in Spanish. In sacond issue are interviews with Swedish Antipati and Torpedo Göteborg, Ciurma Skinheads from Sardinia, Bombardiers and Ol' Cunts from France, Iron Fist, Toxpack and Stomper 98 from Germany, reggae Thorpedians from Spain and Point Blank from China. In issue 2 you can learn(if you can speak Spanish) something about history of Irone Cross, Nabat and Derrick Morgan plus chapter from book Spirit of 69. Decreasing course of Euro is positive for us so you can order it on address invaiders@hotmail.com or www.myspace.com/ourmusicskinzine, for one hundert crowns including postage for good news and reading listening CD. Good..
Peddy 8+

Our Music Skinzine #3
December 2008 2EU


One of the things which I like on that zine is the fact, that it is thicker and thicker from issue to issue. First had 60 pages, second 68 and this has got 72 pages. Format is still the same. The number of pages increase because of longer interviews and one band story is translated to English. So it starts with Spanish Oi! band Violent Cops, which is going to release split on Hammer of Sardinia Records, with Italian band from Sardinia Sezione Ribalta, which is also interviewed in this issue. Then comes German fix star Tower Blocks, Finish viking rock project Kalevalan Viikingit, French ska band Up10, German Oi! band Flat Sprockets, with member of ex-Prolligans, Czech small/big legend Operace Artaban and French streetpunk The Daltonz from Normandy. As usual one chapter from Spirit of 69 is presented. From history is there biography of Madrid band hate Edge(only in Spanish) and Böhse Tanten(it is also in English). For ska fanatics is there corner when you can read something little about band story of Kingstonias + description of their LP Sufferer. To this add some top tens, reviews of CD and some news. Zine, when every skinhead find what he want, no matter if he listen ska or viking rock. Address which is written near 1st issue review stays the same..
Peddy 8

Produkt Polski #3
November 2007


Third issue of zine from our northern neighbours. And it worth to buy it. First something general, so that zin has 100 pages and it is whole in Polish. I was a bit horrified from that, but friends, reading is OK as well as understanding it, it is that a just about habit. First to talks is that a such medley sometimes there are and on the whole political things, but for sb.'s part inf, just so definitely interesting. So interviews which are there are French Hais & Fiers, Polish The Trinkers, Bilety do Kontroli, Werwolf 77, Wrog Publczny, Dohtor Miód and Plastelinowe Chelmy. Also interesting conversation with Bosy, who is owner of Polish label Olifant Records, where you can get almost everything, what was released in Poland. Furthermore there are American Forward Area (!), England ś finest Scum and Loyalty, Czech Disdainful, Greek Bootstroke and Spanish Depresion. Then you can find section Swieza krew(!New Breed), where you read about new Polish bands like oi! band The Sandals or punk-rock Kombinat 86. Next is in Polish translated chapter from Skinhead Nation. Next interesting article have to do with the history of tattoo. Then is coming something, what realy cut me up. Insteadof classical CD reviews, zines and gigs, that is here really enough, are here reviews on porno DVD, so you can read through resume of Beladona and Hillary Scott and learn more about films Chicks Gonne Wild, Fuck the System, Jane Blond 007, Party Animals and so on. Well so porno and music is read so the next thing which is missing is booze. And that you can find on last page in form of vodka's reviews :D:D. Simply great. Who wants to get this pice have to write on produktpolski@02.pl or produktpolski@gmail.com.
Peddy 8

Nie Jestes Jednym Z Nas#11
June 2008


Already 11. issue of the street papers from Poland which are made by Bosy from Olifant Records. What's absolutely unexceptionable, is their newspaper size and paper. In paper you can find long story of Exploited, Midgards Söner, Quick and The Dead and English Venom. Interviews with bands C.S, Biurokacja, viking rock/oi Horytnica, DDT, The Sandals, Dewastators, with editor of zine Carry On Oi!, Disdainful, Evil Conduct, with Peter from Pure Impactu, Skunx, Unit Lost and Slaska12. Over is here report from summer festival in Swedish Kuggnas, review on autobiographical book from Lemmy - White pour Fever. In the end much extensive reviews on CD. Reads self, and to the zine is added CD with two new songs from Lumpex 75.
Peddy 8

No Bollox Just Oi! #1
May 2007 - 6 Euros


So first issue of this Romanian Oi! zine. At first you will see full coloured cover on coated paper - great. Then you open it and you will see CD with 22 songs from bands which are interviewed inside. Brilliant. Then come the interviews, all in English so you can find Haggis bastards from Norway, scotish streetpunk Splinter, Dutch punx DestrOi!, Belgian Mise en Scene, British ska Squid 58, Union Boys from USA, British Foreign Legion, Swedish ska USCB Allstars, then Pilsner Oiquell, Romanian band Scandal and Unit Lost. Then you have there some articles about football Ultras in Bucharest, report from Exploited gig, views of skins from all over the world + some CD reviews. Ones more.. all this stuff is in English! Only two articles are in Romanian, first about American Pitbull Terrier and second about political situation in Romania. Really great zine, 48 pages full of informations + CD with music. I hope that this zine will be able to get in our country, or for someone who is interested write on cezar@oioioi.ro or have a look on www.oioioi.ro. For me it is for full.
Peddy 10

No Bollox Just Oi! #2
„ Listopad 2007 8 Euro


Second issue of this Bucharest zine. On first sight looks as same as the first issue, but ALMOST all articles are in english. Cezar do it very well, interviews with bands, that you can see live, because they are still playing. So here we go: danisch oisters The Guvernors, scotisch drunks Beerzone, german streetrock Forbidden Kings and older lads Volxsturm, swedish streetpunk Battle Scarred, english legend Deadline, slovak Cenzůra, dutch cult band Evil Conduct, british fathers The Blood and skins from Scum, Finland vikings Kalevan Vikingit and australian Marching Orders. Except this there are some other articles like CD reviews and zine reviews, articles about some foot tennis tournament, demonstration of Romanian Ultras and gig reports. I really enjoy the consultating section, where Cezar is helping people with problems, like in some magazine for teenagers :-). Zine is including the CD with bands, which are in zine. Some more info on www.oioioi.ro or cezar@oioioi.ro. Great Work.
Peddy 10

Real Enemy 1
2004 40CZE


Debut issue of Slovakia skinzine, which has got cover from chalk paper and standard inside paper. One minus is that is a little bit hard to read it because of quality of xerox. Real enemy includes many photos of Czech and Slovak bands /even Randalgruppe :o))/, some reports of local gigs, interview with INCIDENT, EVERYDAY H8, ODPAD, SEMAFOR, SENSE, SIGNUM VICTORIAE and VPN. Smaller band stories of Major Accident, Dropkick Murphys, Templars and shor information about scene in Slovak cities like Poprad, Martin and Bratislava. Then came reviews of CD. e-mail: realenemy@pobox.sk

Real Enemy #6
January 2008 59Kč/2Euro


Sixth number of Picko´s and Miro´s zine. 60 pages is realy good piece for reading, so lets start. I really like the coloured cover. Zine is directed half on Czech and Slovak scene and half on abroad scene, so you can find interviews with Alternate Action and Crucial Change from USA and also Swedish band The Confession. From home scene there are bands like Proi!ekt, Dowina, Disdainful, Everyday H8, Punkhart and interesting interview with Karel Bouša, who was in before revolution punk band Novodur, than in Telex and now in Lucky 4. I realy like the CD reviews, because of choice and number of bands. Also gig reports are good, I like to read about the gig where we played or where I was. In zine is also small scene report from Splodge about Hradec Králové scene and also small consideration about HC from Tom from EverydayH8. Zine is mainly for czech/slovak kids, because it is written „only“ in czech/slovak language, but reading it is very interesting. Great.
Peddy 9

Real Enemy #7
February 2009 59Kč


Picko and Miro really consited in making this new issue of Real Enemy mainly in quality of paper(coated paper). On 60 pages you can find 7 interviews with: polish ska band Horror Show, then with US bands - power pop project of Carl Templar - Stamford Bridge and new breed band Aires and Graces and last but not least motherfucking monsters Haggis from Norway, really great interview (similar to intrview on Backstreet Battalion). From our bands is here 77 punk rock band The Fialky. Then come two other interviews with zines editors – Slut from Czech zine Skinread and Tim from Finland who is making zine Anti Hippie. On last pages of Real Enemy you can find article about evolution of NY hardcore scene. Except of this also 60 CD reviews, and all lovers of street music will find their corner here, 7 reviews on zines and 2 on books. What is really voluminous si part with gig reports..26 gig reviews, not even gigs from CZ or SK and YOU had to be on some, so it will refresh your memories. And when you will visit some gig and you think that other have to know about it just write a report and send it on realenemy@pobox.sk, boys from redaction will be glad for sure. I am wishing all the best to the future and keep on writing bois.

Silesia 1
April 2004 35CZE


Oi! zine from Opava with subtitle „Oi! If the kids are united…then we´ll never be divided“. Nice coloured cover on chalk paper, short but interesting reading inside, simple but transparent graphic. From the content: band story HNF, scene report from Jeseník, some gig reports amd CD reviews and iterviews with ROZPOR, DEGRADACE, KOHOUT PLAŠÍ SMRT, MOPSKVIČ, PROTI SMĚRU, HOUBA, SEMAFOR and ZATREST. Fine.. e mail: Silesia@email.cz

Umezine 7
2004 3Eura


My favourite zine from Sweden, this is Umezine zine which desribes Punk, Oi!, Street Rock and Hardcore which is made by skingirl Anna and skinhead Bosskin. I always love comix which are there and quality of photos. Only the swedish language is worse. In 7th issue you can “read“ about swedish St. Pauli fans and interviews THE ACCIDENTS, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, ARGY BARGY and COCK SPARRER. Also includes the turistic guide of Europe – in skinhead way naturaly, so it means skinhead shops, clubs, pubs, CD and zine reviews, reports from gigs, including Holidays in Sun etc etc..Transparent and clear. Adress: Mattias Aberg, Matematikgrand 11A, SE – 907 33 UMEA, SWEDEN. e mail: umezine@hotmail.com